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We'd like to follow the acclaimed Wave Cannon™ with the OLYMPIA fuzz. Support our project to be among the first to own one!
We'd like to follow the acclaimed Wave Cannon™ with the OLYMPIA fuzz. Support our project to be among the first to own one!
67 backers pledged $7,047 to help bring this project to life.

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Awesome new updates - now at retailers

I'm forever grateful for our supporters enabling us to make Olympia™ happen. For those of you who may not have heard any demos of this nasty fuzz yet, check out these outstanding demo videos on YouTube - (and like them).

Jet City Music demo

Prymaxe Vintage demo demo

Enjoy, and thank you again! You helped us make this real. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

..making good progress...pedals en route!

OK. The good news! We are getting better at making these things efficiently and well. When I first put these together, if something wasn't right, I was really upset. We're not as familiar with this circuit as we are with Wave Cannon (which we know like the back of our hands now). Now, things are getting a little easier, and we're getting better at hitting them out of the park right from the start, or figuring out quickly what we did wrong and correcting it.

Tonight, I finished serial #20, and Patrick had about 8 more in progress, so we should be done with Olympia pedals for the Kickstarter contributors in the next week! For those of you who were interested in the $75 Icarus boost special - we'll be contacting you guys when those are completed as well.

I genuinely thank you guys so much for digging what we do and giving us a shot. I will also be mailing out t-shirts next week after I get back from DC.

First shipments of Olympia about to go out!

Today we are putting the finishing touches on the user manual...and then we can send out the first 8 Olympia pedals! The boards for the rest are en route, and we are super pumped to be making these. We'll then be building these in batches of ten to twenty, along with our very stylish tee shirts for you.

We cannot wait to get these done for you guys.

- Philippe

Thanks! Things are getting exciting....

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We recently loaned our Olympia test piece to the band Shallow Palace while they've been recording at the Jam Room studio. As their producer/engineer Zac told us, "that boy Josh sure can play some geetar!".

Josh was kind enough to share a little taste of one of his guitar tracks with the Olympia cooking. Check it out here - muy carne.