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Abstract, diceless, tank battle game for true thinkers and strategists. Fisher VS Patton, Zhukov VS Kasparov.
Abstract, diceless, tank battle game for true thinkers and strategists. Fisher VS Patton, Zhukov VS Kasparov.
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IMPORTANT: Pocket version - A proposition

Posted by Forsage Games (Creator)

As announced in a comment, we’ve decided to publish an update about the Pocket version after a quite a few remarks about the size and somewhat the quality of the TC Pocket pieces with a concrete proposition to all affected backers.

As we said, we wanted to create a portable variant of the game inspired by our own experience with the game. The first edition of this game (2016) also had very small pieces because those were the only pieces we could attain at the time, and the tanks (only 3 types – LT, MT, and HT) differed from each other by the turrets we painted by hand. The box was bigger (24x24 cm), and the board was on the back side of the box.

When we acquired the first 3D printer in 2017, the first thing we printed was a set of pieces for the TC of the same size. All the games between us, the authors, were played with such small pieces and we really did not have any problems to move nor distinguish them. And we played in different environments as we carried the set wherever we went: coffee shops, beaches, camping, etc.

Before the start of the Kickstarter campaign, we were considering what versions to offer. Only then we made a trial series with enlarged 3D printed pieces which later became the Standard version (Main game).

We also decided to offer a Pocket version, in a smaller box, which required the board made of thick cardboard to be folded to 1/4 of its size. As we also wanted the keep the price low, we made the other elements according to the intended price. During the campaign, it turned to be the version that attracted the most backers. We believe that this was partly because of the low price, partly due to a certain amount of mistrust towards unknown manufacturers, while some backers just wanted a game that is easily portable.

After the campaign, we considered and even announced that we will also be making a molding tool the pieces in this version but since the making of the tool proved to be a lengthy process, we had to give up on that intention. However, it turned out to be a good move because we would invest heavily in something that would again be small and probably hardly recognizable due to the size for many of you.

In the end, all the pocket pieces were made on 3D printers. It took a lot of time as the printers worked day and night for months, which slowed us down all-around. On top of that, we realized that the $10 price we established (practically $8 as we subsidized the shipping) is completely unprofitable. Also, we had over 150 Pocket backers who pledged during the first day and also got the Panzer Pocket as a gift which means they paid $14 for two games, out of which we paid $8 to $9 for shipping (depending on the destination). All in all, the Pocket version ended up barely covering the production costs.

In addition to all that, there have been comments of backers that aren’t satisfied with their sets. Now, it is important for us to say that we also received dozens of positive comments, publicly or via PM, that praise the same version. When we look at comments on various other sites and forums, we see that nobody has any negative remark on the game itself, the mechanics, dynamics, replayability, etc. and the only remarks are related to the pieces, and thus a relatively low rating on BGG up to now.

To sum everything up, we have noticed that this version simply has no prospect and therefore it will not be produced in the future. The remaining copies (we made about 150 extra sets) will be sold through our site until we empty the stocks. The version that will take its place, the TC Light, has already been done. This set contains everything as well as the Standard version (the pieces are the same), but the box, the board, and the obstacles are made of thin cardboard.

Having said all that, we have decided to make a proposition for the backers who are not satisfied with their Pocket set and we can offer them the following:

1. If they back our next project Panzer Strike - Western Front (all physical copies), they will get the TC Light free of charge (they can still get all the gifts we offer on another basis).

2. The price of the Light version on our site is 12€, but we can guarantee them a wholesale price of 6€. We will also subsidize the shipping costs so they will be 8€ for all countries, and the total would be 14€. However, since on our site there is no possibility to subsidize shipping, you need to contact us at to receive instructions for PayPal payment. These Light boxes can get a little dented during shipping, but we have found a way to avoid it.

2a. At the same subsidized price of shipping (total weight wouldn't surpass 0.5 kg), along with TC Light, you can buy Mortar Hunt Light at a price of 8€. So for a total of 22€, you can get two games. For this, it is also necessary to contact us via e-mail beforehand.

We believe this is a very good offer from our side. We are firmly convinced that the popularity of Tank Chess will only increase over time, and we do not want the backers who helped us get this game to the international market to be dissatisfied in any way with us as a company.


We use this opportunity to remind you that our Panzer Strike campaign will bring a lot of gifts and that you can get one of them simply by signing up to our mailing list. LINK

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    1. Forsage Games 3-time creator on

      @Daryl Janisch: It will finally be sent next week, it has been prepared. An enormous thanks for your patience! :)

    2. Daryl Janisch on

      Still waiting on Pocket size. I did pay for and get the STLs, I just haven't got around to printing out the pieces.

    3. Forsage Games 3-time creator on

      @Eric: Thank you so much! Yes, the PnP and STLs are already on the website: (sorry for replying this late, we somehow missed your comment)

    4. Eric on

      I didn't realize you could still get the PnP files after the campaign was finished. Is it available on the Forsage website? Perhaps you could make it a DIY bundle on your website (to buy the PDFs and STLs). Now that I know I like your game from playing the pocket set, my plan for getting a really nice full sized copy of tank chess is to print it myself. Again, you guys created a wonderful game.

    5. Forsage Games 3-time creator on

      Thank you, guys, for the support!

      @Eric: Could you clarify what you mean by Premium PnP? You do have the possibility to order the PnP files that contain the PDF files and the STL files for the standard pieces along with the STL files of the realistic pieces.
      @Edwin Woody: Since the Panzer Strike campaign will start soon, we have to switch our focus to it first. The AoD will be the first thing to do after we finish the campaign and we plan to improve the game even more than previously announced.
      @JC: It has been prepared and scheduled for this week if everything goes well.
      @Mark Fadden: Sorry it has taken us this long. We'll try to ship it asap.
      @Griffin Post: The proposition will be valid for quite some time so you'll have the time to decide when your copy arrives, no hurry.
      @gatherer818: There will be add-ons and you certainly can contact us during the pledge managing period and we'll try to find a solution that suits you best. :)

    6. gatherer818

      Yeah, my Pocket game's pieces are too small to handle easily or differentiate when we're playing in a poorly-lit area, but I knew what I was getting into when I chose the Pocket version. However, I would gladly take a TC Light with my Panzer Strike pledge. If we can mix the options and let me pay extra for Mortar Hunt as well and just ship all three together to save us both on shipping, that would be awesome.

      You're right that I picked it because I wasn't sure how much I would enjoy Tank Chess and went with the cheap option to start, and now wish I'd chosen the full size version because my only complaints with the game are the result of the tiny components. Not your fault at all, just me being cautious on Kickstarter :P

    7. Missing avatar

      Tim Conroy-Stocker on

      Still not got my copy yet in Hong Kong so will respond to your proposition when I do

    8. Griffin Post on

      Still have not received my copy yet, so I’m not sure what this is referencing

    9. Mark Fadden

      I still haven't seen what apparently is being complained about...

    10. Missing avatar


      I am still waiting on my initial pocket size order. Any idea on when all items will be fulfilled?

    11. Missing avatar

      james robinson on

      I'm actually still waiting on mine to arrive.
      I got the pocket size version and fun pack, and two of each, as I'm hoping to spray one set (I like crafting) to possibly have some 4 player games, I'm intending to go light so hopefully differences will show easier.
      I'm hoping my copy shows up in the UK before this next campaign so I can decide.
      I'm also intending to use superfine perm marker to add armour values to each side to aid game play.

      Enjoyed the video very much, looking forward to my copy arriving

    12. Edwin Woody on

      Still waiting on my order to ship, as Age Of Dogfight isn't ready.

      For myself, the quality of pieces isn't likely to be a problem (I played Metagaming's "Rivets" with somewhat blobby metal robots in the seventies) I just like pocket sized games.

      I think there is a market for them although you might have to look at returning to the business model of the past where the basic game was sold with two dimensional pieces and people willing to shell out for three dimensional pieces bought those seperately.

      If you look at the game, most of the pieces required were available from MicroArmor decades ago. Now, nobody ever accused MicroArmor of being durable (we used to spend almost as much on protective foam lined boxes as we did on the models) but someone could make those same models out of carbon fiber today (haven't searched - maybe they are) and then all you would need to do is sell your rule sets in boxes large enough to hold 2D pieces.

      The above mainly applies to historical wargames as other genres don't have standard unit types.

      Anyhow how long on "Age of Dogfight?"

    13. Missing avatar

      William DeMarco

      I agree with Adam. Hard to argue with such a low cost game that is really fun to play. I'm enjoying it. A little paint and done.

      If the new light version were offered in a future project I'd be happy for the update as I'd probably back something new. So option 1 appeals to me, but I can't complain with any of those thoughtful solutions. Thank you.

    14. David Rowan on

      I will say, I was glad to have the heads up about the SIZE of the pocket version. That said, the cost and portability was what sold me and even though the pieces are tiny, it’s a blast to play. I’ve played with everything except the expansion tanks so far.

    15. Eric on

      I really enjoy the gameplay of TC pocket, but yes the pieces are difficult to distinguish. Since its quite expensive to ship ANYTHING from Serbia to Canada, would you consider making a premium print and play version available? (basically just add a pdf of the board/rulebook/etc. to the realistic STL files. I know this would be a great option for many people who have their own 3d Printer and can have the gameboard printed locally.

    16. Missing avatar

      Adam Wilson on

      I ordered the pocket version solely due to the price and I did so fully expecting it to be tiny. For the pledge cost, I can't imagine what people expected. As a developer, if you lost money producing and sending the pocket version, it's crazy that you'd offer more free games!

      The pocket version is small for sure and I think the extra tanks would be hard to use; but the light, medium and heavy tanks are easily distinguishable. For 10 bucks, certainly nothing I'd complain about.

      Thanks for the fun game.