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Abstract, diceless, tank battle game for true thinkers and strategists. Fisher VS Patton, Zhukov VS Kasparov.
Abstract, diceless, tank battle game for true thinkers and strategists. Fisher VS Patton, Zhukov VS Kasparov.
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3D Set - "Central Square"

Posted by Forsage Games (Creator)


Mind the buildings!

The 3D board expansion is here! 

Although we planned to set up a preview of the 3D board some days ago, we’ve been overwhelmed with work on the campaign and also with planning the improvements of our production, so we’ve only just found the time to publish this update.

In the pictures below you can see the work in progress. It will all be finished during January and ready for production. All the buildings will have a texture (windows, doors and other details).


The buildings are printed on a high-quality cardboard that is easy to fold and put together. Each building will have a base made of harder cardboard. On the board there are squares that match with the openings on the bases of the buildings. This way we make sure that the buildings won’t be moved by accident during the game, and after playing, they can easily be removed from the board and returned to the box. Detailed instructions for assembly will be provided with the expansion.


In addition to cardboard elements, the expansion will also contain some plastic elements that will be printed on a 3D printer, such as fountain, planter boxes (that act as low obstacles), trees and advertising columns (that act as trees) and monument (acts as a high obstacle).



All together this board offers a very nice depiction of the center of a city, and because of that it is named "Central Square". We are certain that the new and enhanced visuals provided by realistic pieces and this 3D board will add a lot to your overall experience.



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    1. Missing avatar

      Darek Burdziuk

      The 3D components look amazing! I hope they look just as great in person as they do in these pics. My uncle & brother both love to play chess. i think this will be a super fun & interesting alternative to it and I think they will have fun learning and playing it. Can't wait!

    2. Forsage Games 3-time creator on

      @Ivan Erickson:


      Trees and Columns block line of sight and movement, can be bulldozed (knocked down).

      Planters block movement, not LOS and cannot be bulldozed.

      Statue is the same as buildings - blocks movement and LOS and can't be bulldozed.

      Fountain blocks movement, but not LOS and can't be bulldozed. Amphibians cannot cross it (it has walls).

      Yes, that is the correct number and types of items. in Central Square set.


      Since it is an advertising column, we can assume it is made of some steel panels and it is easily knockable. It makes the city more unsymmetrical visually, while keeping the symmetrical gameplay.

      3) The rules are the same for columns and trees.

      4) Planters are the same as "low obstacles" - can't be crossed, shooting is allowed over them, can't be destroyed (with the exception of Ultra-heavy Tank).

      5) The fountain is the same as planters just larger. There is only one fountain.

      6) Yes, the statue is the same as a building.

      It's a small house and a large monument :)

      Sorry for late reply.

    3. Missing avatar

      Commodore Erickson

      Okay Rules Questions...

      Question 1:

      I have assumed from Kick Starter Page (and Updates) the following:

      Green Trees
      Qty - Description
      11 - Trees (1x1) blocks LOS & Movement, can be bulldozed

      Other Objects Tiles
      Qty - Description
      03 - Columns (1x1) blocks LOS & Movement, can be bulldozed
      02 - Planters (1x1) blocks Movement - NOT LOS, can be bulldozed
      01 - Statue (1x2) blocks LOS & Movement, May not be bulldozed

      Blue Fountain
      Qty - Description
      1 - Fountain (2x2) blocks Movement - NOT LOS, May not be bulldozed, Amphibian (AM) can cross?

      Red Buildings
      All Buildings - blocks LOS & Movement & LOS, May not be bulldozed.
      Qty - Description
      01 - Tiny Rectangle Building (1x2)
      02 - Small Square Buildings (2x2)
      02 - Small "L" Buildings (2x3 missing corner)
      02 - Small Rectangle Buildings (2x3)
      02 - Squares Building (3x3)
      02 - Large Rectangle (2x5)
      02 - Large "L" Buildings (3x4, missing 1x2 corner)

      Is this the correct number and types of items in the Central Square Set?

      Question 2) Near as I can tell, the 1x1 Columns and Trees are being used interchangeably...
      Is this Correct?

      I would argue one less tree and one more column might make sense as the column could be not knocked down and the tree could. You could add one more tree for 12 and 1 more column for 4 so that it maintains symmetry.

      Question 3) What are the rules for Columns if not the same as trees?

      Question 4) What are the rules for Planters?

      Question 5) What is the rule for the Fountain.
      On symmetric-ness-ness... If there is only one fountain, it can only ever be the center of the board. Two would allow it to be offset in setups, and maintain symmetry.

      Question 6) What is the rule for the Statue? Is it just a building?

      Same could be said about one statue and one 1x2 building, ass we did for trees and columns. As in your sample map you use the 1x2 building and 1x2 statue. in opposite ends of the board. Thus making us defer that the building and statue act the same. i.e. Block LOS and Movement. 2 and 2 would be better, but the Statue seems to be as big as a house...

      Sorry for the long post.

    4. Forsage Games 3-time creator on

      @Lutz Wolf: The box will be 24x24x4 cm, but there will be inserts for each corner which lift the box cover and increase the box height.

      @Michael Nielsen: No, 3D set will not be available in Pocket size. It would be too small and very tricky to assemble.

    5. Missing avatar

      Michael Nielsen on

      will the 3d set be available in pocket size? :)

    6. Lutz Wolf on

      Thank you.
      Will there be a box in which all the assembled components fit?

    7. Forsage Games 3-time creator on

      @Lutz Wolf: We can make an exception for you and offer you the board only, for $14.

      @Felipe Espinoza: "3D Set" and "Central Square" is the same thing. We have decided to change its name to something that sound better.

    8. Flip-it on

      Greetings Community,
      Does anyone know what is included in the “expansion: 3D set” add-on? Is it similar to “Central Square: 3Dset”?.
      Happy New Year for those how already started their celebrations.

    9. Missing avatar

      Corey Bernier on

      @Rob They stated a while back that this wouldn't be available in pocket.

    10. Lutz Wolf on

      I would like to order only the printed Board as an add-on. This will be great.

    11. Rob Keith on

      Neat! How much is the pocket version?

    12. Hank Przybylowicz

      Sweeeet!!! I LIKE IT!! Well done!