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Abstract, diceless, tank battle game for true thinkers and strategists. Fisher VS Patton, Zhukov VS Kasparov.
Abstract, diceless, tank battle game for true thinkers and strategists. Fisher VS Patton, Zhukov VS Kasparov.
Abstract, diceless, tank battle game for true thinkers and strategists. Fisher VS Patton, Zhukov VS Kasparov.
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    1. Edouard Lorenceau 3 days ago

      Are all the remaining ones going to be backer-made? if not, could you show the ones that won't be backer-made?

    2. Forsage Games 2-time creator 3 days ago

      @Edouard Lorenceau: We will certainly present more setups, including the ones suggested by backers, but with the current state of affairs we cannot tell you precisely when, since we have yet to test the majority of the suggested ones and to decide which will enter the brochure.

    3. Edouard Lorenceau 6 days ago

      Will you be showing more of the brochure of setups for the Fun Set? You mentioned in the original post on Jan 4th that there would be more (maybe including backer-suggested ones). Will we see those maps soon?

    4. Forsage Games 2-time creator on February 12

      @Guy Harding: Go to your backed projects > Tank Chess > View pledge > Survey > Edit address.

    5. Missing avatar

      Guy Harding on February 12

      How can I update my address for delivery?

    6. Forsage Games 2-time creator on February 8

      @Leonardo 'Nerdo' Cerruti: It's still in work. There will be a cardboard sheet in every box, which players would cut by themselves and put under pieces.

    7. Leonardo 'Nerdo' Cerruti on February 7

      @creators: hi! Just curious if you found out an option for cardboard reference stands to put under tanks during gameplay

    8. TobiLee on February 7

      @Forsage games , I sent you a PM

    9. TobiLee on February 7

      @Forsage Games - I put in the campign, 54 (game+expansion) + 10 pocket + 7 pocket exp + 4 pocket big map + 22 shipping to spain= for a total of 102$

      So as I understand I must pay the difference (I don’t see it yet but I assume that it will be 0$) in yourpage via paypal, correct?

    10. TobiLee on February 7

      @Forsage Games , I am a bit confused, I did the campaign and I pledge the amount of money necessary for buy de base game +expansion, pocket game+expansion+big board in the pledge manager (or similar platform) that you will going to use.

      But the link that you write in the comment below is like some kind of late pledge.

    11. Forsage Games 2-time creator on February 6

      @TobiLee: We are not using an external pledge manager for this project. You can purchase add-ons via PayPal:

    12. TobiLee on February 5

      When is the pledge manager be open?

    13. Forsage Games 2-time creator on January 29

      @AlmghtyMuffn: We'll post more information in an update soon.

    14. AlmghtyMuffn on January 29

      How's production looking? :)

    15. Alyogali on January 28

      Thanks for the answer.

    16. Forsage Games 2-time creator on January 25

      @Massimo Aversa: We'll use the best option we manage to find. We can't promise yet that it will be neoprene, but we are researching for it.

    17. Missing avatar

      Massimo Aversa on January 25

      For deluxe size board, can you make a neoprene or latex playmat ? I'm afraid that plastic canvas can make folds.

    18. Forsage Games 2-time creator on January 24

      @Alyogali: For now you can order the extra pieces only in red/blue color.
      We are searching for options about army green and brown. It is very hard to find such colors for 3D print, in most cases it is available only in basic green and dark brown. We'll let you know if we find something.

    19. Alyogali on January 21

      @Forsage Games : I had forgotten that the stretch goals were included in the game or in the fun set...

      So if I order a pocket extra pieces and a pocket fun set pieces, I could ask to have them in army green and in brown, just by paying them with paypal at ?

    20. Alyogali on January 21

      @Forsage Game : is it really possible to get the extra set of pieces in the colors of our choice ? Even for the pocket game ?

      If I'd like to have a set with brown and army green tanks (would fit the game better than blue and red), I just have to pay it according to the instructions on this page ( and say which colors I want ?

      Is there a way to get also the stretch goals in those colors ?

    21. Forsage Games 2-time creator on January 17

      @Leon Samadi: We are using upgraded Malyan M150 printers. We can publish the general settings used for printing of tank pieces.

      1) Even without additional pieces, 4 player scenarios can be played that each player has the same pieces.
      Yes, additional sets can be in blue/red colour. You just need to indicate it in a message.

      2) The rules for the Monster are not finished yet. If you want to play 4 player scenario with Monsters, you would need 4 Monsters.

    22. Dawras
      on January 17

      @Creator - Sorry if this was answered before...

      1) If I buy the additional set of pieces (Pocket Game and Pocket Fun), I'll be able to play a 4-players game with each player using exactly the same pieces? If so, these "additional sets" could be sent in other colors (red and blue, for example)?

      2) How many "Monsters" do I need to play a game using their own rules? This number will be the same for any game variation (2 or 4 players)?

    23. Missing avatar

      Benjamin on January 15

      @Javier Fernández Cabezas:
      I joined your group but I cant send messages back to the channel. You need a group chat for discussion and games.

    24. Javier Fernández Cabezas on January 15

      Canal created in TELEGRAM for discussion, playing games, etc...

    25. Leon Samadi
      on January 13

      What 3D printers are you using? Will you release your optimal print settings for your 3D printers?

    26. Forsage Games 2-time creator on January 11

      @Jorge Mendoza: You should log in to your PayPal account, and transfer the amount you calculated to our email address (
      See the instructions for payment:

      @Nathan: Probably during February.

    27. Nathan on January 11

      Any idea when we will get to see the monster design?

    28. Missing avatar

      Chris James on January 11

      Ahh ok well that’s great and thank you, much appreciated!!

    29. Missing avatar

      Jorge Mendoza on January 10

      I don’t know how to add to cart or how to pick what I want

    30. Forsage Games 2-time creator on January 10

      @Jorge Mendoza: Are you trying to purchase the add-ons via PayPal?

      @Ben Corby: Yes you can, just pay for the price difference and send a message to inform us. See the instructions on the Pre-order page:

      @Chris James: We'll send a confirmation email to everybody who has purchased something via PayPal (but I can also confirm you here that we received your payment).
      You didn't receive a message saying that you will get the first day gift because at that time you were at $1 level. Since you have changed the reward level to "pocket" the next day, you will get the "panzer" gift.

      @wresillo: You should log in to your PayPal account, and transfer the amount you calculated to our email address (
      See the instructions for payment:

    31. Missing avatar

      wresillo on January 9

      pre-order link doesnt have a spot to pay with pay pal i sent in my order for the pocket fun set and 2 monsters im assuming you send me the pay pal with the e-mail i filled out along with an invoice?

    32. Missing avatar

      Chris James on January 9

      Hi, I sent a message via the link and a PayPal payment for the extra items, are you going to send a reply confirming you received this and all is ok? Would you be able to check you got this please? Also, I backed this project in first 24hrs but haven’t had confirmation of getting the free pocket game, just wondering what’s happening with this? Thanks guys.

    33. Missing avatar

      Ben Corby on January 9

      Hi there, can I please upgrade my pledge to deluxe?

    34. Missing avatar

      Jorge Mendoza on January 8

      I’m trying to buy add on but it want let me

    35. Chris Stevenson on January 8

      The survey link shows up in a bar at the top of this page on my computer.

    36. Chris Stevenson on January 8

      @Michael There should be a questionaire that was sent to everyone about which add-ons you wanted. And if you go to the latest update there is a pre-order link where you can order any additional add-ons that you wish

    37. Michael on January 8

      Hey Guys,
      Im a little confused. I hope someone can shed some light for me. I pledged for the main game and expansion at 59. I added 25 for the realistic tanks and 34 for the central square expansion for a total of 118 during the campaign. Two questions, 1. How do i get the pair of "Godzillas" and 2. How do I let the creators know how I wish to use my pledge funds? Thanks

    38. Forsage Games 2-time creator on January 8

      @HY: I checked it.

      @Geoff Watson: We don't have the pictures yet. They will be different colour: black and white.

      @Ridge Sieb: Extra set of pieces includes only tanks.

      @Nathan: The Monster piece is not included in the expansion. It is add-on only.

      @Chris Conway: Either way. If you pay in € you just need to calculate the current exchange rate.

      @Ridge Sieb @Ben: To increase your pledge, go to the pre-order page ( and pay for the add-ons via PayPal (see the instructions there).

    39. Chris Conway on January 8

      @Forsage Games:
      Should we be paying for Add-Ons via PayPal in Euros?

    40. Missing avatar

      on January 8

      how can we add add-ons after the campaign is over?

    41. Nathan on January 8

      I'll attempt to get my add-on soon. Is the monster piece an add-on only or is it included with the expansions like the stretch goals?

    42. James Howard on January 8

      @Forsage Games
      Thanks for the Ad-don page. I have added my ad-dons and this works great. No issues or fuss I just followed the instructions. Look forward to play this great game on the table.

    43. Ridge Sieb on January 8

      Is the extra set of pieces just Tanks, or other pieces too? Also how do you increase your pledge?

    44. Missing avatar

      Geoff Watson
      on January 8

      Do you have pictures for the Monsters? If we get two monsters, are they different colours?

    45. Leon Samadi
      on January 7

      PM sent

    46. HY on January 7

      @Forsage Games, Can you check the message about the paypal payment I sent to you? Thank you.

    47. Forsage Games 2-time creator on January 7

      The pre-order page is created just now. The official announcement will be tomorrow in an update, but for now I can give you the link:

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