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Abstract, diceless, tank battle game for true thinkers and strategists. Fisher VS Patton, Zhukov VS Kasparov.
Abstract, diceless, tank battle game for true thinkers and strategists. Fisher VS Patton, Zhukov VS Kasparov.
Abstract, diceless, tank battle game for true thinkers and strategists. Fisher VS Patton, Zhukov VS Kasparov.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Michael Simmonds 44 minutes ago

      I understand the Fun Set is still being molded. It is ok for me. I was a backer on the first day as my son thought would be an awesome game to own. We ordered the Pocket Set and the normal game and both Fun Sets. We are ok to wait. The team here have been very responsive and patient with our questions. I have even sent out direct questions that were quickly answered. I am waiting "Patiently". More because we want to play the game! BUILD FASTER!!!! (Joking). We wait...

    2. John Cardine about 6 hours ago

      What about the pocket fun set any Picts of printed yet

    3. Edward D. Omiccioli, Jr
      about 19 hours ago

      Forsage Games, thanks for the quick update.

    4. Forsage Games 2-time creator 1 day ago

      As we said for Fun Set, molding tool for pieces is still being done.

      @Edward: The Monster piece is not made yet and since you ordered it, we haven't sent your package. It will be finished soon.

    5. Edward D. Omiccioli, Jr
      1 day ago

      I just ordered the main set but haven't received any shipment notice or my copy of the game.

    6. Missing avatar

      Matt 7 days ago

      Also curious about Fun Set. I'd prefer one package or shipment with everything bit sounds like that's not happening?

    7. Jef Row on

      What comes with the fun set expansion?

    8. Jef Row on

      I forgot I got the fun set haha. How lint till they ship?

    9. Forsage Games 2-time creator on

      @T. Ludwig: So far we haven't received information that anyone has paid for taxes when receiving their package. Most of the packages are sent indicated as "gifts". In this particular case, we have sent you the package via DHL marked as gift with written value of 1 $. Our contact person in DHL Serbia told us that they were contacted only by German customs asking for additional information. All customs have discretionary rights to charge taxes if they decide that way.

      @Jef Row: Your package is not sent yet. It will be sent together with others who have ordered Fun Set expansion. It is not simple to send everyone a tracking number, but if anyone suspects that their package might be lost - we'll send it.

    10. Jef Row on

      Is there any tracking or shipping info for us backers? In my neighborhood packages dissappear, so checking my porch 3x a day isn't possible. I'm guessing when my game comes I'll have no idea whenand will never receive it.

    11. Missing avatar

      T. Ludwig on

      Hi Forsage Games, today i receive the game but i have to pay value added tax and import duty to the german custom!!!!! because the game was send from serbia to germany.
      Please contact me. My backer number is 210.
      Best regards

    12. Forsage Games 2-time creator on

      We are continuing the production at full speed. Soon we will start shipping the Deluxe and the Pocket sets (without the corresponding Fun Sets). Currently, the tool for the Main game Fun set is being made and because of our previous experience with the molding tool we abstain from an exact estimate of when it will be finished. It´s probable, however, that the Deluxe and Pocket Fun Sets will be finished before the Main one.
      It´s true that the majority of paper and cardboard elements have been done, but not all of them (there is still a thing or two to be improved in the brochure for the Fun Set). Because of all that, we decided not to send the PnP and STL files yet because we want them to be 100% identical to the ones used in serial production.
      We can send tracking numbers soon to the backers whose packages have been sent. It could be a bit complicated, but we´ll dedicate some time to it.

    13. AlmghtyMuffn on

      I think the fun set mold is still being made, so it's still gonna be some time for the fun sets and monsters..

    14. David Martinez Ortega on

      I was thinking about the same... what about game+fun set?

    15. BreezingThrough

      I maybe missing something, but what about the main game + expansion "fun set"?
      Is that the "main" game or is it not started yet as I can not seem to find any info anywhere as to when that is due, or the state of progress it is?

    16. Missing avatar

      Nancy Cranford on

      When can those of us who pledged for the main game plus the expansion fun set expect to receive ours?

    17. Missing avatar

      Mark T

      Please correct me if I am wrong, but the vast majority of production seems to be complete or already being produced at full rate. If that is the case, then can the PnP files be released?

    18. John Cardine on

      Very cool update I love see the process everything looks great

    19. Missing avatar

      Pylosx on

      Hi people
      I did not check for a while so sorry if the question was allready made:
      When are you going to send the pocket version of the game?
      Thx in advance

    20. Missing avatar

      Jeremy George

      @Forsage Games: Sorry if I am asking too often. With all the news of backers receiving sets, I am eager to start printing the STLs. Please let us know as soon as you have a release date or an estimate!

    21. Forsage Games 2-time creator on

      @Jeremy George: As we said in one of the previous comments, PnP files are in work since they need to be adapted with the production components.

      @Nathan: In a day or two.

      @Mal: Almost all add-ons will be available at our website for purchase.

      @Jef Row: All packages with the main game only are already sent. They should arrive soon.

      @Gary thomas: It was an oversight, everything should be shipped at once. You will receive the add-ons in another shipment.

    22. Missing avatar

      Gary thomas on

      In Alberta, Canada and just received my main game! About to rip into it and check it out. I added on the realistic tanks and pocket game, I thought everything would come together or that the main game would not come until the realistic tanks were ready. Either way I’m pumped to get into this game

    23. Jef Row on

      When should backers in us expect main game? Thanks

    24. Mal on

      Received my copy today in the UK, thank you! The package looked like it had been through an actual tank battle. Thankfully the game inside was intact. Looking forward to trying it out. I just wish I had the money for upgrades and addonns at the time of the kickstarter. Are these going to be available separately at some point in the future so I can upgrade should I desire?

    25. Nathan on

      How soon until the deluxe update you mentioned?

    26. Missing avatar

      Jeremy George

      So when will the PNP files go out?

    27. Forsage Games 2-time creator on

      @Nebion: You should have one per side.

    28. Nebion

      Question about monster pieces. Do you only need 1 per game or is it each side needs one?

    29. Missing avatar

      Patrick on

      I'd be so mad at myself if I didn't. Just wish I had more money for a bunch of those add-ons at that time.

    30. Forsage Games 2-time creator on

      @AlmghtyMuffn, Nebion: The monsters are indeed being 3D printed and they're not part of the Fun Set molding tool (they're a KS exclusive).
      @Patrick: Yep, you gave us the address and filled out the survey. :)

    31. Missing avatar

      Patrick on

      I've been busy working this year, and forgot I backed this. I hope I did my plague manager on this.

    32. Nebion

      Was Godzilla part of stretch goal or was addon needed be paid for? Wanted make sure getting a copy of godzilla in each my packs

    33. AlmghtyMuffn on

      Is the "legally distinct from Godzilla" add on part of the fun set? Or are those being 3D printed as well?

    34. AlmghtyMuffn on

      Thanks for the thorough update you guys. Waiting patiently for this one. Was hoping the fun set would be done sooner than later but that's mold making I guess.

    35. Forsage Games 2-time creator on

      @Marc: We hope you're satisfied with the overall quality of the elements and also with the game. Regarding the packaging, we believe the games are protected well enough from any damage. After the first campaign (Naval Battle in Archipelago), we sent the games wrapped only in brown paper (and mind that the boxes were heavier, 2.2 and 3.1 kgs) and only one box was damaged and it was done by the Canadian Customs since they had to open them to check the content. Now the games have an additional layer of protection, and they weigh around 970 grams so we believe they won't take any damage.

      Soon we will start shipping to the backers who apart from the Main game have the Panzer Strike Pocket add-on. Since the pocket box is a lot smaller and less rigid than the main one, we'll put it inside the bigger one in order to protect it from any harm.

    36. Marc "Traveller" Miller on

      I want to address the issue of packaging. My copy of TankChess arrived today and thankfully, it is undamaged. But it was basically packaged in a single layer of small diameter bubble wrap and then wrapped brown paper. Best practices in shipping (international or domestic) tells us that the product should be packaged in a corrugated outer box with some distance between the inner and outer boxes allowed as crush depth.

    37. John Cardine on

      Keep up the good work super excited to see it when it’s done. 3D printers are always fun which reminds me I need to fix mine lol

    38. Forsage Games 2-time creator on

      While we're impatiently waiting to hear from the backers who already got their copies, here's a short update about the production status. The 3D printers are working constantly but, unfortunately, there have been some breakdowns and malfunctions. We still haven't received all the newly purchased printers and in the maintenance of the older ones, we sometimes have to 3D print the plastic parts that break using the remaining printers since it minimizes the delay.

      Currently, the Deluxe pieces are being printed. The majority of the boards have been finished, the obstacles are done, shortly we expect to receive the cardboard tubes and then the production of bags will start. We expect to begin the shipping at the end of this month or during the first week of August. We believe all the backers will be satisfied with the quality of all the elements.

      Roughly at the same time, we'll start the shipping of the Pocket sets. The Fun Sets of the Pocket and the Deluxe versions will probably be done before the Basic Fun Sets because, as you know, we're still waiting for the molding tools to be finished.

      As for the PnP and STL files, they could have been distributed earlier, but with so many corrections and improvements of the models so late on, we wanted that files to represent absolutely the models that will be used in serial production.

      While the campaign was still in progress, we received a lot of inquiries from the retailers and wholesale merchants from all over the world, and we have to say that has been a factor in the production organization. Our commitment to the backers is our top priority but we had to take into account all the possible post-KS production. We remind you of the video we published on social media where we presented the production of the trial series of the Main game:…=

      That way of production in our own workshop allowed us to set the goal on KS at only $2000, but it's not sustainable at all for the serial production. We had to change or adjust the majority of the processes done in our workshop as well as the equipment itself to be able to coordinate our work with the big printeries that produce some of the elements. Any mistake that would show up at the start of the process would only be noticed when assembling the box and therefore we're trying to be as thorough and cautious as possible in every step. The deadlines we set have indeed been changed but we believe it's for the best for all interested parties.

      Soon we will publish an update with the pictures of the deluxe version.

    39. John Cardine on

      How goes the 3D printing to the pocket set

    40. John Cardine on

      W ....p._______....p. the 3D printing of the pocket set going

    41. Nathan on

      What's deluxe look like? I haven't seen an update in a while.

    42. Missing avatar

      Leon Marchant on

      When will the print and play be released?

    43. Joost Nauw on

      @Ben, what did you receive?

    44. Missing avatar

      Ben Corby on

      Received, Australia.

      Boo ya!

      Go Croatia? 🤣

    45. AlmghtyMuffn on

      It's just not economically wise for Forsage to make a custom mold for the pocket set. They will not make any money from those orders if they do. Understandably frustrating for those who were expecting injection molding, but you have to understand that Forsage will not make any profit from it. No profit = no company.

    46. Missing avatar

      Hickname on

      Any news about PNP release?

    47. Missing avatar

      Bernard Vanhorick on

      @Forsage Games,
      You're right, during the campaign it was stated everything will be 3D-printed, so the molding tool for the Main & Pocket version was only a 'free bonus'.
      It however sounds disappointing to loose this 'better quality feeling' for the pocket version.
      That's the version I took, so is my feeling.
      But of course, I understand the reason why you go back to initial plan and that's not an easy move to do so.
      I just hope the quality will be good enough to enjoy the game as it deserve, whichever process will be used to make it :).
      Thank you very much for your follow-up and clarification, this was certainly forgotten by many of us (myself included).
      Keep up the good work!

    48. Forsage Games 2-time creator on

      During the campaign we were announcing that all the pieces will be done on 3D printers. After the campaign where we got over 500 backers in finish, we realized that the printing of all pieces would last too long. That is the reason we decided to make tools for casting.

      However, tool making is a complicated process which needs time. When we took everything in account we realized that the tool for Pocket size is too complicated with uncertain time of finishing and potentially lower quality. Because of that we are coming back to the plan to make Pocket pieces on 3D printers. Therefore, comparing to promises during the campaign, "pocket" backers won't be damaged. As for the quality of pieces - for such small size it is disputable what would be better. The inability to make all the details influenced our decision to get back to the original plan and 3D-print the pocket pieces.

      We'll post some pictures with molded and 3D-printed pieces (of the main game). You'll see that the differences are minimal. Pieces are already being 3D-printed for the Deluxe set. All the backers who have paid for the most expensive version will get the 3D printed pieces. We'll post pictures of that too.

      There is also an economical calculation - from about 1000 backers that have ordered Pocket, we received just over 10 000 $ (excluding shipping costs). Considering that the tool would cost more than we expected (as we learned from the making of the first tool - the smaller size would be more expensive) and that it would need much more time to be made (time also means money), that is not enough for financing the tool.

      Backers who have ordered some additions beside the main game will receive it all at once.

      We hope you would understand. We are doing our best to choose the most suitable options and we have to consider price.

    49. Fled Nanders on

      Bad move for the pocket set. Really upset...

    50. Doug Kuegler

      Hi, is it possible to still get add-ons? Thought I did it, but now don't think so.

      Thank you

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