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Rubbee is a revolutionary electric drive which can be mounted on any bicycle in just a few seconds.
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Rubbee is a revolutionary electric drive which can be mounted on any bicycle in just a few seconds. More info
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    1. Rubbee Ltd 2-time creator on

      Stuart, we are just as excited as You are about the launch of Rubbee and thanks for the support !
      Thomas, Rubbee has 24 grams of equivalent lithium content by airline's calculations and that makes it OK for air travel. But we will take a closer look to this question and will specify it later on. Thanks for pointing out this question !

    2. Thomas Laurent on

      About the transportation in plane, I found this document:

      It seems that it is authorized in carry-on and checked in baggage if there is no more than 25 grams equivalent lithium content in the battery. Do you know the characteristic of the battery in the Rubbee?

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    4. Rubbee Ltd 2-time creator on

      Hi again Thomas!
      1) We will upload a video in a few days of the actual sound of Rubbee because we are getting a lot of people asking it. But it's not loud, You'll see.
      2) There is a thermal protection for the inside electronics. In case they do get hot for some reason the protection will cut-off power to the motor until electronics cool down to a normal working temperature.
      3) We tested Rubbee in wet and muddy conditions. The acceleration gets slower and a 2-3km/h loss of top speed may occur. That's because it is still a friction drive, there will be some loss of traction from time to time. But the Rubbee itself is not afraid of dirt and water. You can even wash it with a low pressure water hose.
      4) No, the battery can only be changed by us. But it has a 2000 cycle life span so there probably won't be a reason to change the pack in the first place.
      5) Yes, but only in the checked baggage compartment not in the carry-on.
      6) We tested Rubbee with 95kg (209 lbs) person and it works just fine. We suppose the weight limit is around 100kg (220 lbs) beyond that decrease in performance may occur.
      7) Yup, it works just fine with knobbly tires. You can see that in our third video in the project description ( On the full-suspension bicycle).

      If You have any more questions don't hesitate and ask !

    5. Thomas Laurent on

      Thanks for your quick response! I'm really impressed by Rubbee and I have more questions :)

      1) How loud is it at maximum speed?
      2) Can it get hot or overheat?
      3) Does it perform well even with mud on the wheel?
      4) Can we change the battery?
      5) Could we transport it in a plane legally? I imagine taking it when I travel.
      6) Does it perform well with heavy people?
      7) Can it works well with knobby treads wheel that we have on moutain bikes?

    6. Rubbee Ltd 2-time creator on

      Hi Thomas, thanks!

      1) Yes! You can pedal if You want together with Rubbee and that will increase the range and acceleration.
      2) If the road is very steep You will have to pedal to help Rubbee to cope with the hill. And that's when You're really going to feel how much easier it is to pedal into those hills with Rubbee.
      3) You simply release the throttle that is fitted on the handlebar and Rubbee will automatically stop supplying power to the wheel whenever You want.
      4) Yes, of course You can adjust the speed. That is what the throttle is used for. With the throttle You can dynamically control the speed of how fast You want to go.

      Hope this answers Your questions!

    7. Thomas Laurent on

      Hi, congrats for your work, this is a great innovative product!
      I do have some questions about it:

      1) Can we get faster and get a longer range by pedaling at the same time the motor works?
      2) How does it perform in very steep mountain road?
      3) What happens when we use the bike brakes? Do we have to turn Rubbee OFF each time we have to slow down or stop?
      4) Can we adjust the speed? Could it adjust to our pedaling speed?