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Jigsaw Renaissance needs a heart for our new home! Help us build a kitchen, that we might gather and bake cookies.

Jigsaw Renaissance needs a kitchen. The kitchen is the focus of any gathering, and Jigsaw is a place for creatives/geeks to gather. Not only would this lend to community, it also means not disrupting project flow to go out and grab food. It means cooking classes. It means a heart to our community.

$400 fridge
$400 oven
$50 microwave
$200 sink
$1000 plumbing/electrical
$500 cabinet/countertop supplies (we'll build and install on our own)
$150 buffer because no project ever goes how you plan (especially at this scale)

We will attempt to purchase used appliances as much as we can. Anything that is possible to do ourselves we will, and anything we can build ourselves we will as well.


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    A shout-out on the kitchen's project page on our website! You will forever be immortalized in the annals of Jigsaw Renaissance or at least until the Internet dies. We mean, if you want; we also accept anonymous donations (just be sure to let us know).

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    A hand-written thank-you note singing your praises for you to frame and keep forever and eventually pass on as a family heirloom.

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    A sticker set! Composed of stickers! Stickiness guaranteed. They look like this: but less wee.

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    We will bake, vacuum-seal, and mail you three cookies. No more. No less. Three. Choice of chocolate chip or oatmeal or some crazy combination thereof.

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    A 3D-printed stylized nautilus with a design similar to the logo of our account. Possible uses: cookie cutter, letter opener, power symbol for transforming into a cephalopod (mileage may vary).

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    We will cook you a meal in our new kitchen! This only applies if you live in Seattle or plan to visit at some point in the future. You should totally visit Seattle anyways, so this is basically everyone. Ingredients will come from local farmers to reduce environmental impact and will be cooked by free-range local chefs.

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    You will send us a picture of your face. We will turn that picture into a metal stencil that fits into our toasters. Every piece of toast made from these toasters will be a reminder of your kindness, generosity, and roguish good looks.

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