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Hylux is a GREAT tasting vitamin enhanced water that is a low calorie, low sugar & high nutrient health drink!
Hylux is a GREAT tasting vitamin enhanced water that is a low calorie, low sugar & high nutrient health drink!
Hylux is a GREAT tasting vitamin enhanced water that is a low calorie, low sugar & high nutrient health drink!
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    1. Valerie Cabral on

      Got my orders- so good! Berry Mix was definitely my favorite and as someone who tries to stay away from carbs for the most part, these are a great middle ground between plain water and sugary (or artificially sweetened) energy drinks.

    2. Lee Jesse Steventon on

      Hi, I received my order a few days ago (Thursday), and finally had a chance to try one flavor yesterday and the second flavor today. They are both even better than I expected! I'm looking forward to drinking the full case I got through KS and then ordering more through the website. Thank you! :) (They are pleasantly sweet, but definitely feel hydrating after a long day.)

    3. Lamar Letts Creator on

      Thank you for the positive feedback Naviri! I can definitely help with a second round of bottles! You can place future orders through the website. We have them in 2 packs, 5 packs and 12 packs. You can check it out at

    4. Lamar Letts Creator on

      That's great to hear Pamela! I'm glad that you enjoyed them and that you want more!

    5. Missing avatar

      Naviri on

      Hey I just picked mine up yesterday and I wanted to say they are great make sure to let all of us know when you are ready to open up a second round of orders I want on that list!

    6. Missing avatar

      Pamela L. Johnson

      I received my order yesterday and wanted to let you know that I love the flavors. I will definitely be ordering again. Thanks

    7. Lamar Letts Creator on

      Hey Eric! Some have been sent out and the rest will be sent out by Wednesday 8/4. Labels delayed the production, however, everything is on track now. We are completing fulfillment now.

    8. Eric Freeman on

      Have these shipped out?

    9. Lamar Letts Creator on

      Hey Zak! Things are moving along as scheduled. All the ingredients are in, the bottles are coming in later this week and we'll begin production once we get the labels. Was kind of expecting the labels to come in sooner, but besides that, all the extra perks (shirts, bottles, etc) have been made and coming in as scheduled. I will keep everyone updated with the delivery. I'm expecting to ship everything out on the 27th and 28th. I plan on sending a project update to everyone to announce the successful mailing of everyone's order.

    10. Lamar Letts Creator on

      For the flavors, I have been reaching out through Kickstarter messages to get the flavors that people wanted. The survey information will be matched with what you request though the message. Whether you want 1 flavor or a mix of both.

      Sadly we didn't reach the stretch goal so lemon lime isn't being offered at this time. I will be making a note of everyone who is interested in the lemon lime though. It is something that I'd like to notify everyone of when it is available sometime in the future.

    11. Coda-Chan Miller on

      The Survey didnt have a way to submit flavors that we wanted what do you do ? lol

    12. Missing avatar

      kelly izell on

      The survey didn't let me select a flavor. 2 bottles of berry or one berry and one lemon-lime. I can't remember if we reached that stretch goal or not.

    13. Lamar Letts Creator on

      Thank you for letting me know! I will be sending a followup survey! Not including it in the initial survey was a mistake on my part.

    14. Zak Swigert on

      Survey didn't allow me to pick the types I wanted but one of each is fine, thanks!

    15. Lamar Letts Creator on

      Hey Zak! Thank you for the pledge. Post kickstarter, we plan on selling the product up on Amazon and our website. I will update everyone with links to both when that happens (which will be after the fulfillment of all the kickstarter orders).

    16. Zak Swigert on

      Just backed. My question is what going to happen after Kickstarter to order more? Amazon Prime would be awesome!

    17. Lamar Letts Creator on

      That's actually a great question Jonathan! From my understanding, kickstarter only asks basic information in the beginning as pledges come in and then allows you to get more detailed information after the project has completed/goal has been met. This is a precaution so that early backers aren't giving detailed address information before a project is successfully funded.

      In the project creator home page, there is a tab that says surveys and in the tab it says "Need info from your backers? Once your project is successfully funded, you can send surveys to request any info you need to deliver backers’ rewards, such as their mailing address or other details."

    18. Jonathan C. Carter on

      Quick question. I chose the $10 sample pack pledge, but it only asked for country and postal code, and that was it. Does the system have a way of getting pledger's addresses? (After seeing that I would assume they are linked to our payment info, but I could be wrong so I wanted to ask)

    19. Chris on

      Good luck, looking forward to seeing you at the Intercollegiate Pitch Off!

    20. Lamar Letts Creator on

      It's great to hear from you! Your pledge is seriously appreciated. I was planning on only keeping it within the U.S, however, I started researching shipping to specific countries and saw that it wouldn't be too outside of the realm of possibility to open the $10, $20 and $55 level pledges up to Canada and the UK. I plan on doing this soon and adding the appropriate shipping details soon.

    21. Joel Marcus on

      Extremely happy to be a backer on this, I'd love to have pledged more but at the moment it's just shipping across the US, is there any plans to make this avaliable in Europe? (preferably the UK) haha.

      I'm expecting the answer to stay the same but even so I wish you all the best with the project and hey you never know until you ask