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AU$ 2,889
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Actual Display Image
Actual Display Image

What Is It?

The Cinnamon II is quite possibly the ultimate in retro geek fashion. A complete 1980's era microcomputer for your wrist! It features a virtualized 6502 clocked at a blistering 1 Megahertz and a whopping 32K of memory! 

It is software compatible with the original Apple® ][ and includes a custom hardware accelerated BASIC interpreter. Code programs right there on your wrist! Maybe you're trying to land a lunar module or you are trying to create your own asteroids clone. Your mind and 32K are the limit! 

Apple® ][ Compatible Emulation

The emulated hardware is binary compatible with the original 1977's microcomputer. Complete video / sound / keyboard emulation is provided. The Cinnamon II also features a Micro SD socket that offers disk drive emulation. 

With the use of an appropriate BIOS binary from an original machine it is possible to run retro programs and games targeted for the platform (expect to see some more game demos in the coming weeks).

Integer BASIC, By Steve Wozniak, On An Early Prototype
Integer BASIC, By Steve Wozniak, On An Early Prototype

BASIC Interpreter

CinnamonBASIC is a custom interpreter written in C that runs as a native mode application on the watch. It is syntax compatible with Applesoft BASIC, and allows you to run existing programs and games as well as write programs directly on your wrist. 

Being native mode allows you to write custom applications that leverage the full capabilities of the platform.

Hardware Specs

  • Full Day Battery Life (Or Multiday With Power Save Enabled)
  • 1.8" High Resolution Color LCD
  • Ultra Low Power ARM Cortex CPU
  • MicroSD with MMC/SD/SDHC Support
  • 250mw Speaker With 8Bit PWM
  • 3 Axis Accelerometer (Gestures)
  • Micro USB Charging
  • 55 x 40 x 25mm

Fully Customizable

The Cinnamon II uses a standard 20mm NATO strap for the wrist band. It's entirely customizable allowing you to change your style whenever you feel the need.

Upon successful completion of the project, the virtual machine / interpreter source code will be made open source allowing for future improvements and the development a vibrant modding community.

For those interested in the open source firmware feel free to make it known, maybe it's possible put together something really awesome.

Current Limitations

The Cinnamon II is well on its way to becoming a really cool gadget but It does currently have its limitations and they are worth acknowledging. Many of these limitations are addressable and are why I am reaching out to you, Kickstarter backers, for your help. Together let's create something really awesome.

Emulated Hardware

Currently the emulator targets an older variant of the hardware. Perhaps emulating a machine around the Apple® ][+ era. Many games and DOS expect features found originally in the //e series and expect up to 128k of memory. Work is currently underway in order to achieve full compatibility however the watch will need a memory upgrade. Thankfully a brand new new processor chip has just been released that can do just that (80MHz and 128k).

Screen Size

With a truly tiny, 1.8", 160 x 128px display, it can be difficult finding the screen real estate to fit an entire desktop display. The display used in the prototype is capable of low resolution text at 40 x 24 characters, It is also capable of displaying a relatively good approximation of the high resolution modes available in the //e. For its size it is perhaps the highest pixel density display generally available for short run manufactures. Regardless I'd really like to do better.

User Interaction

In a watch form factor it can be difficult to achieve seamless user interaction. The Cinnamon II includes two major methods of user interaction, tactile buttons and gesture control. One button brings up a smart onscreen keyboard that allows you to scroll through various keyboard options. The other two buttons are available to user mode applications mapped to the up/down keys. Gesture control is provided via an on board accelerometer that is user programmable. It can be used to interact with user interface elements.

Unit Cost

It's worth acknowledging that short production runs are inherently very expensive. From the cost of getting injection molding dies manufactured through to logistical issues with sourcing components and getting PCB masks and panels manufactured and assembled. Many Kickstarter projects fail due to drastically underestimating these costs. Anything extra will go right back into the project and making the Cinnamon II truly awesome.


Aleator777's fantastic watch Instructable which serves as the inspiration for this project,

Apple and the Apple Logo are trademarks of Apple Inc.

Risks and challenges

All innovative projects face some degree of risk, and the Cinnamon II is no exception. While the unit demonstrated in the video and pictures above is a functional prototype it does not represent a final production unit. There are many technical and logistical challenges yet to be faced.

From design for manufacturability, through to logistical problems such as shipping units to backers and acquiring bulk components. Each step of the process involves risks and potential delays.

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