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Aesthetically Human is a 70 page metaphorical mix of tales exploring aspects of the human experience and its inevitable conclusion. Read more

Boulder, CO Fiction
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Aesthetically Human is a 70 page metaphorical mix of tales exploring aspects of the human experience and its inevitable conclusion.

Boulder, CO Fiction
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Aesthetically human has been a work in progress for a few years now. Editing, re-editing, re-writing, and re-envisioning pieces I'd put together in college led to the idea of combining a few into a literary work of art. Surprisingly the pieces almost laid themselves down as the idea evolved. Wanting to attach an emotion to each story (and initially an illustration; this idea did not pan out), I found that The 5 Stages of Grief helped create an arc and a complete picture that I just couldn't have planned for. It's meant to be read, re-read, pondered over, and interpreted at an individual level, but the message is universal.

I'm incredibly happy with how the book has come together and can't wait to share it with the world. As opposed to other projects, this book is written and 100% complete - not just a concept that needs funding to get started!


With the help of I'd like to self-publish a 100 copy first edition printing, but I need your help with printing costs! Honestly, I'd love to see this great little read picked up by a publisher and find a home in every bookstore, but a little part of me also loves the idea of only 100 first edition copies existing in the world.

I'm hoping to approach the publishing process from a professionally creative angle. Rather than send a stack of papers to publishers I'd like to spark their curiosity by sending my Kickstarter project their way. If successful, I'll send copies of the first edition to publishers that are interested and keep my fingers crossed. But again, I need your help taking that first official step!


From a blank slate to a decorative masterpiece - the human experience can be explained in infinite ways through infinite adventures. The deepest pain, the highest happiness, and all the fragments that hold it together fuel our questions and spark our answers.

And at the end of it all is death.

Unavoidable, inevitable, a constant mystery - death simply is. We can either choose to meet our end kicking and screaming, or we can save our last solemn smile and greet death with a wave of acceptance.

Part truth, part fiction, part in between the panels, Aesthetically Human is my metaphorical peek through the looking glass.

The Apple Tree & the Circus

The beginning of human life is so open for interpretation. Boiling it down leaves a subjective residue that should only be interpreted at an individual level. This little story mixes creation concepts with a few fantastical fairy tale elements and sets the tone for the rest of the book. Contemplative humor and metaphorical madness abound!


Riding that roller coaster into happiness one often finds the ride too short and abruptly ended. Roy's life with his wife is quaint, quiet, and enough to keep them both happy. That all changes soon after Roy picks up a friendly hitchhiker who lives with the two for a while.

Early Outside Vegas

In our arc of life, from pre-existence to life, death, and whatever follows, this story marks the middle ground. Scattered, harsh, quick, and exited with just as much mystery as understanding, life is a mixed bag. We sleep through half of what we call existence and the other half passes us by and overtakes us with such speed and ferocity that in the end we just want to press pause and take it all in.

His Name Was Henry

Henry is a simple man who lives a simple life. Every day is the same, every action familiar. Press ENTER and repeat. In an attempt to break the mundane cycle, and help someone who needs his help but can't ask for it, Henry changes his lunch time routine and becomes the hand of justice.

Pricher's Peace

How does one approach their final days? Contemplatively and at peace or in anger and desperation? Pricher has made his decision.


I really want to see this book professionally published and read world wide. Whether it's sneaking free rogue copies onto bookstore shelves on my own or being backed by a national publisher, I plan to spread this book as far as I can. 

I hope to see this project "kickstarting" (terrible) a career/life/adventure in professional writing. Getting one's foot in the door is often the hardest step. If I'm able to do that I think I'll be able to do anything in regards to creating new writings and publishing new books. I have a few ideas I've been working on and would love to see them come to life!


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    An 8" x 5" pocket sized, softcover copy of the 70 page compilation. Great for a light read and a long meditation!
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    An 8" x 5" hardcover copy of the book. The hardcover copy has the title printed on the spine as well as an inside back panel with a photo and short introduction to the author.

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    Both a softcover copy of the book (meant for gifting) and a hardcover copy of the book.

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