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An 'OSR' Roleplaying Game by David Black
An 'OSR' Roleplaying Game by David Black
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    1. Kreg Mosier on

      Got mine yesterday when I arrived home from work! WOOOOO!

    2. Tony A. Thompson

      Received my package today in the USA.

    3. Kreg Mosier on

      @Peter cool, thanks! I'll keep an eye out.

    4. Peter Regan 17-time creator on

      @Kreg, Yes. The last rewards were posted on Saturday 30th April. I would expect the majority of International rewards to arrive by the end of next week, but a few may take a little longer depending on the postal system.

    5. Kreg Mosier on

      Have all of the U.S. packages been sent? I have yet to see anything, but I know international shipping can take a while...

    6. Michael Sollien on

      This has been the best run Kickstarter I've ever backed. As far as I can tell there has been no problems, and not one negative comment. I received my package yesterday and it looks absolutely great. I won't hesitate backing another project you do.

    7. Antonello Molella on

      Arrived today, everything looks great. Thanks very much.

    8. Martin McLoughlin on

      Mine arrived Saturday, looking forward to giving it a run with a local crew

    9. Gary London on

      Mines arrived!!! Somerset UK!!

    10. Morten Greis Petersen on

      I received mine yesterday. Looks good, thanks.
      (Copenhagen, Denmark)

    11. David Mitchell on

      Mine arrived today. Awesome pack. Love the quality of the work. Only just looking through now, but really glad I backed this project. Many thanks

    12. Peter Regan 17-time creator on

      Just dropped off the last batch of 23 rewards at the Post Office. The total is at 416/418. The last two backers haven't completed their surveys so I'll chase them up over the weekend.

      I'll post an update in the next day or two, but right now I'm off for a morning blast round Martinshaw Woods on my MTB, followed by an afternoon of drinks and watching the Tour de Yorkshire on the TV

    13. David_Black on

      @Mike If you have any questions i'd be happy to answer them.

    14. Bruno Bord on

      @Peter: keep it up! You're near the end! :)

    15. Peter Regan 17-time creator on

      Posted 80 today putting the total at 393/418.

    16. Peter Regan 17-time creator on

      @Mike, There's not an FAQ, but the Google+ Commumity has over 200 members and is a great place to ask about rules and share house rules etc..

    17. Mike Fehlauer on

      Just received mine (I'm in Seattle). Is there a FAQ somewhere / forthcoming? I can't believe that Warriors get 1 attack per level.

    18. Peter Regan 17-time creator on

      Another 97 sent today. Total is now at 313/418. Great to hear the first batches are arriving.

    19. Mick Reddick on

      Mine arrived!!! ☺
      It a quality product

    20. Gary London on

      I keep Checking the post!! I'm not worried the other KS of yours I backed arrived!! I'm just excited!!!!

    21. Peter Regan 17-time creator on

      Sent off another 35 today. Total is at 216/418. I've got the next two days clear so will be doing nothing but posting rewards. Still aiming for completion by the end of the month.

    22. John W. Luther

      Thank you, Peter, for the timely updates and the effort you are exerting to make all of this happen!

    23. Peter Regan 17-time creator on

      Another 46 posted today. Total is now at 181/418.

    24. Peter Regan 17-time creator on

      Just finished a late packing session ready for tomorrow. Posted another 30 (mostly larger rewards) earlier putting the total at 135/418.

    25. Peter Regan 17-time creator on

      Second batch of rewards went out today bringing the total to 105/418. I can't make it to the Post Office until Monday now so that's when the next batch will go. I've got a few days set aside next week though to make sure everything is posted by the end of the month.

    26. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      @Peter, awesome!! Id order a few and give them to all my friends.

    27. Peter Regan 17-time creator on

      @Jason, I've got that on my list of possible things to include if we do a follow-up project.

    28. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      any chance of a pocketbook print run for taking camping or spontaneous gaming and the like?

    29. Peter Regan 17-time creator on

      @Jake, no version 1.2 (the current PDF) needs a few small corrections so it matches the print copies. I'm just waiting for the print copies of Sorrowset to be delivered then once I've checked them we'll update all the PDFs to match exactly what was printed.

    30. Jake Parker on

      Did the final .pdf file get uploaded?

    31. David_Black on

      Hope you enjoy running Sorrowset - i'd love to hear how your session went!

    32. Necrozius on

      Sorrowset is amazing. Thank you for this.

    33. Aaron Kesher on

      "Sorrowset is divided into numerous
      meandering districts, each one named for
      its most disappointing aspect."

      Awe. Some.

    34. Missing avatar

      Barry O'Leary on

      I ran this for the first time last night, it's excellent, thanks so much!

    35. Felipe Real on

      @David Thank you! I've already sent you the translations :D

    36. David_Black on

      Hi Felipe - please email me the translations and i'll get something worked up for you -

    37. Felipe Real on

      @Peter Awesome! Quick question: any chance you could create a Spanish version of at least the character sheet if I send you the appropriate translations?

    38. Peter Regan 17-time creator on

      Print file has been sent. The RPGNow PDF will get a final update to reflect a few small further corrections we made in the next day or two.

    39. Peter Regan 17-time creator on

      @Tom and GeoffreyS, Both of those have been picked up and are on the list to fix. Thanks for posting though as I'd rather we get multiple people spotting the same typos than missing one entirely.

    40. Missing avatar

      HellORC on

      On the same subject... If attacking with a ranged weapon, I'd houserule you BOTH roll to attack with a disadvantage AND roll to wound with the unarmed/improvised die for your class.

    41. Missing avatar

      HellORC on

      @Tom : it's my opinion that if you use a weapon you're not proficient with you have to roll the "unarmed/improvised" attack die for your class (which makes using said weapon totally useless). Alternatively you could roll to attack with a disadvantage?
      Either way, I'd still roll with +2 to attack AND to wound if attacking with a 2 handed weapon.

    42. Missing avatar

      GeoffreyS on

      One correction I may have round too : the armor value on p8 (magic items) seems not coherent with either p3 or p4.

      Anyway good job for this! I am planning to play it with my kids in a few month.

    43. Tom Walker on

      Thanks so much for this, it's sooo close to the Platonic ideal of my personal fantasy heartbreaker!

      Has anyone pointed out yet that in v1.1 the armour points in the small table on page 3 don't match those in the equipment table on page 4?

      Also a question: Clerics are only proficient in Blunt weapons. Does this have any mechanical effect (because I don't see any rules for weapons having different effects (other than two-handed))?

    44. Peter Regan 17-time creator on

      Thank you for the continued efforts to spot corrections and for the ongoing rules discussions. I've collated all the corrections and as soon as they are done and checked we'll put up a final PDF and I'll post an update. After that we'll send the print files to the printer and focus on the micro-setting and GM's Screen.

    45. Missing avatar

      Greg Welty on

      Why is The Black Hack so good? Its simplicity enables us to run just about any OSR module without the typical array of tables, charts, and fiddly rules and bonuses. In addition, we can easily expand things in just about any direction, from the base it provides.

      1. Need new character classes? Easy, just specify five things: hit die, weapons and armor, attack damage, a couple of special features that affect attacks, defenses, saves, or tasks, and a rule for leveling up. Done.

      2. Need new spells? Easy, just translate spells from your favorite lists into a one-line description that incorporates TBH concepts, specifying three things: range (Close, Nearby, Far-Away, or Distant), duration (in Moments, Minutes, Hours, or Days), and effects (damage, bonuses to stats or rolls, OofA rolls, all perhaps conditioned on failing or making specific attribute tests).

      3. Need new monsters? Easy, just translate monster stat block from your favorite sources into a one-line description that incorporates TBH concepts, specifying up to five things: hit die, special damage, special status effects (imposing additional damage through poison, zero movement through paralyzation, forced movement through fear, level drain, petrification, charm, disadvantage on key attribute tests), special defenses (backup shield, advantage on various attribute tests, damage or weapon immunities), and special abilities (teleport, flying, spells, burning aura, ranged attacks).

      4. Think spellcasting is too easy? Get rid of spell slots and go full Vancian, having spellcasters always lose memorized spells upon casting, full stop. Think spellcasting is too hard? Don't add the spell level to the roll when testing if they've lost the spell.

      5. Want superior variations of equipment? Up the usage die. Want inferior variations? Lower the usage die. Want more armor types? Invent some with different armor points, and perhaps giving some kind of advantage or disadvantage on some attribute tests.

      6. Think PCs need more hit points on levelup? Give them a chance to pass a CON test to see if they automatically get max hp. Want PCs to have fewer hp? Erase the "+4hp" at first level, or only roll for hp every other level.

      7. Armor points making the PCs too confident? Get rid of them.

      The possibilities are endless, and this is a good reason to keep the 'base game' of The Black Hack very simple. It allows for these variations on the fly.

    46. Marty Jopson on

      I'm liking the updated version even more than I liked the 1.0 version :-)
      More armour points is a good thing in my book. And the simplifications to the character special powers is definitely the way forward.

    47. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      @Greg totally makes sense now. Thx!

    48. Missing avatar

      Greg Welty on

      @Gregg, I think the Thief is rolling under DEX because he's trying to "dodge the Spiders vicious looking mandibles." Perhaps that is part of the stat block for the spider: the mandibles must be *dodged* with DEX or else the PC is poisoned. In that case, the stat block would trump the typical rules (as they always do). (Save against damage that can be dodged is done with DEX, per the "CONVERTING SAVES" table on p. 5.)

      Of course, we don't have a stat block for the spider, as has been noted, so what do I know? :-)

    49. Missing avatar

      Greg Welty on

      I've left a lot of comments about the updated pdf in the update post itself, FWIW. (Rather than here, which is the general comments stream for the project itself.) That includes typos, and a list of what I take to be the changes from 1.0 to 1.1.

      @Jason, the rule is: "Larger, more deadly weapons are handled simply by adding +2 to any dice rolled with them. They deal additional damage, but are also harder to hit with." The key word is "any". So you add +2 to the 'to hit' roll, meaning they're "harder to hit with" (as you're trying to roll low. But you *also* add +2 to the damage roll, so they "deal additional damage". Does that help? You add +2 to *any* roll you make with a two handed weapon, and sometimes that helps you but other times it doesn't.

    50. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      ugh *two handed weapons*

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