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The award winning, super-streamlined, oldschool fantasy roleplaying game returns with its expanded, content packed second edition.
The award winning, super-streamlined, oldschool fantasy roleplaying game returns with its expanded, content packed second edition.
1,490 backers pledged £54,122 to help bring this project to life.

Final Stretch Goal - Stitched Pages

Posted by Peter Regan (Creator)

Final Stretch Goal - 1,200 Backers/£45,000

Stitched Pages 

As a final Stretch Goal we're delighted to be able to offer this highly-requested upgrade to both editions of the hard back 124 page rule book. It will be unlocked once we hit 1,200 backers or £45,000. We are only able to offer this upgrade because of the tremendous support you've all shown this project.

In order to have the cloth-covered hard backs stitched we need to print a minimum of 200 copies, and ideally 250 copies. This means that there will be 50 or so extra copies. Whilst we said that this would be a Kickstarter exclusive product, we think people will be happy with it being more of a semi-exclusive edition if it allows us to upgrade the quality of the book. The spare copies will be sold in limited quantities at exhibitions and for short periods only online.

Here's a mock-up of the standard hard back's cover featuring art by Karl Sternjberg. The individual images may change if we get Karl to draw some more for us, but it gives you a good idea of what the finished cover will look like. The cloth-covered hard back will also feature this cover design on the dust jacket.

Cover Mock-up
Cover Mock-up
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    1. Missing avatar

      andy reynolds on

      oh yes i backed this game just what i am looking forward to.just the game to introduce my children and their freinds to the wonderful world of classic swords and magic

    2. Peter Regan 17-time creator on

      @John, You get this hard back as part of your pledge at levels 3, 4 and 5.

    3. Missing avatar

      Pandatheist on

      I like the individual art pieces on the cover, but there's too much of it. It feels very noisy considering the clean and minimalist internal design. I would love a variation of this as a numbered loot drop table though.

    4. John Taber

      Confused. Does this version come with every pledge level that includes a print copy of the book? Hoping that is the case. :)

    5. Missing avatar

      David Bresson

      This cover for the HB looks fine to me.

    6. Aaron Morgan

      That cover is amazing. You do what you want to do and ignore the complainers - artistic integrity should always trump a vocal minority.

    7. Kisa Griffin

      I don't have a huge collection of cookbooks but I have to say I am not seeing it that way. Having taken a close look this is clearly a collection of a wide variety of things that adventurers would have uses for.

      In regards to food not being old school, do you not recall having to track your rations when in a dungeon or other location when fresh water and food was not available?

      What I see on the cover are so many things that the party does a forehead smack followed by "Why didn't we bring one of those?". :-)

      My reaction to the cover seems to be opposite to most in that I didn't like it right away but it grew on me. With all of that said, the idea of having this as endpaper sounds great as there is more area for a drop table effect and the black on black cover with a shiny logo does sound badass. Also, if you went with endpaper there could be a different one one each end.

    8. Luke Earl on

      FWIW, another one here who thinks that style cover looks pretty damn sweet! Doubly so if it ends up being functional.

    9. Missing avatar

      Marty Barnett on

      First impression of the cover was ‘Cool!’, but very quickly that has changed to some of the other sentiments expressed.

      Especially the cookbook vibe which we have similar of at our house. So now that’s all that I see haha

      I love Karl’s art but like others am not sure if this particular set of pieces makes for a good cover. I also get the artistic stance of sticking to your guns with the design choice.
      For what it’s worth though I agree with Justin Sirois in that a sleek basic black cover with maybe a shiny logo and having this jumbled pattern appearing on the inside covers would be cool and still useable as drop tables as alluded to.

    10. Jason Connerley

      David, for all the people that don’t like the cover what if you had an add-on of a slip cover they could buy?

      Or maybe instead of downgrading they could make their own slip cover after it arrives?

    11. W!

      I agree with @Justin Sirois about the cover -- I prefer the black on black cover with "THE BLACK HACK". As displayed in this update the cover looks like a recipe book illustrated with ingredients.

    12. Justin Sirois on

      I'd love a black on black cover of just the words THE BLACK HACK. Simple and minimal just like the system. Maybe the cover image featured above could be the end papers? It's a great illustration, but it doesn't represent the spirit of the system... right?

    13. Luciana on

      I have to agree with marjority, i don't like this cover either, not seems a old school cover for me.

    14. Greg Saunders on

      Sorry to say, I don't like that cover either. It doesn't look like and RPG, and as it doesn't have RPG or anything similar written on the cover, if I saw that in a shop I'd assume it was a note book or something... I second the idea of a hex map as a perfect example of what the game is about. Just my 2c.

    15. David0Black Collaborator on

      As i mentioned earlier we're committed to taking creative risks, using art with attitude & trusting our guts that we'll get it right for the majority. We certainly wont be repeating ourselves by re-using the old cover unless it has some special meaning (hence the 'collectors' foil cover) and im confident at the table this cover will look baddass -- there's also plans to include some rules to make the objects on the front/back covers functional -- with the GM rolling dice on them to generate interest things for the players.

    16. Rory Klein

      @David this is unfortunate. I don't want the cloth version, so it would mean that I would then downgrade my pledge to pdf only. The cover does not say RPG Book, it really screams crafts or cook book. I am sorry, but as I said it is my feeling and it isn't something I can see on my table when playing. Is it not possible to have a choice of the old cover?

    17. Missing avatar

      Stephan on

      @Machpants they appear to be 'Trinkets & Items'. See

    18. Olobosk on

      This has tipped me. I'm backing the top level with the hopes of a cloth covered, stitch bound rulebook. With that covers, it will be a thing of beauty!

    19. Conrad Murkitt on

      @PR appreciate and understand that. Let’s hope we get enough backers 😊

    20. MadMoses on

      To be honest, I'm don't like that cover design. And I'm saying that as someone who loves Karl Stjernberg's work. But I think just putting any of his recent dungeon maps or hex maps on the cover would look way better.

    21. David0Black Collaborator on

      I absolutely appreciate that art will always be a matter of subjective taste, however we didn't want to just repeat ourselves for the second edition - The Black Hack has always been about pushing things a little further than before and both Peter and I feel there is no better embodiment of this attitude than the badass artwork of Karl Stjernberg!

      The cloth covered edition will feature only the horned hands embossed in silver foil as a tribute to the first edition, Likewise 'The Black Booklet' will feature the same covers as the original, serving as a super-light 'update' to the first edition.


    22. Machpants on

      Yeah I'm reconsidering too. That cover doesn't scream 'rules light flexible old school rpg' to me

    23. Patrick Sandoval

      I love the cover! If people want a more clean one, maybe they should upgrade to the cloth covered hardback? ;-) Now we need to recruit more backers!

    24. Rory Klein

      I prefer the original art of the first edition of Black Hack. Been honest I may just change my pledge to pdf if mock-up is the type of style you going with. I will rather then print my own copy with the original cover. I personally prefer plain and simple. No disrespect intended, just my personal preference.

    25. Machpants on

      I'm not sure why the cover is covered in culinary ingredients and devices?

    26. Peter Regan 17-time creator on

      @Conrad, I agree, but to upgrade the binding we need bigger print runs so it makes sense for this to be the last one.

    27. Conrad Murkitt on

      I personally would have preferred that over a dice bag with a logo on it.