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A historical wargame that allows to recreate European conflicts in the 17th century. Lead a thundering charge of Polish winged hussars!
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Free online rules

Posted by Rafal Olszewski from (Creator)

Dear backers,

Many time you have asked us about rulebook in portable format and quite soon we'll be able to meet you demand. Below you can find link to download of BETA version.

 Before we print this book we would like to get feedback from you. Please have in mind it's BETA version If there is anything unclear please let us know by posting on our forum.

By the way of this release, we have decided to add necessary additions and clarifications of the rules of the game. These are still the same rules as in previous editions of rulebooks. But since their publication, along with a whole bunch of new players, at the same time their new questions and interpretations, we've decided to refine some of the entries and also fix some minor bugs or omissions. As a result, to make the reading easier for “old” players, we’ve introduced the "!" symbol on the margins of pages – meaning that you need to pay special attention to the rule as it is new, improved or changing an important element in the game. 

We hope the book will meet your expectations. 

By Fire and Sword Team 

Hot and Dangerous kickstarter campaign is live!

Posted by Rafal Olszewski from (Creator)

We have just started new kickstarter campaign.

This time is Hot & Dangerous - a brand new line of amazing pin-up style miniatures wearing uniform the most iconic military units made in 54mm and 28mm scales. Among them you many find Polish winged hussar, British read coat and Viking shielmaiden and many more amazing miniatures. Campaign willl last by the 22nd of July. 

 Thanks for your support! 

 By Fire and Sword Team

'The Deluge' on Kickstarter

Posted by Rafal Olszewski from (Creator)
We're pleased to announce that The Deluge', next supplement to ‘By Fire and Sword' is on Kickstarter!
Join us in re-enactment of one of the greatest wars of 17th century. Three new armies: Holy Roman Empire, Brandenburg and Transylvania will be unleashed into Eastern Europe. There's plenty of new rules and new great miniatures that will come with ‘The Deluge'. We will be gradually presenting them during the 45-days long project on Kickstarter. You can find more details about our game and ‘The Deluge' on campaign's site

By Fire and Sword team

The Invincibles - new pdf + some news

Posted by Rafal Olszewski from (Creator)

Hi guys!

Long time since last update and long time overdue but we hope You can forgive us... Today we would like to present 'The Invincibles', Swedish veteran army fighting against Danes in 1657-58. Pdf will give You new Skirmish force and two new divisions ('cavalry-heavy' and 'infantry-heavy'). 

File in English

File in Polish

We do hope that You will enjoy them, as it gives slightly different flavour to Swedish army.

Now that means that two more 'unlocked' pdfs (and also long overdue) - full Danish army lists and Swedish home defence. After some deliberation within design team we've decided to postpone their publishing even more. Before You start to shoot at us... let us explain our reasoning. As upcoming 'The Deluge' supplement will include new rules for Pike and Shot formation and both of those pdfs will have regimental's structures with pikemen, they will only be usable for short time, if we will publish them now. So want we want to do instead: once our new Kickstarter campaign starts (hopefully within one month from now) we will (not as stretch but as additional material) publish as pdf new rules for P&S formation + those new pdfs with already updated. They wil be publish as an update for here and on our new KS project. We hope that it will meet with Your understanding and once again we would like to thanks for Your patience and support!

By Fire and Sword team

Imperials finally arrived!

Posted by Rafal Olszewski from (Creator)
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Hello all!

Hopefully You didn't forget us - as there are still few pdf with historical forces we owe You. Today finally Imperials are here: valiant cuirassiers and dragoons ready to avenge previous defeats against Swedes. Full army lists for Holy Roman Empire will be published this year in our new supplement called 'The Deluge'

Imperial Skirmish - pdf in English

Imperial Skirmish - pdf in Polish

Once again many apologies for such delay with publishing it... We do hope You will enjoy this new army!

By Fire and Sword team