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Help us fund a giant batch of PLA coins for 2018
Help us fund a giant batch of PLA coins for 2018
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Coins have been ordered!

Posted by Brad Carter (Creator)

Today I placed an order for 600 PLA coins, 300 Snow Plow Show coins, a bunch of stickers from, playing cards and business cards from, and 500 giant black and white stickers from  Here's the design for that one...

I was going to get this one from, but Don Fickles convinced me that we needed a giant 3" sticker at a slightly better price.  I ended up putting a color version of it on zazzle RIGHT HERE if you want to order a sheet of them.

My bank just called me again to make sure nobody has stolen my debit card.  The fraud department has called me twice and sent one text.  They're used to me being more of a hobo and not ordering $3,500 worth of coins and other nonsense in a single day.

Thanks for everyone's input on the Snow Plow Show coin.  I ordered the STOP GIVING ME SNAKE EYES version because that's what most people were asking for.  Sorry, people who didn't prefer that version, but I could only pick one design.  Here's the proof I received for that coin.

Doesn't it look like something you could drill a hole into the top of and wear around your neck with a giant oversized gold chain?  Don't worry, the "sandblast" metal portion isn't as extreme as the proof shows.  It's about the same as on the 2014 coin, and I'm told it's necessary to make the text and pictures readable.

Thanks again, Don Fickles, for designing everything.  His own Clownsec coin Kickstarter just reached its goal today, so congrats, Clownsec!  You still have a couple weeks to add his new coin to your collection, though, so go do that!

The coin company tells me that it takes only 2.5 to 3 weeks for the coins to arrive at my door.  The lapel pins might hold us up by another week, but hopefully not.  So it's still looking like I should be able to begin shipping everything by at least May 15th.

Oh yeah, a bunch of you were super nice about my shipping cost complaints on Twitter and offered to buy extra coins or just send me money to help with shipping.  I'm expecting shipping costs to be around $1,000 for all of this.  I politely declined because I still have enough to get everything shipped out.  Money is going to be tight for a week or two, but in the end everything will be paid for by the extra coins and lapel pins that you all made happen, and if I'm lucky I'll make enough to pay the IRS all the money they're gonna charge me for this extra income.  What I'm saying though is THANKS for offering to help out with everything.  Ya'll are the best.

I'm really excited to get the new coins!  I'm going to be so pissed if someone steals them off my porch like they did with my fancy 5 piece tupperware set.


Kickstarter lets me embed audio files, so below I'm embedding the live show that I did yesterday.  I probably won't get it edited and posted today since I've been spending all morning working on coins and sticker stuff.


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