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Help us fund a giant batch of PLA coins for 2018
Help us fund a giant batch of PLA coins for 2018
212 backers pledged $4,176 to help bring this project to life.

PINS have been ordered!

Posted by Brad Carter (Creator)

I mean, piiiiiiinnnss.  I just placed an order for 500 of them.  That's 212 for you Kickstarter people, maybe another 100 for Patreons, and then I have a bunch of pins left over to sell and get rich from.  I know just a week or so ago I said that I wouldn't have any leftover pins to sell once I gave them to all the Kickstarters and Patreons, but I blame all of YOU for causing this campaign to go up to $4,176 and giving me enough money to order extras of things.  Please take a moment to bask in the sexiness of this pin proof:

It's gonna have tiny silver lines separating the colors.  How cool is that?  I can't wait for these things.  They say I should have them in 4 to 5 weeks which probably means 6 weeks.

Me and Don Fickles have been hard at work figuring out a good design for the Snow Plow Show coins.  Whoathere from Discord found a cool go cup to use as art and I pasted a cactus onto it.  Below is what the front of the coin MIGHT look like, only Don might clean up my MS Paint text on the top.

Speaking of Don Fickles from Clownsec, he's launched yet another Kickstarter for a new Clownsec coin.  This one was designed by the Chinese government and would probably be a perfect addition to your coin collection.  

They're the same size as PLA coins, but they have a hole in them so you can tie a string to them and pull them back out of arcade game machines.  Here's the link to support Clownsec's new coin.  It's the least you can do since Don designed the 2017 and 2018 PLA coins and is now working on the Snow Plow Show coin design.  Thanks, Don!

Once we work out all the details for the Snow Plow Show coins, I'll paste an update here with the designs.  I still don't know how many I'm going to be able to order.  I plan to use up 100% of the $4,176 you've all given me on things to send out, so I'll get as many as I can.  I have my doubts about having many left over, but I'll do my best.  All I know is that they're going to be shiny gold and they will look awesome.

That's a box of 350 shipping envelopes I received yesterday.  How meta.  They even included air padding so that the bubble envelopes wouldn't get damaged in shipping.  That was good thinking, Amazon!  I'm going to begin addressing those over the next couple weeks so once everything arrives I can mail it all out immediately.

As always, thanks for supporting my very first Kickstarter and helping make all this neat stuff happen!


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    1. Brad Carter Creator on

      Anthony - All the $20 and above will get PLA coins and lapel pins. Most will get SPS coins too. At the $10 level, it's harder to say, but I'll do my best with everything.

    2. Anthony on

      What if I backed this and I’m a Patreon supporter?

    3. CrawlingChaos on

      Awwww that Snow Plow coin is looking awesome! I want more than one!!!