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A vampire film unlike any other. Help fund the production of this independent feature.

The Vampire production is a collaboration between two filmmakers Geoff Orlowski, owner of TorchMan Films, and Matt Peters of Mad Angel Films.  The film is currently in pre-production but has recently acquired the full cast and crew.  

We decided that we wanted to pursue crowd funding with this project to ensure we delivered a visually captivating film.  Funds earned through this campaign will cover the majority of production costs. We're also hoping that the Kickstarter campaign will raise interest and awareness in our project, our companies and our passion as filmmakers.


Zelene, an investigative news journalist, examines a bizarre case of mass animal brutality in an abandoned part of the city. After police refuse to get involved in the story, Zelene takes action into her own hands. Upon closer examination of the animal deaths, Zelene discovers something "human-like" is responsible for killing and draining the blood from the bodies. As Zelene's leads become more dangerous, they bring her closer to solving the mystery revealing something shocking.  A young girl named Oona, The Vampire.

The story involves several universally appealing themes. The Vampire is a story about acceptance, individuality, loyalty, misconception, betrayal and of course a blood thirsty vampire.  Although vampire theme films are common, we truly believe we have a unique and exciting story to tell!

Oona the vampire
Oona the vampire


The film is called, 'The Vampire,' because it takes place in a world where vampires do not exist.  Oona is one of a kind.  As the story progresses there are hints that other 'monsters' exist and are in fact related to Oona in some way. You will meet some of these other 'monsters' in this film.  (Here's a hint: One is a famous zombie and the other is known for being covered in hair).

My plan is to make several films or a mini series to follow this one and hopefully introduce other characters and other monsters.  This is just the beginning!


So a lot of people are probably wondering about Oona. Why does she appear as if she's been in a terrible accident? Why doesn't she look like a vampire? Think of Oona more like an animal. She's been living in seclusion all of her life. She only knows survival.

Oona does not have retractable fangs.  Because her fangs are always extended, her mouth has been severely scarred.  Her head and body are covered in old battle wounds from the hunt.

Other than the dress, her clothes consist of mostly rags and items she's picked up along the way.  


We have a large collection of resources needed to make a film BUT there are components we require in order to ensure we get the most out of production.

Equipment rental:$2000 (with equipment insurance) this includes the camera (Canon 5D Mark III) lenses (four lenses), audio gear (such as boom mics, cables, boom pole, etc), lighting equipment, camera support (such as a glidecam with vest, tripods, dolly system, memory, batteries, and a monitor). Also a power generator.  Being a vampire film we will inevitably be shooting at night.

Food:$1500 Food for the cast and crew will cost how much!!??!!  Ask most micro budget Independent film makers and they'll tell you meals are a significant portion of the total budget.  That's right, food is very expensive but think about it. We're talking about lunch, dinner and snacks through the day multiplied by ten shooting days, multiplied by twenty to thirty people, equals a whole lot of money!

Prop rental: The opening scene in the film alone requires dozen of dead animals.  Since we will absolutely not be using real animals we will have to rent props.  We will be assembling a lot of the props on our own but we still need to rent some props in order to tell the story effectively.  We will be relying on prop making professionals for that.

Wardrobe/Makeup: we have been working with makeup artists that have a lot of their own supplies already which is a huge savings. Most of the wardrobe will be easy to provide but some of the wardrobe will have to be made and/or tailored.  There are several characters in this story that require an extensive amount of makeup as well.

Set decor: (studio space/property rental) Once again a lot of the materials used will be provided by us but yet again a lot of it will have to be rented or purchased for the film.

Insurance: (general liability alone will cost $500) Unfortunately there's no way around shooting film without having some kind of insurance policy.

$5000 will allow us to shoot with a Canon 5D Mark III. The more money we raise the better quality film we can make. 

Once the film is complete, we will be submitting to several festivals and plan on distribution. We want to do everything possible to make it available to the masses! 

Any donations and support are greatly appreciated in helping us complete this project. We give you our most sincerest thanks for taking the time to check it out!



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Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

The script is complete, the cast and crew are already assembled and locations are set. The biggest challenge right now is the schedule. We are shooting principal photography over the course of ten days. Because we will be using the funds earned by this campaign (equipment rentals, wardrobe, insurance, and meals) it is crucial that the project is completed within those ten days.

The film is to be complete and rewards to be mailed by December 2013 but we cannot guarantee the rewards will be mailed by that deadline. It's difficult to promise that we will make the deadline when we don't start principal photography until May 2013. We will do everything that we can to have the film and rewards by the deadline and we will update you along the way with any delays.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions about the project!


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