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With lots of gratitude and appreciation for all your caring about the music, I’m feeling so joyous in letting you know about the re-release of The Janet Lawson Quintet, (Bill O’Connell, piano; Ratzo Harris, bass; Mike Richmond, bass; Jimmy Madison, drums; Billy Hart, drums; Roger Rosenberg, sax/flute). Even better, it includes four previously unreleased tracks from a JLQ tribute to Miles Davis recorded in the late 90s in New York (Bill O’Connell, piano; Mike Richmond, bass; Billy Hart, drums; Roger Rosenberg, sax/flute).

Originally nominated for a Grammy, "The Janet Lawson Quintet" has been re-released by BBE Records in Europe. This Kickstarter is to make this wonderful new release available in the US.

Please join our campaign and help us reach out to everyone that holds the creative spirit, close. Many thanks to our original producer, Jack Perricone, and our current producer, Joe Peine, for their guidance to bring this project to fruition. Many thanks to Lee Bright and Julia Deimann at BBE Records for the European release and their support for the music. Thanks also to Jim Eigo for his work to make the music accessible.

If you feel touched by the music, creative spirit, and heart, then please join us and celebrate this passionate expression of our love for the music and all who feel and hear it with their hearts and souls. 

With all my heart to you, Janet

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This album has been completed. The risk is that we will not recover the cost of distribution.

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