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ZICA Toys is preparing its first foray into the world of modern 4" action figures with the new Adventure People!
212 backers pledged $32,311 to help bring this project to life.

A few words from our new project manager, Mr. Chris Gawrych :)

Posted by ZICA Toys (Creator)

I  just wanted to give a quick hello to all the supporters out  there. As  Craig has said, I have been helping the Four Horsemen with  their  self-produced, highly acclaimed series for some time now. It's  been a  thrill and an honor to work with them, and I will continue  working with  them until they can not think of anything more that is cool  and  enjoyable, I also spent 10 years at NECA toys as a sculptor and   production manager, going to China well over 45 times, learning all the   ins and outs of production, and helping to make some great detailed  and  articulated 6" figures. 

I recently saw  Craig mentioning he was having factory issues, so  I reached out to him.  At the time it looked like he was good to go,  but unfortunately the  project was still having trouble staying on the  rails. We spoke again,  and as he mentioned, it is now my honor to head  up the oversight of this  project, as well as having these great pieces  produced at one of my  factories, that also produces the Mythic Legions  series. We worked  diligently, and patiently, to make sure the  transition would be smooth,  as well as finalized prior to the factories  shutting down for CNY  holiday. We were successful, and happy to  finally be able to share this  with you all. And we appreciate your  patience tremendously. 

Funding  and producing toy lines through Kickstarter is still  relatively in its infancy, but has been shown by a number of groups  that this  direct-to-consumer avenue can be successful when done right.   Unfortunately the delays are part of the learning experience. Here is   what is planned for the immediate future:

- shortly we will see the latest tooling samples, and after  thorough reviews  from Craig and myself  of articulation and fittings,  decide if we need final debugging via my tooling factory

-  have the tools transferred to my production factory, where we  will  inject the tools to see the production samples, and again inspect  them,  this time for harness of plastic, to make sure things like the  hands can  hold weapons properly, and belts/harnesses are flexible  enough. 

-  at the same time, deco samples will be made by the production  factory,  and then sent to us for inspection of color and placement. 

-  once injection and deco have been approved, we will move right  into  official production. During this time we will also be working on  our  packaging print samples. 

I give you my promise  that communication, whether positive or  negative, will at least flow at  a steady pace with my factory and I  handling this project. Craig and I  want you to feel comfortable and  confident with the production and final  product, and I know Craig has  so much more he wants to do. I hope that  my factories and I can  continue to be a part of his projects, and help  him deliver awesome  goods to all the fans! So please continue to be  patient while we get  everything back on the right track. Every stage  takes time, and once  the factories open back up around mid-February, we  are hoping for some  mighty updates for all you fine folks!

Thanks again for all your amazing support!

Chris Gawrych

ps  - if you support or know of some other small toy lines that  are  experiencing some delays or factory issues, you might be surprised  to  see some major updates from them coming soon......... #justsayin



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