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ZICA Toys is preparing its first foray into the world of modern 4" action figures with the new Adventure People!
212 backers pledged $32,311 to help bring this project to life.

New Factory Samples

Posted by ZICA Toys (Creator)
Finally received new factory samples and unfortunately the news is not good. There are still issues that need to be fixed before production can start. At this point the delivery date on these figures is very much up in the air but I'm doing my best to try and get these into the hands of backers and customers as soon as possible.


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    1. ZICA Toys 4-time creator on

      @Cory Holliday - If it was more than a year ago the tools would have been for the Adventure People project which has now been moved to the same factory that's working on Sectaurs. That tooling was flawed and is not being used at the current factory.

    2. Cory Holliday on

      I'm trying to understand here, you showed complete tooling and molds more that a year ago.

    3. ZICA Toys 4-time creator on

      @Joe Lundvall - Deformed parts, scale issues, joint tolerances and incorrect clevis pin designs.

    4. Missing avatar

      Joe Lundvall on

      Can you elaborate on the issues that still need fixed?

    5. ZICA Toys 4-time creator on

      @Fisty Fiham - If the project is officially canceled steps will be taken to try and issue refunds.

    6. Fisty Fiham on

      I don't suppose there's any hope of a refund?

    7. Missing avatar

      Frank Canning on

      Thanks for the update. I don't mind the wait - it sounds like you have your hands full with getting this all straightened out!

    8. Michael McNeill on

      I'm still here. Keep swinging.

    9. ZICA Toys 4-time creator on

      @John Castrelos - One that can't deliver on the quality that they promised when I first started doing business with them. This is a common problem when dealing with Chinese factories and not having someone there to project manage for you makes it worse.

    10. Richard Wenzler on

      please keep up the faith and quality!!

    11. Cory Holliday on

      Good luck getting anymore kickstarters off the ground. There have been MULTIPLE kickstarters started years after yours and people have those figures. They delivered. You have not

    12. John Castrelos on

      What kind of factory are you guys dealing with?

    13. Duncan Nelson Clark on

      Im still in. Plus I preordered another through an online store. Keep on it. You got this. My payment info and address have changed since this began. I do hope when we get to the close we will be able to update information.

    14. Christopher Haskins on

      It's been two years. Two years and we get an "up in the air" status. Not satisfactory in the least.

    15. Keith S. on

      Please refund my money.