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Sectaurs is making a comeback with an all new line of modern 1/18 scale action figures!
Sectaurs is making a comeback with an all new line of modern 1/18 scale action figures!
598 backers pledged $54,354 to help bring this project to life.

Mantor and Zak Added To Kickstarter!


Mantor and Zak have now been added to the Kickstarter!  Current backers will only need to add the additional amount required to purchase the extra figures at their listed reward price, shipping will be added in on Backerkit.  For example,  if you want to add the new Two Pack (Mantor and Zak) to your existing pledge, simply add $40 dollars through the "Manage your pledge" option.





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    1. Felipe Rivero de Aguilar González on February 6

      Done, now ready for the four :-)

    2. Missing avatar

      Alex on February 5

      Upped my pledge to include all 4. Thank you for adding more figures

    3. tasky87 on February 4

      cool, here hoping

    4. ZICA Toys 4-time creator on February 4

      @Ken Carlson & tasky87 - Please see answers to these questions in the comments section on the main campaign page.

      @David Charles Maurice Fraga - Once all 10 figures that have been revealed so far are produced I'll look at making female characters.

    5. Cyril A. Jaquel on February 4

      Female figures probably won't be in here because it would require additional tooling and completely different body parts then are on all the other figures so maybe next time

    6. tasky87 on February 4

      Will they include Bitaur and Raplor? or should we expect those further down the line?

    7. David Charles Maurice Fraga
      on February 4

      you would get more hunny if you added a female character

    8. Ken Carlson on February 4

      Glad to see the other two added, already, will definitely be picking up 2 of each of them also, though just curious, why the sudden introduction of these additional two, after it was said so many times that the initial launch would only be for the initial two?

    9. Missing avatar

      Dod Ear on February 4

      Great news - thanks! Off to manage my pledge...

    10. ZICA Toys 4-time creator on February 4

      @Gary Arnold - Yes, that's correct.

    11. Gary Arnold on February 4

      i changed my reward option to one of each of the four figures, and then made my contribution $160 +10. So my reward will be two of each figure, correct?

    12. Shaun Barrows on February 4

      You are awesome!