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How to Make Your Dreams Come True: A guide to hack your life's video poster

Learn how you can transition into living the life that you want to live with the ultimate guide "How to Make Your Dreams Come True" Read more

Berkeley, CA Art Books
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This project was successfully funded on April 10, 2013.

Learn how you can transition into living the life that you want to live with the ultimate guide "How to Make Your Dreams Come True"

Berkeley, CA Art Books
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About this project

Hi, my name is Patrick. I'm writing a book about "How to make your Dreams Come True" and I need your support to make it happen. 

Here's how you can help

1) Give a pledge for the book and share on  Facebook.
2) If you don't have the money just share and endorse with a few nice words

2) Become a Co-Founder of Hack the  Gallery if you are from the Bay Area

3) Become a Co-Founder of the Nyan Cat University wherever you are
4) If you are a startup with a nice logo you can get 200 awesome selfmade keychains

Why is it that some dreams come true and some dreams don't?

Why do most of us have an unfulfilling job while others can make a living doing what they love?

In the last two years in California I was privileged enough to be able to experience all kinds of interesting places and I met all kinds of interesting people. I went to a lot of Hackerspaces, Networking and Community Events through and met many people who live their dream. 

I found a pattern that all of these people seem to have in common of how to make your dreams come true.

The book will also talk about the big questions in life, what really matters, what is our purpose in life?  I will show how this knowledge can be applied to make your dreams come true. is an awesome publishing site that allows you to print on demand. I have read two books printed by blurb, the quality is wonderful and I highly recommend it.

The Hacker Movement

While the mass-media misuses the word "hacker" for criminal acts only, hacking means nothing but creating and improving things. Hacking is used side by side with "making", "tinkering", "creating" and being a "hacker" is associated mostly with "having a problem solver mindset". Traditionally hackers used to be mostly male geeks and nerds like for example one of the most adored hackers, Steve Jobs, may peace be upon him.

Nowadays the times are changing and more and more people identify as hackers, (many are hackers without even knowing it)

  • My friend Rachel who is into sewing, a clothes hacker
  • My friend Ray Atomic Ice Cream Man, a food hacker
  • My friend Jane Finette, a community hacker
  • My mom who beats me and my friends in Tetris, a garden hacker

The good thing about living in the future is that nowadays we have these awesome community spaces called Hackerspaces popping up all over the world. These are places where all kinds of people come together to share what they are passionate about.

For example the Noisebridge in the Mission. Here I enjoyed electronics for the first time in a long time by soldering  an open source and open hard ware video game called mignonette, a project of this wonderful community.

Then there is BioCurious, a biology Hackerspace in Sunnyvale where I started a community project on bioluminescence about a year ago. The group is still active and I am always delighted to receive group emails with new accomplishments, as due to the long commute I hardly make it down there anymore.

Another event which inspired me a lot was to witness the birthing of a new Hackerspace called Suroroom in Downtown Oakland. From a small weekly meeting with a hand full of people who had a vision, hosted at my friend Anca's technology salon called Tech Liminal, Sudoroom now has its own awesome space with 3D-printer, kombucha and plant projects, small woodshop, recording studio and lots of electronics and many more awesome things, but mostly a very interesting community.

The Art Gallery

Through various coincidences and Craigslist I ended up stumbling upon the storage room of the vacant Oaks Theater in Berkeley. With help of my friend Roya and the Meetup Group that she created "East Bay International Creative Community", we were able to open up this space as a Community Art Gallery with regular community art shows and so was born the Open Fine Art Gallery.

Open Fine Art Gallery
Open Fine Art Gallery

Running a gallery is a tough business, especially in winter time, and the concept did not approve to be sustainable. We had really nice community events and shows, but no buyers to support the community.

The Transition

Being inspired by all these other community run Hackerspaces and knowing the potential of the Open Fine Art Gallery's location within the vacant Oaks Theater lies in the community, the decision to transition to a Hackerspace was obvious.

So the intermediate step after the Community Art Gallery was transitioning to  a Community Art Center, extending the opening hours and adding a free class every day, for example the free polymer clay class every Wednesday from 4-6pm with the Open Clay Project. is a wonderful community network to find interesting events and communities, and we have been running and hosting Meetups since a long time. From now on you can do, too.

Hack the Gallery

Hack the Gallery is the invitation for everyone to to get involved. Participate at art shows, take or teach a class/workshop, join or found a community project, host your creative/ community oriented Meetup's... and its all free and donation based. Work on collaborative projects, find out what your passions are and meet people interested in similar things, be part of this new community of sharing and collaborating.

Hack the Gallery
Hack the Gallery

Become a Co-founder of Hack the Gallery if you think we should have more Open Community Spaces where people can come together and create.

The possibilities are endless as we are realizing that we can literally hack our world and become a more collaborative, interconnected and peaceful society.

Nyan Cat University

Nyan Cat symbolizes peace, creativity and global collaboration. Nyan Cat is a wonderful teacher. She taught me how to play the piano, that I can make anything out of polymer clay (check out the video below), and now she teaches me coding. With the Nyan Cat University we want to inspire and empower all kids and adults to learn new skills and crafts. Anyone can become a professor of the Nyan Cat University by teaching others new skills. Be part of the Educational Revolution and become a Co-Founder of the first University open to everyone.

If you are into creativity, crafting, teaching, learning and think that this should be open to all, become a Co-Founder and support the Nyan Cat University by backing the perk on the right.

The Nyan Cat University Website will  feature all different kinds of tutorials to learn many crafts.

This is a tutorial from the Open Clay Project that teaches you how to make Nyan Cat out of polymer clay:

Thank You

This amazing journey would not have been possible without the help and inspiration of an uncountable number of people. I want to thank all my families and friends all over the world, but will shout out a few  people who were most inspiring to me in this newest chapter of living in California:

My brother Sascha and his friends Pearl, Chris, Crystal, Tim...

Chelsea Rastrum and David Lang,

All the folks at Biocurious especially Eri, Christina, Patrik D, Michael, Mark, Aneetha, Jessabella, Mattheo, Ryan, Tristan, Cameron, Jay, Miithu,...

All the folks at Noisebridge especially Mitch, Alex, Milo, Rolf, John, Azusa, Jehan,...

All the folks from Tech Liminal, Anca you rock!

The girls from Mighty Minnow, Kristin you rock!

The guys from Workshop Weekend, Gil, JD, Lauren,...

All the folks from Sudoroom especially Matt, Marina, Michael, Jenny, Morten, Astaerix, Leonid, Rachel, Eddan, Ray, Tracy ...

Jane, Nobu, Masahiro, Praveen from LOL Space, Ken, Stacy, Mirto, Joanne, Deltria,

All the artists from the East Bay International Creative Community and other meetup Groups especially Roya, Patricia, Greg, Margo, Nina, Mio, Princess Mia, Ivette, Karen, Ajja, Carol, Maurice, ...

Special thanks also to Tom Taylor from Art Thou, Sebastian, Peter Canty, my friends at Albany Arts Gallery, Patrick from Solano Art Walk, Greg Linhares for shooting the video,...

All the awesome Meetup organizers and all the other inspiring people that I might have forgotten. Thank you all for your love, help and support!

And of course thank you to all the supporters, backers, and thanks to the internet and the hackers who built it :)

Risks and challenges

Being involved with literally thousands of projects sometimes it is hard to concentrate on one thing. A little bit of social pressure helps me a lot to get things finished. Announcing projects in the making is one of the things I talk about in the book on How to Make Your Dreams Come True.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


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