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A 60 minutes documentary about the journey of a small, independent traveling circus in the Bolivian rainforest

We are so excited about sharing this amazing story with you and the rest of the world! Help us start post-production by becoming part of this project.

Informacion en español abajo. GRACIAS!


This is the intimate story of Raul and the only world and family he has ever known. Raul grew up on the road. He made the creation of spectacle his way of life, his mode of survival. He ran away from home when he was 6 years old to join a traveling circus. Since then, he has been part of several circuses, they have become his way of fulfilling his need for a family. 

Today, at age 23, he has his own circus. He is young, but his position requires maturity; he is now himself in charge of a group of kids who are struggling in their own personal lives and who are dedicated to the success of his humble circus. As we go deeper into Circo Niguita, we encounter the personal journeys of the circus performers, and their desire and search for that sense of belonging. For them, living inside this community is an intense journey of self-discovery.

We will meet Chapaco –the clown-, Celeste –the acrobat- and Juancho –the fire eater- whose voices will color the story with the personality dynamics that make up Raul’s current family, “Circo Niguita.” 

My Days in the Traveling Circus provides intimate exposure to the inner-life of this nomadic, gypsy-like, independent Bolivian circus, where they’ve developed their own codes and language distinct to any we might encounter in North American or European circus culture. On the periphery of the story, we will see the transforming and uplifting affects this humble circus has on the people of the rural Bolivian communities they visit.


We finished production in September of 2011. With the help and collaboration of local crew in Bolivia we captured more than 90 hours of footage. After a brief return to San Francisco sorting out the logistics for this campaign, I’m now back in Bolivia and ready to start post-production. 


The money raised will allow me to: cover the expenses of editing the film myself, work closely with Rene Castro, a talented Bolivian composer who is based in San Francisco, California; record the original soundtrack in a professional studio, and hire a professional graphic and motion image designer to create the credits and presentation for the final cut.

We have 90 hours of video and we are ready to translate it into the story we envision - a true tale of passion and survival, of love and the search for family, a tale that uncovers the significance of family love to individual survival. 

We’ve gotten to this point without any funding. We are so close to finishing the film.  We passionately believe that the personal stories inside of this Bolivian traveling circus culture, inside of Raul and the members of “Circo Niguita,” will surprise, delight and astonish audiences.

Once the film is completed, we will submit it to major independent and international film festivals in the United States and Latin America. We are also committed to holding outdoor free screenings of the film in the Bolivian villages we visited with “Circo Niguita”


When I met Raul, our main character in the Circus, I had no doubt his personal story was a unique journey: from his experience as an abused child and street worker at the age of 6, in a small village in Bolivia, to finding the love and protection of what he now calls his family, the traveling circus. But the circus is a distinct kind of family; it holds the personal drama of each of its members - each with different stories, each with their own unique life and past. They live in a world most of us have never seen, much less experienced. The emotions are familiar, but the stories, for most of us, are quite foreign.  

We spent 7 months in 2011 filming this documentary, living on the road with “Circo Niguita,” capturing with our cameras the compelling story of Raul while his circus visited the towns of the Chapare region.

In this process I've been fortunate to work with a team of young Bolivian filmmakers who, like myself, have been inspired by Raul and his determination to follow his passion. Many in our crew collaborated without pay. With our initial budget we were able to cover the basic costs of production, travel and food. Traveling and living inside this circus for several months was an intense human experience for all of us. The combination of this experience and the eagerness of the young filmmakers who chose to be part of the project made for a refreshing balance that is translating into a beautiful and very human documentary. 

We are profoundly grateful to Raul and the young members of his circus, not only for sharing their lives with us, but for their genuine friendship and for giving us the opportunity to capture this experience on film to be shared with the world.


Raul escapo de su casa cuando tenia 6 años para unirse a un circo ambulante. Desde entonces el ha sido parte de varios, creció en el circo y ha hecho del espectáculo su forma de vida. Hoy, a los 23 años de edad, intenta sacar adelante su propio circo, una lucha diaria en la que las relaciones personales , la dura cotidianidad empiezan a cuestionarle su decisión: Vale la pena continuar con este negocio?

Adoptado por el dueño de un circo a los 11 años (quien le apodo niguita), Raul ha recorrido varios lugares de Bolivia y ademas ha formados idea de familia y relaciones mas cercanas dentro de los limites de una carpa. Ahora el camino lo ha cambiado, teniendo que transformar su carácter y asumir una actitud de precoz madurez, pero también asumiendo el efecto que trae su circo a los pueblos que visitan, donde su presencia no solo transforma temporalmente la dinámica social, sino también, en un sentido único, ellos se convierten en pequeños héroes por la admiración que causan debido al espectáculo.

Dias de Circo muestra la intima historia de Nigua y los miembros del "Circo Niguita" en su busqueda de sacar adelante su propio circo, su propias vidas.


$5 o mas. GRACIAS! un email con una nota del director que incluye un dibujo hecho por Jaqueline, la niña de 11 años que trabaja en "Circo Niguita" 

$10 o mas. Una postal autografiada de la pelicula -3 diferentes diseños- TU elijes tu favorito + GRACIAS! un email con una nota del director que include un dibujo hecho por Jaqueline, la niña de 11 años que trabaja en "Circo Niguita"

$25 o mas. UNA COLECCION DE 5 FOTOS ORIGINALES! con escenas del documental y retreats de nuestros personajes. ADEMAS todo lo mencionado has arriba.

$50 o mas. UN POSTER! edicion limitada de nuestro documental, exclusiva para los contribuyentes de esta campaña Kickstarter + DVD de "Dias de Circo" finalizada (2013). ADEMAS todo lo mencionado has arriba.

$100 o mas. UNA CAMISETA ORGINAL serigrafiada! hecha por la artista grafica Debbie Dominguez (todos los tamaños) – basado en un dibujo realizado por Jaqueline del “Circo Niguita.” ADEMAS todo lo mencionado arriba

$150 o mas. Un DVD AUTOGRAFIADO! de mi primer film, el premiado documental “Waqayñan” + UN POSTER AUTOGRAFIADO! edicion limitada de nuestro documental. Incluido un disco adicional con segmentos no incluidos de “My Days in the Traveling Circus”. ADEMAS todo lo mencionado arriba.

$250 o mas. Una COLECCION ESPECIAL AUTOGRAFIADA! 2 DVDs de mis primeras producciones, el premiado “Waqayñan” y “Rodante”. ADEMAS todo lo mencionado arriba.

$500 o mas. TU NOMBRE en los creditos bajo GRACIAS ESPECIALES! Una conversacion de 30 minutos por Skype con el director Ariel Soto, puedes preguntarle de todo, desde como se hizo esta pelicula hasta viajes a traves de Bolivia y los circos existentes en diferentes lugares del pais. ADEMAS todo lo mencionado arriba

$750 o mas. UNA PROYECCION PRIVADA DE LA PELICULA! en cualquier lugar del area de la bahia de San Francisco, Washington DC o Bolivia, segued de una conversacion y preguntas al director Ariel Soto (otras locaciones viaje y acomodacion extra) ADEMAS todo lo mencionado arriba. (Las proyecciones se llevaran a cabo después de mediados del 2013, los otros premios te seran enviados alrededor de Septiembre del 2012)

$1000 o mas. TU NOMBRE COMO PRODUCTOR EJECUTIVO en los creditos + UN DVD autografiado de “My Days in the Traveling Circus.” ADEMAS todo lo mencionado arriba. (Las proyecciones se llevaran a cabo después de mediados del 2013, los otros premios te seran enviados alrededor de Septiembre del 2012)

$2500 o mas. GRACIAS! NO TENGO PALABRAS COMO ESTAR AGRADECIDO! APARECERAS EN LOS CREDITOS COMO CO-PRODUCTOR. 2 pases VIP a la premier en San Francisco o Bolivia + UN DVD de “My Days in the Traveling Circus”, Una COLECCION ESPECIAL AUTOGRAFIADA! 2 DVDs de mis primeras producciones, el premiado “Waqayñan” y “Rodante”. Nuestro equipo de produccion te llevara a cenar a uno de nuestros lugares favoritos durante tu visita. (Los premios debajo de $500 te seran enviados alrededor de Septiembre del 2012)


  • This is Candace, the producer, speaking. Hey there! It's my job to talk the numbers and remind you of why Ariel is a filmmaker you want to support. I'm working with him because he brings to light stories that most of us have never been exposed to. He brings characters to the screen that are fresh, interesting and rarely seen. He is a beautiful cinematographer with both an artful eye and compassionate interest in each unique individual that his camera meets.

    He is also an award winning director. For his film,,he won Best Directorial Debut Award at the New York International Film Festival in 2010 - Special Jury Award in the 44th Worldfest International Film Festival in 2011 - and Best Documentary in the 2nd Semana Internacional del Corto, 2011.

    His film,, walks the line between documentary and narrative. It was researched as a documentary and acted by the actual person whose life it was about. It walks the line between being a film based on real life, and real life itself. Rodante was Nominated Best Feature Debut at the 4th Festival Latinoamericano de Cine de Margarita, 2011

    You can watch the trailers to both of those films on their respective websites.,

    We have already begun development for his next documentary, In No Man's Land, and the film proposal was accepted into three different grant programs/development workshops in Bolivia and Ecuador. Ariel will be at the first one of those during this campaign.

    Supporting an independent filmmaker like Ariel right now will give you years and years of satisfaction to come. I can say this honestly and humbly, because I know his collection of work is only going to grow and become more and more recognized. But in the immediate, you will get some lovely rewards for contributing. I recommend the $50 mark for all of the rewards including a poster and a DVD.

    Thank you so much if you have already contributed!!! If you haven't, thank you for taking a few moments to consider becoming a part of this project and by doing so, being an integral part of an award-winning, independent filmmaker's journey.

    Any amount is helpful and much appreciated. Please follow the progress of the campaign and help us make our goal! Muchisimas gracias! Vamos!

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    Candace M. Younghans is founder and producer at O.N.E. Space Productions. O.N.E Space is dedicated to telling stories that matter to societal wellness - through both live performance and film, documentary and narrative. Candace chooses projects that are focused on bringing the public inside of the artistic process and on raising awareness and funds for independent artists and community health projects. She holds her degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship from San Francisco State University. Candace is currently based in Ashland, Oregon where she runs O.N.E. Space (travelling) Performance Art Gallery and is pioneering the Heart Warrior Project - a performance art project intended to support vets in recovering from their war experiences and healthfully reintegrating into their lives at home. She currently volunteer teaches a storytelling and performance expression class to vets temporarily residing in the VA SORCC in White City, OR. O.N.E. Space is also producing Ariel Soto’s next documentary, "In No Man’s Land"/"En Tierra De Nadie," which is currently in the development phase and has been accepted into two important development programs in Bolivia and Ecuador.

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