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First 3 episodes in a compilation created by various artist and filmmakers.We provide the equipment you provide the stories.

First 3 episodes in a compilation created by various artist and filmmakers.We provide the equipment you provide the stories. Read More
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Funding Canceled

Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on April 12, 2013.

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District 6
District 6

The Vision

Mediasetfree (ME) is a content-driven, digital media organization dedicated to producing and syndicating original works in news and entertainment, broadcasting via digital streaming.

I formed ME in 2007 as a platform to feature the talents and stories of amazing people. This desire came from a need to share my own accounts from my journeys abroad. I've witnessed events that are awe-inspiring – a private concert at the home of a master musician in Afghanistan, an impromptu celebration of life in the streets of Port Au Prince during an Haitian Carnival. Such amazing encounters have created the drive to seek as well as generate content and present it to the world. I sought to give ME a broader form, a studio where Mediasetfree could produce and present content. Mediasetfree Studio has taken up shop within District 6, a municipality centralized in Long Beach, CA. The newly acquired 2000sq ft. facility will be Mediasetfree's new production studio.

The first release from Mediasetfree Studio will be a 3-part series titled "Working From Homeless". Shot partly as an autobiographical documentary, Each story will chronicle a personal journey which lead to the realization of a dream.

Story 1 – The Hermit

When I made the decision to make a 1976 Volkswagen Bus my home and office for 6 months, it was out of a yearning to re-aline my passion with purpose, I found myself not only capturing stories but becoming the story. I came across individuals whose lifestyles reflected mine, others who were living without walls while pursuing their dreams. This episode is a commentary on the choices we make in obtaining our goals.

Story 2 – Working From Homeless

Two principle encounters have made an impact in my life at this point. Initially the subjects of my film, I would grow to have a relationship with these two similar souls. Both would become very close companions and eventually become part of my story. Their vivaciousness for life and imaginative spark acts as motivational manna, adding to a very entertaining and off the cuff story.

Mediasetfree's District 6 space
Mediasetfree's District 6 space

Story 3 - Project District 6

A Craigslist ad leads me to a warehouse in District 6, a municipality located within Long Beach, CA. The chaos of a complete renovation, a quirky building owner and an abundance of lively and non-conventional tenants shapes this episode, documenting the foundational first steps of having my own production studio.


We will be working with PADNET (Public Access Digital Network of Long Beach). PADNET is allowing us to use the necessary equipment to create content. Also within our newly obtained studio, we will be able to house equipment and provide training for our filmmakers in hopes of becoming  a satellite to the PADNET main office.

All PADNET ask of us is to go through a comprehensive training, pay membership fees and generate as much content as possible to air on PADNET's local public access channel. In return we will be granted unlimited use of equipment, (camera, editing facility, studio, sound room and lighting kits).

This is an advantageous partnership for Mediasetfree, as it will  increase production quality allowing Mediasetfree to generate and release content on a scale that we have yet to achieve. This could very well be the first step in our vision: to become the next global news and entertainment organization.


Most of the funds will go towards training and registration for the crew and partners. The training will be in the form of classes taken at the PADNET headquarters in Long Beach. We will utilize these resources to educate and facilitate our staff and crew. 

Although PADNET supplies us with most of the equipment, there is still a need for other supplies and production costs. Production costs include rental equipment, set design, permits and travel. 

There are always unforeseen issues that can arise, and we have taken that into consideration as well. However the more funding we receive  the more cushion we have for surprises along the way.

Risks and challenges

So here's the deal team members:

We have a production wrap deadline of May 2013. Before this deadline we hope to train, shoot additional footage, edit and release the final product.

The training with PADNET is important for it grants us access to high quality production equipment needed to finalize the project.

Time slots for training are limited and if not acted upon in a timely manner can delay PADNET's release of equipment and the production of the project. However, PADNET schedules training every month. If April is missed then our option is to schedule training for the next month, which will cause a one month delay in release.

In the event that there is an act of God, like a hurricane in Long Beach, earthquake, tornado or Dennis Rodman becoming US Ambassador to North Korea -- The storyline of the episodes may change to reflect the pending situation. (I'm serious)

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    1. Download of special "thank you" finished product. We'll include some behind the scene extras for you and a peek into what we are up to for our next series.
    2. Also we'll give you a personal phone call if you like, with a "thank you", a "how ya doing" and a "Sak Passe" (This will make sense after you see the series.)
    On our dime.

    Estimated delivery:
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    1. District 6 (logo) Bumber Sticker and Button. Don't worry we'll come up with something ill, and we will create it on camera. That's what this whole project is about.
    2. Copy of finished project (DVD). With Behind the scenes footage.

    3. Riiiing Riiiing! "Hello thanks for contributing! Sak Passe!" (This will make sense after you watch the shorts) you get a pone call.

    This is going to be fun!

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    This is where it get's special.
    You get the special thank you DVD, with behind the scenes and a glimpse into our future.

    You get the bumper sticker and button with our Logo.

    You get a Phone Call.

    AND you get a release single with an autographed "thank you" from one of the character musicians in the series. Nayo's soulful voice is sure to make you happy you contributed.

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    Ships to: Only United States
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    1. Special thank you DVD, with Extras!
    2. Bumper Sticker and Button with the Dist 6 Logo.
    3. "Thank You" phone call at your request.
    4. Single from our character musician, Nayo.
    5. The District 6 is all about the arts, and a few of the characters in our up coming series are artist. For giving $50.00 you can claim your print of one of our character's art works. With a thank you card. After you see the hard work that our characters put into this on film, it will have a special meaning.

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    1. The special thank you DVD with Extras. 2. Stickers and button with Dist 6 Logo. 3. Thank you phone call (at your request) 4. Single release from Character/musician, Nayo. 5. Artwork Print from Character/artist. 6. In our series, one of the resident neighbors and a character in the series is an old school skater, with his own line of boards. He is willing to let the lucky people who donate $100.00 get their hands on one of his skate decks. We will even ask him to put one of District 6 logos on it per your request.

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    1. The special thank you DVD with Extras.
    2. Stickers and button with Dist 6 Logo.
    3. Thank you phone call (at your request)
    4. Single release from Character/musician, Nayo.
    5. The Skate Deck With or without Dist 6 Logo.
    7. An original piece of art from a character in the Dist 6 project. You know how hard it is to create art, So we only have a few of these and it may take a while. But you are getting to know the artist, who they are and what they are about. Grab a piece, you might just help that piece of art appreciate, and then BAM! you're an art collector.

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    Ships to: Only United States

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