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Help three musicians take their music to the streets by heading out on tour. We are looking for a bus, van or trailer to haul our gear.

Naked For Safety has recorded our first round of songs and have more on the way, but we want to take the show on the road. The Naked for Safety 2013 tour will bring these tracks and more to cities all over the U.S. bringing the rock, the dance, the party and the Naked to a town near you!!!

We are in the market for a bus, van or trailer we can use to pack our gear up and travel to play gigs.  As it stands now we are stuck driving our cramped cars from venue to venue packing three different cars to fit all the gear. This kind of travel will not cut it when we are playing shows outside of our home town both financially and practically (we don't want Al Gore to scold us ). With one bus we could fit all the gear, drive as a band  getting that road life experience, and use it as a sleeping area to avoid spending money on hotels. We are ready to put in the work we just need a little help to get this dream started.


Naked For Safety

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The obstacles associated with this project are finding venues to play at and booking good dates with other artists, establishing relationships with bands from other areas. Our experience in the Reno music scene has helped us to network with a few great bands from other areas, we will be making the best of those relationships to set up some dates as well as using the universal language of ROCK to open some doors.


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    a credit in the inside of our album under a special thanks to: (insert your name)- then you can show your kids when we become mega super stars.

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    signed picture of the band.. we are sexy!!

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    Signed Copy of our debut LP dogwater sessions

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    hacky sack used by the band, we are super pro hackers,(not computers, your identity is safe with us) we will send you our creative muse, the Naked For Safety hacky sack. With a signed copy of our debut album, and a credit inside the album art.

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    We will write a song/jingle in your honor thanking you for your support. Also included are previously used band hacky sack, signed album and photo, and thank you credit within the album.

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