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A poverty-stricken father and son struggle to survive in a region of the Middle East frequently targeted by unmanned aerial strikes.
A poverty-stricken father and son struggle to survive in a region of the Middle East frequently targeted by unmanned aerial strikes.
A poverty-stricken father and son struggle to survive in a region of the Middle East frequently targeted by unmanned aerial strikes.
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Kickstarter for our new film launches tomorrow! Will you join us?

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Did you ever hear the one about the reporter, the waitress, and the fallen angel?

3 years after you partnered with us to achieve a successful Kickstarter campaign- around a film that is still reaching new audiences (more on that at the end of this update)- we're back with THE DEVIL NEEDS A FIX! In this dystopian supernatural film which explores authenticity and the Orwellian alternative, the devil invites a reporter to coffee and an interview, which will lead to the reporter's big break- if everything goes as planned. THE DEVIL NEEDS A FIX ​reunites me (writer/director) with FROM THE SKY'S Producer Jess Grant, Actor Steven Soro, Editor Eric Frith, and Assistant Director Ian Van der Werff. 

Thanks to a few initial donors and a cast and crew from L.A. and Seattle who donated their time, we managed to shoot a very promising film in late May. Now we need your support to get THE DEVIL NEEDS A FIX completed in post production and will offer some cool rewards- including an invitation to an exclusive "on set" event prepared by Seattle's only 2016 James Beard Award 'Rising Star of the Year' semifinalist and executive chef- to wet your whistle. As always- donations at the beginning of this campaign go even further- by helping to create a momentum which will encourage others to jump in and support this effort as well!

Speaking of our first project together- which wouldn't exist without your support- FROM THE SKY went on to receive 12 awards, 7 nominations, and more than 25 domestic and international festivals including the Oscar-qualifying Seattle International Film Festival and Rhode Island International Film Festival, where it also won a Grand Prize International Humanitarian Award out of 5,000 submissions and 250 screened films. Renowned industry website Cinephilia & Beyond called FROM THE SKY an “amazing and pioneering short unwavering testament to the filmmaker’s prowess.” In July, FROM THE SKY will stream on Alaska Airlines’ inflight SIFF Selects Channel and while having its television debut on PBS' Seattle affiliate KCTS 9. FROM THE SKY will also be broadcast on Rhode Island PBS in late summer.

We hope to see you tomorrow and will share the live link in an update (delivered just like this, to your inbox) as soon as we launch. 


Here it comes: our new short film!

We are excited to announce that we'll be launching a new Kickstarter campaign in two weeks, and inviting you to help us make our new film! Things should be live on or around Tuesday, June 14th. We're looking forward to sharing more about this unique and engaging project very soon.

In the meantime, here's a snapshot of things to come. This production is a new narrative short film by 'From the Sky' writer/director Ian Ebright, and reunites him with award­- winning producer Jess Grant, editor Eric Frith, and actor Steven Soro. The film also stars Stefan Hajek (SXSW Audience Award- winner Eden, Dawson's Creek) and Rosalie Miller (SyFy’s Z Nation). 

See you soon!

Pictured L to R: Steven Soro, Rosalie Miller, Stefan Hajek. Photo by Maurice Labrecque/


Hi everyone.

I wanted to grab your attention for a moment before the rush of the holidays kicks in, or has that already started?

Since our last update nearly six months ago, FROM THE SKY has continued on the festival circuit, receiving 3 additional awards, 10 more official selections at festivals, and 1 special mention at a festival in Spain this month. 

The film largely concluded its festival run in October, which was also the busiest month for FROM THE SKY to date, when it played six film festivals during that period as well as a filmmaker-curated screening event. The final screening in October was a true high note, to be selected as one of only 10 films in the Pro Shorts category at the highly regarded Savannah Film Festival. And since I appear to have an attraction to numbers, you might be happy to know that FROM THE SKY received a total of 12 awards, 5 nominations, and more than 25 official selections during the year and a half festival circuit run, including invitations to 2 Oscar-qualifiers and 11 film festivals from MovieMaker Magazine's 'Best of' lists. All of that is to say, it's been an incredible response to this story we created together.

As the title of this post suggests, the film is transitioning as the year draws to a close. 


1) We're largely bringing the film festival submission process to a close, though a few pending submissions remain. 

2) FROM THE SKY is back online (again) and free to watch on Vimeo and Youtube. If you would like to see it again or are willing to share it with your community, we'd appreciate it! 

3) The film arrived back online at an interesting time, just weeks after The Intercept published the drone papers leak, and just days before four drone operators came out as whistle-blowers to speak about their experience. We believe the film remains as timely as it was when this journey began in 2013. If you happen to have connections to media or commentators who might be interested in discussing, promoting, or covering FROM THE SKY, please let us know at As an example, I recently appeared to discuss the film and related topics on Seattle radio, which you can listen to here if interested:

4) Similarly, we remain open to invitations to screen the film. If you happen to know potentially interested parties in academic, political, religious, or activist circles, please let us know at

5) We're in discussions to take the film to screen on different formats in the new year and will share that news if and when things happen.

Elsewhere, the cast and crew continue to make strides in their creative work through new projects, and I am developing a TV series with FROM THE SKY editor Eric Frith, and working to put together the story for another short film. 

We'll be in touch. Until then, happy holidays, and thank you again for giving to make this film a reality. 




From the Sky back online, and getting coverage

Hi everyone, From the Sky is back online and free to watch on Vimeo and Youtube. If you've yet to see it or are willing to share it with your community, we'd appreciate it! 

FROM THE SKY on Vimeo:

FROM THE SKY on YouTube:

The film has been getting some very positive coverage since it came back online. Click on the site name below to read the reviews:

“An amazing and pioneering short film…the ability to say so much in so few words and images is an unwavering testament to the filmmaker’s prowess.” -Cinephilia & Beyond 

 “Thought-provoking and unforgettable.”-The Independent 

“A must-see.”-Thaqafa Magazine

I was also interviewed by Cinephilia & Beyond about the process of making the film, and more:

Cinephilia & Beyond interview with writer/director Ian Ebright

We've got a couple more festivals to play as we aim to bring this project in for a landing in 2015. Stay tuned, and as always- thank you!


Spokane loves From the Sky!


After a full screening at the historic Bing Crosby Theater in downtown Spokane, we've learned that From the Sky won three awards at the 17th annual Spokane International Film Festival! 

It's an honor to be recognized by this prominent festival in Eastern Washington as a film that made unique use of the Eastern Washington landscape by having it stand in for the Middle East. Follow the link to see the list of winners including our awards from both the jury and the audience: