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A poverty-stricken father and son struggle to survive in a region of the Middle East frequently targeted by unmanned aerial strikes.
A poverty-stricken father and son struggle to survive in a region of the Middle East frequently targeted by unmanned aerial strikes.
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Hi everyone.

I wanted to grab your attention for a moment before the rush of the holidays kicks in, or has that already started?

Since our last update nearly six months ago, FROM THE SKY has continued on the festival circuit, receiving 3 additional awards, 10 more official selections at festivals, and 1 special mention at a festival in Spain this month. 

The film largely concluded its festival run in October, which was also the busiest month for FROM THE SKY to date, when it played six film festivals during that period as well as a filmmaker-curated screening event. The final screening in October was a true high note, to be selected as one of only 10 films in the Pro Shorts category at the highly regarded Savannah Film Festival. And since I appear to have an attraction to numbers, you might be happy to know that FROM THE SKY received a total of 12 awards, 5 nominations, and more than 25 official selections during the year and a half festival circuit run, including invitations to 2 Oscar-qualifiers and 11 film festivals from MovieMaker Magazine's 'Best of' lists. All of that is to say, it's been an incredible response to this story we created together.

As the title of this post suggests, the film is transitioning as the year draws to a close. 


1) We're largely bringing the film festival submission process to a close, though a few pending submissions remain. 

2) FROM THE SKY is back online (again) and free to watch on Vimeo and Youtube. If you would like to see it again or are willing to share it with your community, we'd appreciate it! 

3) The film arrived back online at an interesting time, just weeks after The Intercept published the drone papers leak, and just days before four drone operators came out as whistle-blowers to speak about their experience. We believe the film remains as timely as it was when this journey began in 2013. If you happen to have connections to media or commentators who might be interested in discussing, promoting, or covering FROM THE SKY, please let us know at As an example, I recently appeared to discuss the film and related topics on Seattle radio, which you can listen to here if interested:

4) Similarly, we remain open to invitations to screen the film. If you happen to know potentially interested parties in academic, political, religious, or activist circles, please let us know at

5) We're in discussions to take the film to screen on different formats in the new year and will share that news if and when things happen.

Elsewhere, the cast and crew continue to make strides in their creative work through new projects, and I am developing a TV series with FROM THE SKY editor Eric Frith, and working to put together the story for another short film. 

We'll be in touch. Until then, happy holidays, and thank you again for giving to make this film a reality. 




From the Sky back online, and getting coverage

Hi everyone, From the Sky is back online and free to watch on Vimeo and Youtube. If you've yet to see it or are willing to share it with your community, we'd appreciate it! 

FROM THE SKY on Vimeo:

FROM THE SKY on YouTube:

The film has been getting some very positive coverage since it came back online. Click on the site name below to read the reviews:

“An amazing and pioneering short film…the ability to say so much in so few words and images is an unwavering testament to the filmmaker’s prowess.” -Cinephilia & Beyond 

 “Thought-provoking and unforgettable.”-The Independent 

“A must-see.”-Thaqafa Magazine

I was also interviewed by Cinephilia & Beyond about the process of making the film, and more:

Cinephilia & Beyond interview with writer/director Ian Ebright

We've got a couple more festivals to play as we aim to bring this project in for a landing in 2015. Stay tuned, and as always- thank you!


Spokane loves From the Sky!


After a full screening at the historic Bing Crosby Theater in downtown Spokane, we've learned that From the Sky won three awards at the 17th annual Spokane International Film Festival! 

It's an honor to be recognized by this prominent festival in Eastern Washington as a film that made unique use of the Eastern Washington landscape by having it stand in for the Middle East. Follow the link to see the list of winners including our awards from both the jury and the audience:

Upcoming NW festivals and helpful feedback

Hi everyone, 

From the Sky debuted on April 30th of last year at the Newport Beach Film Festival. Now nine months into our film festival circuit run (which typically lasts 18 months for a successful short film) we've shifted our strategy to fewer submissions and at festivals around the Pacific Northwest. Reason being, these are closer to my home base in Seattle, so it's quicker and more affordable to attend. During this transition towards fewer regional festivals, I'm focused on driving traffic to the film's online streaming presence while working on my feature film House in Ruins and looking for employment in the film world. 

February is a surprisingly busy month for the film, screening at three different festivals. If you'd like to see the film in a proper venue and say hello, consider attending and/or sharing the news with any connections you have in the area. 

From the Sky returns to Washington State after SIFF 2014 as an Official Selection of the 17th annual Spokane International Film Festival. The film screens with other short films in the Best of the Northwest showcase on Friday, February 6th at 5:30PM in the historic Bing Crosby Theater. I'm scheduled to attend and participate in the post-screening Q&A. For more, visit:

Next, ‘From the Sky’ will have its international premiere at the 21st annual Victoria Film Festival in Canada. The film plays with other shorts to close out the festival on its final day- Sunday, February 15th at 4PM. Hop the border if you're looking for a good reason to get out of Seattle. I'm scheduled for the post-screening Q&A. For more info, visit the official festival site:

And on February 28th at 2:15PM, From the Sky screens on the final day of the 15th annual Bellingham Human Rights Film Festival at Western Washington University with a Q&A to follow. For more:

Finally, a favor to ask. Will you take a moment to help the film by giving it a star-rating on IMDB?

thank you!


Writer/director Ian Ebright's next project, and how you can help


Hi everyone, 

'From the Sky' continues to roll along, gaining online views and official selections at festivals including an international premiere. Can you believe the film has received six awards, five nominations, and 14 official selections from festivals including two Oscar-qualifiers? I'll have an update soon.

Today, I want to share a bit about my new film and ask for your help. 

Following months of research, interviews, outlining, writing and re-writing, my seventh screenplay 'House in Ruins' is complete and is in development with an award-winning creative team as my feature directorial debut. Like 'From the Sky,' I've taken timely events (reported in The New York Times and Forbes) and expanded the story into a fictional narrative and a more universal cautionary tale, inspired by films like 'Margin Call,' 'The Insider,' 'The Firm,' 'Michael Clayton,' and 'Shattered Glass.' 'House in Ruins’ explores the corrosive nature of hubris, misogyny, and the bondage of lopsided relationships, all in a very unique setting. The film is an adult-oriented ensemble drama featuring prominent roles for dynamic female characters.

The storyboard above reveals Greta Meyers, one of the protagonists in 'House in Ruins.' She's just paper at this point, but I love this character, this scene, and this story. That cliché about the one creative work that takes decades of living and reflection to understand? 'House in Ruins' is mine, somehow 36 years in the making, and counting. I believe this screenplay is special and meaningful, as does my producer and co-producer; that it will attract top-level talent. Contacts in the industry have said as much. We are swinging for the fences and are working to make this a top shelf production, partnered with very recognizable actors and actresses as well as established production and distribution companies. 

The budget is not conducive to Kickstarter, but we remain in need of investors as we seek to raise funds in a variety of ways to meet the film’s budget. Options are available, ranging from donations via an established 501c3 non profit, to temporary loans, to credits and ownership in the film for those willing to make more sizable investments. 

Due to the timely nature of the film's subject matter and existing agreements, we have made the choice to be vague about details of the film and the creative team in public, but would expect and be happy to elaborate on these things for those interested. For more on the project, including brief bios of the creative team including the film's producer with over 20 years experience in filmmaking, visit:

I hope 'From the Sky' has been a worthwhile experience for you and has demonstrated aesthetic, impact, and follow-through to a level that will encourage you toward another collaboration with me, this time on a full-scale film. Those interested can reach me directly through the contact form on my official website:

Thank you,


Writer/director- 'From the Sky'