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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Dec 31 2012
pledged of $50,000 goal
0seconds to go
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Dec 31 2012

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    1. liquidbeef on

      Hey gang! Any plans to reboot this project?

    2. Daren Han on

      I vote for the phonescope clip. But does it support 4s? This device is within my budget.

    3. Spatial Vision & Design LLC Creator on

      Our Dear Backers,

      We would already like to thank Mark L, Bill Hochreiter, Craig Watson, Daren Han, Sheryl Guillory, CAB, Mark Loit, Carlos Mesquita, Rick Herald, antimix, Robertus and many others for already pitching in their support and ideas.

      We reviewed the things you mentioned and here are some ideas:

      1. Reduce the PhoneScope to the clip only. Use the iPhone 5 strobe light as the light source to illuminate the scene. This would only work with the iPhone 5 as the iPhone 4 strobe light is too close to the camera lens (we already tried this early on in the development of the PhoneScope). Then there is also the possibility to add a stronger macro lens or wide angle or fish eye lens on the other side of the clip. Cost would be between $35-$75 per product and funding goal would be about $25.000

      2. Focus on a 3D scanner rig project with a wide scanning range for small objects. Something that would allow you to make very basic but high-res scans with minimal post processing and ready for 3D printing. Cost would be between $125-$650 per product and funding goal would be between $30.000-$125.000. The idea here is not to make the perfect 3D scanner. But it is to make a 3D scanner which most anybody could use for making basic scans and having them 3D printed by a service provider or on their own system.

    4. antimix on

      Dear Creators,

      despite the excellent idea, and the genial way to connct the lens, the majority of the people was not catched by the project itself. I looked on my post about the project on Google+, and there was no kind of reply.
      Nobody really understood well the exceptional capabilities.

      I thing that this was partially for the following reasons:

      a) it is a MAGNIFY GLASS
      b) is is a LED LAMP to get a good illuminated image
      c) it BECOME a 3D SCANNER for bas-relief giving effortlessly a 3D file that can be 3D printed.

      - There are a lot of magnifying lens for iPhone out of there, and probably who needed them already own one today.
      - Unless you have some skill of photograpy, is not immediate to understand that to take a good macro snapshot with iPhone, you need VERY GOOD LIGHT. Average people did not understood it, thinking a lens and hipstamatic app is enough and $75 is too much.
      - 3D printing what hell is it ? I have backed a 3D printer project on kickstarter, and when I tell it to friends, they make some efforts to understand what a 3D printer is and why one should own such stange device ! I am 10 years in the future. I remember when I told to my father that I was about to buy one of the first mobile phones on the market, and his answer was: "why spend all that money. It is not useful. When you need to call just go into a telefone box!". Nowadays everyone understand the utility of a mobile phone. Same happened when there was the first phone with apps inside. Why ? There is a PC for application....

      I think that 3 things in one object was dispersive. Maybe it could be better focus on:

      3D MARKET
      - (the light technology) as a project and an App for flawless 3D scanning with iphone. That means the PhoneScope , plus a 10" ring with leds to light big objects and get full 3D images file, macro and real size, may be together with a turntable if required by your technology.

      - the lens (alone). They were really very good.

      3D printing and photo are two separate hobby, that rarely are in the interest of the same person.

      Best Wishes.

      PS: would you really be able to create such big led ring and a turntable to get full 3D models of objects ?

    5. Mark L on

      Sad to see/hear this one isn't going to make it. I hope you do bring it back, I'll be here to back it when you do!

    6. Spatial Vision & Design LLC Creator on

      Hi Chris,

      Thanks for the kinds words and support. Means a lot.

      Yes, we are planning to make a statement soon in the next update.

    7. Missing avatar

      Chris Robson on

      Any back up plans if you don't make your goal?
      I'm really looking forward to the Phonescope 3D, I'd hate to see it disapear.

    8. Hope Leman on

      @Allan Chow Thanks for the heads-up on the TechCrunch article


      I had not seen that. It is getting quite a few tweets and I just tweeted it myself. Great coverage!

    9. Spatial Vision & Design LLC Creator on

      Dear Valued Backers,

      Someone just had to do it...

      We hit the $10.000!

      Yes, there is still a long way to go and very little time to get there.

      But we are proud our backers and very honored!

      115 backers and counting.

      Spatial Vision & Design

    10. Spatial Vision & Design LLC Creator on

      Hi Readygo,

      You are most welcome. :)

    11. Missing avatar

      readygo on

      Thanks for the added information. I didn't make the connection between the lens focus distance and the scan size, which seem obvious now. :)

      Even with a shallow depth it seems like there could be some really cool possibilities.

      Can't wait to see more! :)

    12. Spatial Vision & Design LLC Creator on

      Hi Readygo,

      The Depth of Focus (DoF) for most any magnified view is small. This also sets the scan region. The DoF is more like 3mm-5mm.

      Like any technology it has it's limitations. Here, the technology works best for flat, uniform surfaces. Correct lighting is crucial and that's where the lens offers a lot of benefit. It diffuses the light but also straightens it out.

      The idea here is that you can view and examine detail in a way that that a normal 2D picture simply can not match. Also, since the data is 3D you are not just restricted to a single view. You can view it interactively from any direction.

      I should mention that even if the the scene is out of the DoF range there are some interesting applications/effects that can be produced.

      We will be focusing on the things that you mentioned in the upcoming updates.

    13. Missing avatar

      readygo on

      Sorry, one more thing -- an example of pushing the boundaries:
      What would a scan look like of an m2 screw?

    14. Missing avatar

      readygo on

      This looks like a very cool project. As you stated the light lens and 3d scanning are what really makes this interesting.

      I would like to back at the 99$ level, but I need to see more variety of 3d scans.

      It seems as though it is limited to less than 1mm (0.5mm?) of depth. This is a large limitation, but it could still be amazing! I would like to see different surface types scanned other than basic embossed patterns.

      The examples you go through in the macro photography section would be a good place to start. I would like to see flat surfaces like brick etc, but also some that push the scanning to its limit so I can get an idea of how I can use this amazing device before I back the project.

      Thanks, and good luck!!

    15. Spatial Vision & Design LLC Creator on

      Hi Sheryl,

      A little inside info regarding your question about case/bag, we have something like that in mind. :)

      The PhoneScope is pretty durable. But it's still a precision device.

      Let me get back to you on the key chain. I should mention that we need to be fair. At the same time we want the most for our backers. You are also an Early Bird backer which means a lot to us.

    16. Missing avatar

      Sheryl Guillory on

      Will you have a little case/bag to hold the lens and light in?

    17. Missing avatar

      Sheryl Guillory on

      @Spatial Vision - I like being one of the first 50 backers of the full set but decided that I also want a key chain. Recommendation?

    18. Spatial Vision & Design LLC Creator on

      Hi Sandra,

      Yes, agreed, the clock is ticking.

      We have been working hard on promoting the project and have started to receive a lot of positive response. More importantly, we are finding commitment. We also have some interesting updates lined-up. All in all we expect that these will build more exposure and awareness.

      Things may simply need a moment to set in.

      The spectrum of application is wide for the PhoneScope 3D. But even the best of ideas require time to build awareness. In particular when introducing something really new.

      Spreading the word, starting a conversation, tip an online magazine can work wonders for projects. It's all of us that are making this project happen.

      Find us on:

      Twitter: @phonescope3d
      FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Phonescope-3D/400969619974051

    19. Missing avatar

      Sandra on

      @Spatial vision - I know there are still 35 days left on the clock and though that may seem like a long time, at this point things aren't looking too good. If you check kicktraq you'll see what I mean. I for one would hate to see the project not reach funding. Is there any way you could attract some attention by sending out prototypes to major review sites? Getting noticed outside of kickstarter is what will get things moving.

    20. Spatial Vision & Design LLC Creator on

      Hi Paul,
      We reviewed with Kickstarter and are happy to inform you that you will get your laser inscribed serialized Light Lens.

    21. Spatial Vision & Design LLC Creator on

      A bit off topic but we thought it might be of interest to our backer audience to share something we did a few years back.

      The project was one of the first of its kind and we were up against some stiff competition. The project involved "liberating art". You can find the link in our bio.

      We also added our FaceBook page specifically for the PhoneScope 3D.

    22. Spatial Vision & Design LLC Creator on

      Hi Sandra,

      Our aim is OSX support April/May 2013.

    23. Missing avatar

      Sandra on

      Too bad there is no OSX support, yet. I have no Windows PC arround. Is there a timeline set for mac support?

    24. Spatial Vision & Design LLC Creator on

      Hi Daren and Sandra,
      The software is needed to process the images and build the 3D surface scans. It's supplied to all backers who pledge for the complete product (Lens Clip + Light Lens). The first version will support Win 32/64 (XP and up). The back-end was completed last year. OSX is being worked on.

      Software development is not a trivial task and involves a lot of focus, testing and hard work. In particular for high-end 3D applications such as this. Your support is providing us with the incentive to do more.

    25. Missing avatar

      Sandra on

      About the software, is it compatible with Mac OSX (v?), Windows (v?), Linux, ... or all?

    26. Daren Han on

      Yes, I am also interested to know about the availability of the software. It does not look like photoshop.

    27. Spatial Vision & Design LLC Creator on

      Hi Chris,
      No problem. And, thanks for your support!

    28. Missing avatar

      Chris Robson on

      Sorry, should have read the FAQ's first.
      Never mind.

    29. Missing avatar

      Chris Robson on

      Will the 3D software be provided with our pledge or will it be a separate add on later?

    30. Spatial Vision & Design LLC Creator on

      Hi Daren,

      We developed an in-house version last year and will be supplying a special version of this specifically for the PhoneScope. This is not third-party software if that's what you mean. It's our own software application.

    31. Daren Han on


      May I know what is the software used to combine different images taken at left , right and combine them into one good image?

    32. Spatial Vision & Design LLC Creator on

      Hi Paul,
      We are looking into this. To be clear, we need to review this with Kickstarter.

    33. Missing avatar

      Paul Shabian on

      Is it possible to reward the first 50 early backers with serialized products? That is normally offered by most projects in Kickstarter。

    34. Spatial Vision & Design LLC Creator on

      Hi Hope, That's what make vision technologies so exciting and useful to so many :)

      Broaden the perspective!

    35. Hope Leman on

      Well, we are proud to be among the shrewd and might first 42 (now 43--so far!).

      Thanks to the creators and @Sandra for the interesting comments on the use of the PhoneScope 3D in science. Maybe it could be developed for use by family doctors in rural settings who need to send photos to dermatologists of lesions or emergency medical people or forensic scientists of contusions or wounds or by laypeople to send to family doctors photos of growths that are worrying them or by medical or scientific illustrators or botanists or naturalists or geologists or sculptors. The possibilities are endless.

    36. Spatial Vision & Design LLC Creator on


      We just wanted to thank our first 42 backers for their most valued support for this project!

    37. Spatial Vision & Design LLC Creator on

      Hi Sandra,
      Regarding science use: Yes, as a low magnification microscope the Lens Clip would work fine. Having back-lighted situation to view thin, flat materials would work. The materials would need to be thin enough to allow some light to pass through. I would suggest a good iPhone camera app in order to adjust the amount of lighting.

      Regarding education; My youngest son (6 years old) uses the PhoneScope when he goes bug hunting. You can see his pictures in the videos.

      Regarding the narrow use of the clip; A one lens fits all. We can understand that this may work fine for many applications/people. However, our approach is to get the best possible positioning of the lens in order to make the best possible pictures.

      The iPhone 4 and 5 seem to have slight differences in optics. We need to evaluate the proper positioning and select the correct lens for the iPhone 5. Also, the 5 is thinner than the 4. That means that the clip needs a slight redesign so that the plates which hold the lens are absolutely parallel to the surface of the iPhone.

      Again, good questions Sandra.

    38. Missing avatar

      Sandra on

      Two more questions for you guys. Along the lines of using this in science/education, would it be possible to use the lens clip with the light lens as a low magnification microscope? In other words, would it work to make images of thin objects on glass slides or light boxes, so with licht shining through?
      Second question is regarding the narrow use of the clip, only iphone 4S, maybe iphone 5. I have seen very similar systems come by (e.g. mobi lens) that claim to work with basically any phone out there that fits in the clip. What is different about phonescope that makes it use so narrow? Is this limited use mainly for the 3D aspect, or also for photos? Just curious.

    39. Spatial Vision & Design LLC Creator on

      Hi Sheryl, Thank you so much. Interesting idea. The key chain is made of the same laser cut stainless steel plates used for the Lens Clip. It's plasma polished for an ultra fine surface finish and includes the laser inscribed text "I backed this!" along with the Kickstarter and phonescope 3D names. Depending on pledge it will also include your name.

    40. Missing avatar

      Sheryl Guillory on

      I love this product. You also talk about a key chain. Does this hold the phonescope? What will they key chain look like? Looking forward to your success!

    41. Spatial Vision & Design LLC Creator on

      Hi Paul, Name and production number inscriptions start at pledges of $150 or more.

    42. Spatial Vision & Design LLC Creator on

      Hi Sandra, Thanks for your support! Good questions. Regarding the case thickness: This should be no more than 1.5mm. 2mm is the absolute max thickness. Regarding the lighting conditions: Under normal outside lighting things are usually lighted well enough. The clip will do just fine. But once you want to view things indoors with normal room lighting you will typically need the light lens. The red flower shown in the video was an indoor shot. In any case the light lens adds certainty that you will get the best lighting (day or night! The evergreen twigs were shot at night with the light lens)

    43. Missing avatar

      Paul Shabian on

      Product number inscriptions are reserved for Kickstarter backers only.

      What level of pledges will have this?

    44. Missing avatar

      Sandra on

      @Spatial vision - Just pledged for the lens clip and light lens. Looks like we can get some nice results with this! I do have a few questions for you. I read your faq about the clearance around the lens, but how thick can a case be to still work with the clip? Could you post some pics showing the difference of photos taking with and without the lens light under normal light conditions? There were some in the video I think, but the photo without the lens light was so dark the clip seems useless as a standalone.
      Good luck with your campaign!

    45. Spatial Vision & Design LLC Creator on

      Hi Hope Leman,
      Thanks for your comment and much appreciated support. It is interesting that you mention that. We are equally interested. And, it is in many ways the reason that we developed this device. Visualization technologies always seem to open up new areas of science. Looking back at the microscope and telescope the impact on society and science should be clear. This device is a small step in comparison. But none the less it's a step that we believe will provide more insight for others.

    46. Hope Leman on

      I'd be interested to heat how people think it could be utilized in science and science education.