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$1,262 pledged of $3,500 goal
$1,262 pledged of $3,500 goal

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Ready for Round Two?

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Hello all!

I want to thank you again for your support of Baby Shoes. As promised, we've recalibrated and are trying again. I'm confident that with your help we'll be able to make it happen this time. 

Please follow this link

to our new attempt. 

Also, if you backed on our first attempt, and up your backing this time by $5 or more, I will give you a free version of one of my ebooks -- my raunchy crime novella Wingman, my book on writing for a living Mastering the Business of Writing or my YA novel about martial arts and Japanese mythology Coming Home. 

So Close...and Yet So Far


First, I want to thank our MORE THAN 50 backers for their enthusiastic support of the anthology. It looks like we won't fund this time...but there will be a Round Two.

I made a few mistakes this time around

  • I started the campaign without a full roster of contributors...instead of 100 people pushing this, we only had about 40.
  • I got ill for 2 of the 3 weeks, which took me out of the equation
  • I didn't leave enough room train our writers on how best to inform their followings
  • I left in plenty of pad for overruns...and could trip the budget a bit

Here's the plan:

Step One: Spend the next month (a) training up our full complement of authors (b) talking with all contributors about how to reduce the cost (c) brushing up on my KS mojo

Step Two: Relaunch in mid-January

Step Three: Succeed wildly and make this thing happen.

I'll definitely be reaching out to all of you to back the anthology when the time comes. If you'd rather I leave you alone, just say so. I'll remove you from the list. 

Otherwise, I look forward to thanking you for making this a success early in 2015. 

Thank you again. More to come.