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iPhone light accessory for night photography. Capture incredible night time photos and videos with soft, warm light.

iPhone light accessory for night photography. Capture incredible night time photos and videos with soft, warm light. Read More
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Jedd Goble
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Jedd Goble

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We’re thrilled to introduce the premiere tool for mobile night photography: the Ember. The smartphone revolution has changed the way we connect, and introduced a whole new kind of photography to the world. With powerful cameras in reach of our pockets, snapping and sharing photos has become the new norm. Despite these leaps forward in mobile technology, photo and video taken at night still miss the mark. Limited by battery life and a single LED, built-in flashes often function better as a flashlight than a photography tool. The Ember sets a new standard for mobile night photography by providing soft, warm light that enhances color, clarity, and overall quality of photo and video shots.

Designed for night photography, the Ember is a continuous light tool contoured to the shape of the iPhone 5 and 5s. The back panel illumination provides a soft, warm light that makes night time photos worth sharing in the morning.

The Ember’s design was inspired by the function of professional fill lights, used by photographers and videographers to illuminate their subjects. The 56 LEDs provide light that’s 10x brighter than the iPhone’s flash, and the built-in diffuser softens and spreads light evenly resulting in a flattering glow. The Ember's soft, warm light brings out sharp details, natural skin tones, and vibrant colors that harsh flashes miss. The included warming filter allows for added richness and the optional color filter pack gives you full control over color temperature.

The Ember operates separately from the iPhone, allowing you full independent control over your light. Eliminate unwanted shadows, add drama, or achieve creative light effects by taking your iPhone out of the Ember and positioning the light from any angle.

  • Control brightness precisely with the slide of a finger
  • Attach accessories such as a microphone to the cold shoe mount, or mount the Ember to a tripod with the included adapter
  • The independent battery charges through a micro-USB port on the Ember's side
  • Slide color filters in and out with the removable top, or leave the top off to use with your favorite iPhone lens

From the moment a friend referred filmmaker Jedd Goble to a little known app called Instagram, he was hooked on mobile photography. Impressed by the quality of photos the iPhone’s camera captured, he could be seen snapping share-worthy shots all the time. It wasn’t long before Jedd noticed that the iPhone flash wasn’t delivering the same great results he got where light was abundant. Having experience in lighting scenes for video over the years, Jedd wished that he could have something with the power of a portable fill light designed for use with the iPhone. An avid mobile photographer, he also sought compatibility with tripods and clip-on lenses.

These ideas became drawings and sketches, and what started on paper soon became plastic and silicon as we manufactured our first prototypes. Our version 1.0 unit acted faithfully as our proof of concept for the light. Over the next four months we experimented with upgraded internal components, allowing us to test the performance of different printed LEDs, as well as the configuration of the plastic body and functional components such as filters. The team joined in the adventure as it has grown, and now we’re asking for your help to bring the Ember to market. Make a pledge and join our campaign to capture the night.

We're currently field testing the prototypes featured in our project images, made by our early stage manufacturing partners in Guangdong Province. Our whole team is committed to creating a high quality product while insuring socially and environmentally responsible practices throughout our supply chain.

Risks and challenges

Every manufacturing project can encounter challenges, and we’re working hard to make certain our back-end processes are efficient and meet our high standards for quality. We’ve worked with electronics manufacturing services, plastics providers, engineering firms, and supply chain experts to strategize the best paths from manufacturing to distribution. As a living project with many moving parts, any issue such as short supply of key components or shipping delays could impact our delivery date. We’re closely monitoring our campaign to make sure we can scale our Kickstarter-round of manufacturing appropriately.

Our goal is to have all Kickstarter rewards shipped during the month of July. If we encounter any delays along the line, you can find details under the Updates tab.

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  • The Ember operates independently from your phone, so you can use it to capture photos with any smartphone or camera. Specifically, it is designed to slide on to iPhone 5 or 5s. We chose to pursue development first with the iPhone 5/5s because of the quality of night time photos they take, large user base, and they share the same dimensions. We are planning to explore additional smartphone compatibility with funds raised by the campaign.

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  • The color filter pack of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple filters is available with the Ember Pro Package. If you'd like to modify your pledge to receive the Ember Pro Package, you can do so at any time by clicking "Manage Your Pledge." If you'd like to take advantage of early bird pricing, we'll let you know sometime after our campaign when you can begin to preorder filter packs.

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    Hall of Fame

    Thanks so much for your part in making the Ember a reality! Stay in the loop with private backer-only updates and get invitations to exclusive night time photo walks in the SF Bay Area.

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    Early Bird Ember

    Be among the first to own the Ember! You’ll receive one Ember light (white or black), plus warming filter and tripod adapter. ($90 retail value)

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    You’ll receive one Ember light (white or black), plus warming filter and tripod adapter to help you capture the night. ($90 retail value)

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    Ember Pro Package

    Get the Ember in white or black, tripod adapter, and a color pack of orange, blue, red, yellow, green, and purple filters for full creative flexibility. The Ember acts as a versatile fill light in professional lighting setups and fits in your pocket. ($110 retail value)

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    Founder’s Club

    Receive the Ember Pro Package, be memorialized on our website, and have a skype session with the Ember team. We can talk about anything you want: the product, the weather, or walk through a virtual photography, lighting, or videography lesson. If you’re local to the SF Bay Area, we’ll buy you a coffee!

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