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Fantasy Visual Novel / Dating Sim that combines enchanting artwork, engaging story and fun mini games into an unforgettable adventure!
Fantasy Visual Novel / Dating Sim that combines enchanting artwork, engaging story and fun mini games into an unforgettable adventure!
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    1. Jere Manninen

      Female main character or totally new instructor as next / final strech goals!!:)

    2. Missing avatar

      Shane DeNota-Hoffman

      Being able to play a woman apprentice would be nice.

    3. onan

      @Michael Hawk, I'm pretty sure it's not possible to "date" a girl who wears two belts and no pants. You survive a girl who wears two belts and no pants.

    4. Missing avatar

      David Halsey on

      Success! We've reached the CG+ Stretch Goal. With 34 hours left, I'm hoping we can do at least one more goal.

    5. Michael Hawk on

      also id like to see a dateable alchemist as strechgoal > w >
      chick's crazy, but in a weird cute way

    6. Missing avatar

      Dude on

      I agree with @Chris McDonald (Nel Celestine), a female apprentice option would be pretty interesting.
      To add to @Jeanmark A'Kessler brainstorm, maybe including a "the witcher" card mechanic to the game? Would be interesting to see what you would do with the characters.

      For the current quest, perhaps it would be a good idea to see if the guards would know anything (perhaps certain mannerisms or gifts she might like) to help coax Mrs Candle into coming along.

    7. Michael Hawk on

      yay for S-rank, really excited for what happens next
      does that mean Mrs.Crandle is an orc, or that there will be orcs at Mrs. Candle's?

    8. Nakano

      If budget allows (probably won't), then final stretchgoal could be full voice support. Main character included (every game avoids doing that...). But using extra money to polish the game, animation, implementing living background etc. is money well spent too.

    9. Storm Blade on

      We got ourselves a pletora of good idea and we can only have one, bummer.


    10. Jeanmark A'Kessler on

      @Chris McDonald - I was thinking the same: female apprentice option
      @Storm Blade - I also like the idea of subclasses
      @Saodhar - I LIKE THIS! More places/characters

      I really liked the KS Adventure Map, and I don't know if the full game will have events outside of the castle. I would like to be able to go out and explore some of the locations in the region surrounding the castle.

      Other Ideas I have:
      --the merchant sells items that change the character's appearance
      --a trophy room (in the apprentice's room) for various achievements or items collected
      --or perhaps an inventory bag so that you can see what you are carrying (for the guard's quests)
      --seasonal change (the game can be played in the spring, summer, fall, or winter), which would allow for different scenery and slightly different dialogue
      --a game NPC name mechanic: when the Apprentice gets intimate/friendly enough with a particular character, they reveal their name (their name card could switch from "guard/instructor/commander to their name")
      --small pets/animals that appear throughout the game (random-events), and a sub-quest where the Apprentice can get a pet

      ...brainstorming is awesome!...

    11. Missing avatar

      David Halsey on

      I liked the suggestions that were voted on in Patreon. Interactive Environment, Love Potion, and Jobs Lvl Up.

    12. onan

      Some sort of Twin (Gemini) Guard romance option? Just spitballing.

    13. Chris McDonald (Nel Celestine) on

      Personally? I'd like the option for a female apprentice. =)

      That and/or our lady Dark Elf as a D&D Mini

    14. Storm Blade on

      It would be nice to have a Backer pool to vote for last stretch. Even after the campaign is over, if needed. I am already wishing for a sequel.

      As for me, what would inspire more apprentices, I would like possible detailed classes and sub classes aka DND. That helps for ''replayability.''

      (Do know it would be difficult but hey, you asked)

    15. Storm Blade on

      That was totally nice! We could beg for more adventures...

      Gonna have to look if I can spend more loot on this journey and/or recruit more apprentices.

      Good luck to us all in the last stetch.

    16. Saodhar

      Once again - I'm for quality over quantity. New beautifully painted landscapes and characters (and even villains) will surely inspire Apprentices for great deeds.