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Fantasy Visual Novel / Dating Sim that combines enchanting artwork, engaging story and fun mini games into an unforgettable adventure!
Fantasy Visual Novel / Dating Sim that combines enchanting artwork, engaging story and fun mini games into an unforgettable adventure!
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    1. Dinmoney Creator on

      @onan The shipping has to be standardized to cover wide range of add-ons and locations within US. We don't want the paper to be damaged or folded, so it's not quite as simple as sending a letter. We are doing our best to make everything cost effective and appreciate your support.

    2. onan

      Also, is this what the first physical tier (Pervy Wizard) gets you? A print out of that flyer?

      $7 shipping for a flyer and a trading card? $7 to send 2 pieces of paper in the mail. :\

      I'd love to raise my tier for the stretch goals but y'all are making it kinda hard.

    3. onan

      Clearly we need to eat shrooms. Why else come to Brindle? And why listen to the ugly friend? Eat shrooms with the fox guard!

    4. Missing avatar

      Shane DeNota-Hoffman

      Eat Shrooms.

    5. Dinmoney Creator on

      @Jay Rab Yikes! Thats a typo, good catch, thanks!
      @Apprentices Good luck and choose wisely (=

    6. Mattias Banck on

      Women like decisive men. Eat the schroomz

    7. Jay Rab on

      Also the choice option still says "map to adventure choice one"

    8. Jay Rab on

      Let the fun ensue.. Drink the ale... lets not die tonight on shrooms.. we have wet tunics to see in our future.

    9. Mr.Monttu

      Drink Ale!

    10. Storm Blade on

      Well after eating, one ale for the road should not be bad, for possible stomach pain.


    11. Hakun (Entertainment) on

      Guard uniform + Sly Fox + Shrooms = Alchemist Test Subject
      Over-friendly Barkeeper + Free (Drugged) Drink = Classic Hilarious Wild Night adventure worth investigating the next day.

      I vote Drink the Ale

    12. Missing avatar


      I've always liked girls with that condition. Drinking ale it is. Though I am most likely going to be outvoted 5 to 1 on this.

    13. Lott Vanfield on

      I roll up my sleeves and give the Shark Girl a wink as I grab the mug, "I'd gladly share a drink with you fine ladies, how'd you care to share a wager in return?" motioning for the innkeep to bring the table a few rounds.

    14. Storm Blade on

      I join my voice to let the group know that both could be toxic, but if we want to join the crowd, and not be thrown out, I have a cure poison and/or purify food and drinks handy.

      " Both seems good, but ladies first,"

      "As for me, mushrooms for my soup thanks"

    15. Wakle Skade

      According to the dialogue we already have a mug (of ale?) so if we are the shrooms wouldn't we be having both? Speaking from experience during a trip into the Tombs of Horrors mixing mushrooms and alcohol could be fatal.

    16. Michael Hawk on

      first id ask the two ladies to excuse me
      then ill ask the barkeep for the cheapest room and where to get supplies for traveling
      well i never tried shrooms and i know foxes are sly tricksters
      at least i know where im at with the ale and shark
      and theres sharp teeth at both tables
      is both an option? like trying the shrooms we know are not poisionous from our florist apprenticeship and then knock ourselfs out with some nice cold mugs of ale

    17. Saodhar

      You can indeed drink ale anywhere. Let's Shroom!

    18. Marek Špáta

      Eat Shrooms, you can't just turn down the Fox Girl. :p

    19. Missing avatar

      Ekairot on

      If Fox Guard says drinking ale is boring, then eating Shrooms is the right choice without a doubt! xD