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Fantasy Visual Novel / Dating Sim that combines enchanting artwork, engaging story and fun mini games into an unforgettable adventure!
Fantasy Visual Novel / Dating Sim that combines enchanting artwork, engaging story and fun mini games into an unforgettable adventure!
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    1. Lott Vanfield on

      Well it seems we have enough money to use it as a paperweight on the map, Brindle seems the best choice to stock up on supplies before making the rest of the journey.

    2. Dablue

      Just shoot the damned bird! We got to eat.. and let's face it.. talking birds are freaky

    3. Jay Rab on

      Lets think about this though, why even listen to the hawk.. he gave us a map and said we were between these two locations.. so if we keep going east we can head towards the castle.

    4. Christopher Mayer on

      Storm Blade brings up a good point.. if we're being treated as a group, then we could potentially split up and this could get unwieldy. Maybe a reminder of any ground rules is in order.

      And @dhalsey, way to keep with the spirit of the game! :)

      My vote is whichever route is the sexiest.

    5. Storm Blade on

      But I don't feel like playing Whack-a-Mole. So Brindle vote from me.

    6. Storm Blade on

      Who stays on guard duty tonight ?

      As for the route, hear me all, splitting group in two seems good enough to me, for we are 463 adventurers at this very moment...

    7. Hakun (Entertainment) on

      So where are we on the map if we're lost? And I 2nd "Christopher Mayer" idea no shooting the bird. If we can't work on improve a skill at the campfire I say we check our inventory.

    8. Missing avatar

      David Halsey on

      Well, since we are in camp, we should whittle ourselves a spoon to use for dinner .. which we learned from our woodsmith apprenticeship, but were fired for cutting down a tree in the master smith's garden.

    9. Jacob Davis on

      Also there is a vote going on? I didn't see the notification.

    10. Christopher Mayer on

      Oh.... oh... I didn't make the wet tunic contest connection. But what's the timeline here? Is this the same time as the game? If there is a WTC happening in Brindle, I change my vote. If not, still interested in the Bunny Burrow.

      I'm down for petting the hawk.

    11. Jacob Davis on

      Did you actually make a Aqua Team Hunger Force reference in one of your stretch goal description?

    12. Michael Hawk on

      brindle is where the wet tunic contest is held guys, might be worth a visit
      but im down for bunny burrow
      i wanna pet the hawk for obvious reasons o v o
      i might burn my hands but i have to > w <

    13. Dinmoney Creator on

      Hahahahahah glad you guys are already starting! if there is anything you guys want to do while at camp for the night keep commenting. We'll see if it affects the story tomorrow when you are presented with your first choice! (=

    14. Christopher Mayer on

      We are not shooting the bird. We are absolutely going to the Bunny Burrow.

    15. Dablue

      /shoot bird with crossbow