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Update #2

If this were a video game we just beat the first two levels!


Hi Everyone!

It's day three and thanks to you we already hit 35% of our funding goal and have 57 backers in total!  We have a huge smile. Thank you! 

If you are one of the first 57 backers be sure to log on Kickstarter to find your special present for supporting us from the get go!! 

Here is the comment of the day, coming from John Hague.

"I was playing Soul Caliber 2 at a near empty arcade in Times Square around 2003. For once there was someone on the machine who knew what he was doing. We traded rounds for an hour, before he turned to me and asked, "Do you play at Chinatown?" He drew me a map on the back of a page of his move list. I went there for years. While I'm sad to hear it's closing down, I'm happy to hear you're trying to honor the place. Happy to support you on this one."

The comment is exactly why we are making this movie!   Please share your own Chinatown Fair stories or what brought you to our project on the comments page.

And again, many thanks for your profound gesture of generosity!! 

It means so much to us.

Please continue to share the project with your friends. Lets hit the goal early!

-Kurt and Irene 

P.S. Say hi on Twitter so we can folllow each and everyone of you (that has Twitter) and also hit up our Facebook!  

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  • Pledge $10 or more
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    184 backers

    A digital copy of the movie and a big thank you with your name in the movie's credits!

  • Pledge $25 or more
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    95 backers

    The DVD, which will be made from recycled paper and printed with soy-ink. Plus, all of above.

  • Pledge $30 or more
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    36 backers

    A Chinatown Fair T-shirt made by my friends at Homage Clothing! Inspired by the arcade token featuring a really cool dragon. The $30 level gets you the shirt, but not the other stuff. If you would like the shirt and everything above (DVD, download, and thank you in credits) check out the $50 level.

  • Pledge $50 or more
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    151 backers

    A t-shirt made by Homage Clothing inspired by the Chinatown Fair token featuring an awesome dragon. Plus, all of above. Shirt is MADE IN USA. (

  • Pledge $100 or more
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    18 backers

    A custom mixtape and 'zine featuring artwork, photography, and writing contributed by the Chinatown Fair community. The mixtape will be a custom mix featuring music and samples inspired by arcades, video games, and New York City. Plus, all of above.

  • Pledge $250 or more
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    3 backers

    An awesome ARCADE movie poster (Box Office size)!! Plus, all of above.

  • Pledge $500 or more
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    2 backers

    ARCADE MEGA GIFT BASKET EXPERIENCE!!! + 2 tickets to NYC MOVIE PREMIER: An awesome gift basket filled with toys, handmade coasters, handmade magnets, a Chinatown Fair shirt, a retro USB NES controller, DVD, mixtape, zine, homemade video game cookies, signed poster, soundtrack, PLUS two tickets to the NYC premier (or a showing near you).

  • Pledge $2,500 or more
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    3 backers

    Executive Producer credit, which will be seen before the movie in the credits, in the end credits, and on the movie poster. Plus, all of above.

  • Pledge $5,000 or more
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    1 backer

    A custom designed Chinatown Fair theme arcade cabinet! You get an authentic arcade cabinet for your home, decorated with artwork inspired by New York's greatest arcade!! Plus, all of above. (This reward is only available within the United States).

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