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An all-encompassing RPG-simulator hybrid with strong monster-raising and multiplayer features.
An all-encompassing RPG-simulator hybrid with strong monster-raising and multiplayer features.
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Monthly Update #5: Composer Message, Live Recording, January Pick-a-Magnus!

Posted by Magnus Games LLP (Creator)

Hey guys! It's the first update of the year and we hope that everyone's doing great so far. We can't wait to share more about the progress with you guys! Since people have been asking about the progress of the music previously, here's a message from our beloved composer:

Hi Backers, Falk here from the music team!  

We haven’t talked much about the music since the final days of the campaign, so we thought it would be a good time to share a little more on how we are approaching the music in the game.  

As mentioned before, the team puts a strong emphasis on the importance of music for video games, and I can’t be happier to be working on this project to realize the game’s potential in this regard. We ourselves, as developers and gamers understand the power that music has, we also want the characters in the game universe to share our passion for music. That passion is going to manifest in in-game in many small yet important ways.  

Aside from festivals inherent to the cultures of Ethia that include song and dance, many people living in Ethia are also aware of a trio of famous traveling musicians who go from town to town to entertain the townsfolk.  

We previously hinted that entering buildings will cause the music to change dynamically. Today, we’d like to share more about that concept - when indoors, the music of the locale will change on-the-fly to a special piano trio arrangement of whatever music is playing, performed by this enigmatic musical ensemble.  

We want to convey the intimate relationship that the residents of Vokka Island have with the music that exists within their universe, and we feel this is an awesome yet fresh way to show it - that when you enter the living or work place of the various inhabitants, the game changes the music to something that they relate to, perhaps a rendition that they may have heard at some point in their lives played by an ensemble that exists within the universe. Who knows, there may be side-quests and other content related to the trio waiting to be found by intrepid players!  

While we are not ready to show an example of these piano arrangements just yet, let’s tangent to a completely different topic regarding the music of Re:Legend - the first official reveal of the music to be heard in the game’s first area, Vokka Coast.

(Disclaimer: Work in progress!)  

There is still a ways to go, but SOUNDTREC has been busy working on the music side. Music can help tell a story by evoking certain emotions, and that is something we strongly want to leverage that for this first playable area of the game outside of the farm and village, to set the tone for the rest of the game.  

Vokka Coast is a lush, peaceful area - sandy beaches, tropical vegetation, with its numerous little secrets waiting to be discovered, surrounded by the vast blue sea. Naturally, the music wants to represent this environment, suggesting lapping waves and the salty sea breeze.  

Furthermore, we also wanted to capture the Hero’s feelings while traversing this area. Washed up on the island without any memories, a sense of longing that can’t be explained permeates the Hero’s heart, perhaps a little uncertainty at being thrust into a different land, yet striving to do the best they can to build a new life.

On the real-world end, as mentioned the track above is a WIP version. Many other parts of the ensemble will be recorded at a later date along with the rest of the soundtrack, but the current demo version already has live performances by Shota Nakama on guitar, as well as two very special guests:  

We mentioned there’s a famous musician trio within the land of Ethia. In the real world, they’re represented by a very talented local trio of musicians who are actually recording the aforementioned piano trio arrangements together.  

Today, we can reveal two of the three, and in a special video we’d like to introduce Arthur Kam on drums, and Daniel Foong on bass recording for Vokka’s Coast at Nomad Studios, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.  

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Want to know more about Arthur and Daniel? Who’s the mysterious third member of the piano trio? Will they show up in game? Stay tuned for more on the next music update!

That's the end of Falk's message and next up, we have the January Pick-a-Magnus mini-game that many of you have been looking forward to! The rules are similar to the previous entry as well.

Pick-a-Magnus Rules:  

1) We will be posting a set of Magnus concept labelled from A - J.  

2) You will go through every single one of them and select your favorite concept.  

3) Leave a comment about your pick and explain why.  

4) The Magnus with the most votes will be added to Re:Legend in-game.  

Note: you can only select ONE, so pick carefully.


The winner will be selected on next Monday so the monthly Pick-a-Magnus will last for a week. Have fun!

A lot has been going on behind the scene for the game but we don't really want to reveal them just yet, so you can discover them as you play it in the future. We don't want to spoil the game for you. ;)

That is all for this month's update and see you again next month! <3

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    1. Missing avatar

      Thomas Patrick on

      Need more female humanoid monsters like faries, mermaids or harpies.

    2. frostings on

      I. we need a cute slimey cat magnus

    3. Lanna Elizabeth Huxel on

      Question about the magnus: Will magnus have unlockable skill sets as they grow and have classes sort of. Ex. Sparkfox with greater defense option if trained to be a guard magnus instead of a fire mage magnus? I think it could add more unique characteristics making it where your FireSpark fox can be different than someone else's.

    4. Dorian Alexander Patterson on

      H - 'Cause it's a Cute baby!

    5. Pawel Krol on


      All those going for the ninetails, remember there was a firefox winner in September!

    6. Missing avatar

      Aurelien Jolly on

      F - a because .... PIG WITH WINGS ALLWAYS WIN :3

    7. Missing avatar

      Roy Chua Yue Hian

      It was a hard choice between B and D. But I’ll go with B, cos I’ve always loved those bug types

    8. Missing avatar

      Dylan Sabatos on

      H!! It's the first one that caught my eye with it's cute little baby fox feel with it's binky looking thing in it's mouth!!

    9. William Peterson on

      I because the thought of a happy little sprite being in control of a angry ooze is adroble

    10. Missing avatar

      Jarrett on

      A. I think its cute

    11. Missing avatar

      Brigitte on

      I. Really cute.

    12. Missing avatar

      Vaelone on


      Want to know what it's deal is.

    13. Missing avatar

      Knightmage14 on

      E as I love foxes and I just recently finished the Korean drama with the heroine being a female nine-tailed fox I actually enjoy it even more!

    14. Missing avatar

      Lee Ann Bethune on

      E it looks like it will be fast and adorable!

    15. Missing avatar

      Briana N on

      I pick J. It looks like a dog's worst nightmare - ninja squirrel/chipmunk thing with a mobile tree hideout and an arsenal of weapons ready to attack.

    16. Alex Tsang on

      I pick D because it looks badass. We already have a fox so I really hope D wins. it just looks like the type of magnus that'll grow pretty big and look super intimidating considering we already have a lot of cute magnus' that have won other months.

    17. Buff Hot Frog on

      E is my favorite, it reminds me of a vulpix

    18. Matthew Lee Billings on

      E, The intensity of the eyes take it over the top.

    19. Missing avatar

      Samuel Gilmore on

      Going to pick J, it is very unique and makes me curious as to what it will be like.

    20. Missing avatar

      Mitchell Clark on

      J - That one definitely looks unique compared to the other Magnus that have already been announced. I love how it looks sort of like a two part creature, where it's either like a clam in that the little mouse thing is the main organism and the outer part is more like a shell, or it might even be a symbiotic relationship where the little creature and the outer shell are separate organisms that live together and both benefit (though I guess it could also be parasitic). Anyway, I just think J looks the most interesting and unique, and I'd be really excited to learn more about it and see its evolutions.

    21. Missing avatar

      Logan Daniel Smith on

      I’m voting H, the little baby wolf is adorable and I can just picture it slowly becoming more and more mature and awesome looking with each evolution.

    22. Missing avatar

      Pierce Newton on

      E, because who doesn't want a firefox.

    23. Missing avatar

      Clint on

      I'd have to say E because I like the ninetailed fox design

    24. Sarah Landry on

      F for fox because it's adorable and I love it

    25. Missing avatar

      Ledunn96 on

      F - I chose F because I think that the design has the more tough appearance that others have been commenting about and still has its own cute charms. I think that the little boar is adorable and would love to see the little guy in game.

    26. Missing avatar

      Kongpop Chadmaneesuwan on

      C because it looks like samurai

    27. Sgt_Llama on

      I has my vote. Look how happy he is!

      Also do we really need yet another fox?

    28. Max on

      I, because it would be awesome for it to have branching evolution into stuff like poisonous slime, acidic slime, crystal slime, etc.

    29. Jordi Lancel on


      Because this is just the most adorable Baby Puppy ( that's right, double cute!)

    30. Henrietta on

      J, love little squirrel woodland creature buddies and its got an eyeball aesthetic that i love

    31. Missing avatar

      David A Ferraro on

      Gotta vote E on this one, Those fluffy tails look lovely to rest your head on for a quick nap during an adventure♪

    32. Chris Chen

      J, wow no love for the Jayster?
      I think it would be great at misdirection. Shake that boogie wooga tree whilst J darts out and steals you blind while you're gawking at its antics.

    33. Joe on

      going with E reminds me of the fox pokemon vulpix and like the kutisue from like naruto and some mounts from mmorpgs i am playing on

    34. Lauren Katz

      e is adorable!

    35. Missing avatar

      Bobby Gobby on

      H, because what is more adorable than a baby fox?

    36. Amelia M Thompson on

      H!! That Paci looks so cute! Baby Monsters <3

    37. Soft Frost on

      Me and my friend decide on E. It's the most solid looking one. It's cute, and fluffy looking.

    38. Little Wings on

      I would love to see "I" in the game. We've already had a fox, but I wouldn't mind another one too! :)

    39. Amy Coulson on

      E, I like the fox look

    40. Missing avatar

      kyle benio on

      G! I love it, it’s like a cute jellyfish!

    41. Kelly on

      My favorite is F. I'm a fan of pigs and would love to see a pig-inspired magnus!