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An all-encompassing RPG-simulator hybrid with strong monster-raising and multiplayer features.
An all-encompassing RPG-simulator hybrid with strong monster-raising and multiplayer features.
7,385 backers pledged S$ 630,700 to help bring this project to life.

Update #16: Nintendo Switch, 3000 Backers Special & Dual Swords Set

Posted by Magnus Games LLP (Creator)

We're currently half way through the campaign and we have already hit the very first console stretch goal! Great work everyone! Thank you so much for spreading the words and help us achieved the mission impossible. We cannot thank you enough for this and finally everyone can enjoy the game on Nintendo Switch.


Now that we have hit the Nintendo Switch stretch goal, you will be able to select it as your preferred platform at the end of the campaign. If you have pledged for multiple copies, you can select different platform for each copy as there's no restrictions. We've always aimed to release games on Nintendo's consoles as we grew up playing their awesome games and we would love to be part of their history. We are one step closer to it right now thanks to all of you!

Now let us move on to our 3000 backers special! Today we will be looking at Triemer Snail!(This feels like biology class for some reason...) 


The Triemer Snail is classified as a linear evolution Magnus and as you can see, it only has one path of evolution. There are pro and cons for every Magnus and linear evolution Magnus are Magnus that grows at tremendous speed and are easy to handle. They are suitable for tamers who are impatient and do not enjoy complex raising method. Triemer Snail is a great early game Magnus and it will grow faster than the other Magnus that requires specific care and unique evolution conditions. They might look slow and sluggish but they are extremely useful at the beginning so you might want to keep one or two of them early on!

Next up is our Dual swords weapon and armor design result! The winner is.... weapon B and armor B combination! Here's the Sunraid Ryder Set! Whoo!


As expected of you guys, the results are one sided as usual and we find that really intriguing. We will do our best to make sure the next choice is tougher than ever! Let us know if you enjoy being part of the development cycle and if you would love to participate in more of them in the upcoming updates.

Lastly, you guys have cleared the first Backers Challenge board! We were surprised by the clearing speed and we are looking forward to see how fast can you guys clear the second board! :D



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    1. onan

      Congrats! hitting these console goals though, would people be able to add an additional copy to their tiers via add-ons? Like if they want both PC and Switch. Would both platforms get the bonus content at that point, or would that not apply to add-ons?


    2. Missing avatar


      @Nicole when we reach a goal/item in the backershop it will be in the game ... everything with "backer" like the "backer sword" will be exclusive for ks backers

    3. Missing avatar

      Nicole on

      I'm just a little confused what exactly does the backer's shop do for us? Also thank you for all the updates <3

    4. Skysong on

      I love being included in the development process and having a vote on designs, voicing opinions, and asking questions! It makes me feel more involved in the game as I've had a little bit to do with it's creation ^_^

    5. Missing avatar

      Smashedwookie on

      @Matthew From what i understand of the backer board once we unlock the reward we will get them in game, the one thing that is not completely clear is how we obtain them in-game

    6. Token on

      This may have already been asked, but will we have the ability to dye weapons/armor?

    7. Missing avatar

      Smashedwookie on

      @Dan dont know what MMO your talking about >.> and i'm pretty sure the reason we see image showing M or F is because it might have small difference between genders (probably in the chest area)

    8. Matthew Holloway on

      Love the armor & weapons even more with the added colors! Also loved being a part of the development cycle. I'm not 100% clear on what the clearing of the 1st Backer Shop board means. Does that mean that we get those items when the game launches, or that they'll be included in the game, or that we get the option to purchase them as add-ons in the backer kit shop? Congrats on the Switch goal being met! Now lets get to that PS4 goal!

    9. Dan Campbell on

      @Smashedwookie Oh, armours aren't gender locked? That's really good! I was worried cos they always said 'Armour M' or 'Armour F' on the other concept arts and in a lot of games whenever there's a big difference between gendered armours it tends to suck. I'm sure everyone's played one of those MMOs where everything becomes weird bikini armour if you play as a lady. >_>

    10. Dan Campbell on

      Yay, the B set won!! I love the colours! It looks way more deserty with that awesome sun aesthetic!

    11. Missing avatar

      Chauntelle E Loveall on

      Omg we hit the Switch. I am so happy. I live my virtual life anywhere now. I love the armor and swords. Omg I can't wait for this game to come out.

    12. Olivier Doriath on

      Did anybody notice a "N???" goal replaced the first "????" goal!? WHAT DOES IT MEAN I WANNA KNOW!!!

    13. Darian N. on

      Woo Party! As expected the coolest looking ones won.

    14. Lillianah on

      Yes, I love being able to vote and give my input.

    15. Missing avatar

      Shadowflare on

      Of course it means a lot to us that we're able to give our input, and that you have little events/games for us. it's made a community before the game has even come out! I love it.

    16. Ehlysa Alterra Pableo on

      Wonderful, thank you for letting me know about this!

    17. Missing avatar

      Smashedwookie on

      @ Ehlysa they already said that armors are not gender locked

    18. Ehlysa Alterra Pableo on

      Can the Sunraid Ryder be equipped by M & F, please? :)

    19. Missing avatar

      Smashedwookie on

      @ Aralu they said release for console will happen after PC release and you will choose which platform you want the game on with the survey after the KS end

    20. Aralu on

      Yeah!! Switch goal!!! Can you explain a bit more on how we will be able to select what platform we like and will it be the same release or not?

    21. Missing avatar

      Alissa Loucka on

      It's really awesome to have a say in this game. Absolutely love the look of the armor/weapon combo! Thank you guys for letting us have a voice, as well as for all the hard work you are putting in!

    22. Missing avatar

      Leopoldo Z.Flores on

      Great For B/B!!! from the moment i saw them i thought they were perfect for the desert, the armor has a visor to cover your eyes from the sand and the weapons reminds me of all the needles that grow from cactuses. Love them!

    23. Missing avatar

      Jacqueline Brefczynski on

      I'm so happy this reached the switch port! That's the console I wanted it for <3

    24. Missing avatar

      Brittney Malmgren on

      So I've heard of kickstarter for a while now, but never wanted to join to back anything until I found this game on a forum for harvest moon. I instantly had to join to back this; and I'm so glad I did! I love these daily updates! I pretty much live for waking up to them now. And I adore the little polls and getting to add input for how the game is developed. Once we get the finished game and can see the chosen armor/sword/Magnus it will give such a nice feeling to the backers- even if their choice wasn't chosen.

      Now, I have a question about the armor. Some games have a way to dye their armor to change the color. Has Magnus thought about making this a possibility? Maybe making it a stretch goal if at the end of the funding period all goals are met (even the 2 mystery ones)? I love the sunraider armor, but was thinking it would also looks really cool in purple, red, and white/gray. It could be the "moonraider" equivalent :3

    25. Missing avatar

      Vaelone on

      More often than not kickstarter projects just feel like you're pre-ordering a game. But this project has definitely been a lot more involving so far.

      I assume these daily updates are only for the duration of the funding part but if you manage to make like weekly or biweekly updates after that I'm sure a lot of people would appreciate it.

    26. Sam Puckett on

      I love being involved in development! Being a backer for this game feels like I matter. I hope the game is as good as the communication and fan involvement has been!

    27. Mike Sweet on

      I love the daily updates and having stuff to vote on so often. I really feel like I'm doing my part to help shape this game more than ever,

    28. Missing avatar

      Smashedwookie on

      @ Dawn They said they will try but its not something they have full control over, some compagnie dont wanna play nice with others.

      @DeusVolt strawpoll can be pretty easy to derail as you can vote from multiple ip

    29. DeusVolt on

      here is a thing called it's perfect for organizing choices and having the vote tallied.

    30. Missing avatar

      Joe Dehler on

      Whoo! Sunraid Ryder set. Looks sweet. Love these polls.

    31. Missing avatar

      Vaelone on

      I for one do appreciate how you're involving backers in these small decisions via polls, keep them coming.

      Although it would be nice if those that pledged for duo pack had 2 votes to avoid potential internal strife.

    32. Jeff W. on

      I'm loving these polls! So glad to see armor/weapon B won!

    33. Christian on

      I love being able to have a vote and having a small say in some design elements. Please keep the polls going! I actually look forward to them and they are a great way to engage us and make people feel really good about the project.

    34. Dawn

      I'm sure it's been asked a million times already, but will you folks be aiming for cross play between console and PC? I was hoping to get a PS4 copy and still play with my friends on PC.

      Congrats on hitting your first console goal!

    35. Lowe

      I think I saw this somewhere in the comments already, but can you confirm when console versions will be released? It will be later than PC, correct?