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$986 pledged of $5,000 goal
By Imani
$986 pledged of $5,000 goal


The Vision:

Provide access to REAL FOOD for mamas seeking to feed their kids the most nutrient & mineral dense foods on the planet through a Sprout Growing & Veggie Fermenting Cooperative. A group of six-twelve dedicated “mamas” will take turns tending to shelves of sprouts and jars of fermenting foods in exchange for a week’s supply of super nutritious, often unaffordable, super foods. They will gather weekly to plant, prep and prepare foods in weekly “Tribal Batch Cooking Jams” while rotating child care & food preparation responsibilities. This hands-on approach to food doubles as an incredible learning environment for homeschooled kids! The idea is simple and the ability to make it happen overnight is practical – we just need a little bit of help from our friends (aka Y-O-U)!

Project History:

Imani has owned & operated Alchemy Café, an all organic living foods café in the under-nourished urban city (aka Hartford, CT) for the past decade (www.alchemyjuicebar.com) where she has raised her six homeschooled activist kids. The premise behind the dream has been educational from the forefront. Over the years, the space grew to offer weekly films, ongoing fitness & food preparation classes and guest experts like Real Food Farmer Dan Kittredge (www.realfoodcampaign.org). The realization that in order to be financially sustainable according to permaculture principles began a challenge that led us on a path to re-think our model in order to make the lifestyle we believe everyone deserves accessible to all – one where we grow our own food!

A lovely 20 acre local farm that has been organically tended to for the past thirty years is currently in need of some passionate caretakers. An active effort the past six months includes the hiring of a professional consultant (www.ediblesadvocatealliance.org) to assist us in developing a working farm business plan outlining the feasibility of our dream farm to include a full scale sprout operation - and it looks good!

So the thought is, why not start right now in the space we already have and launch our Phase One Pilot Program right now??? We have decided it is time to get our hands dirty and grow greens for the upcoming winter! Starting this January a group of committed mamas are ready to grow. We have been meeting weekly for the past 12 weeks clarifying our intentions and refining our skills and are confident that we can produce an incredible and competitive line of sprouts and fermented foods.


Sprouts and fermented living foods are sustainable and highly nutritious and delicious. Kids need to be eating more greens - period! We make green juices with sprouts, cucumbers and celery, add them to salads and make raw food with them. We would like to expand our production to include sunflower & pea shoot sprouts (trays) and other interesting jar based sprouts (lentils, clover, mung) as well as a variety of fermented veggies.

Some of the stuff we currently make (or grow) in the Alchemy Kitchen:

• Wheatgrass Sprouts for juicing
• Local live kale chips that kids love!!!!!
• Fermented veggies – mostly cabbage krauts & kim chee
• Kombucha & Kefir (great for smoothies!)

How it would work:

In our current space we would be able to grow 48 trays of sprouts and 24 jars of fermented veggies each week. According to our numbers we would be able to retail a one pound bag of sprouts at 50% the going market price with the implementation of volunteer labor. Each volunteer puts in 15 hours a month in exchange for a weekly food supply consisting of sprouts, kefir, fermented veggies and kombucha. One volunteer is in charged of scheduling (typical of most food co-ops) and another in charge of childcare. Sales of excess products will be managed through the café and profits will go towards sustaining café operation. Weekly hands-on classes led by the volunteers will be open to the community for free to demonstrate the benefits and ease of producing your own food. The success of Phase One will provide us with the time needed to refine our product line as well as provide a solid foundation for the expansion of our operation and hands-on agricultural learning environment while preserving precious farmland while empowering others to begin to understand the importance of growing our own food.

What we need:

Seeking $5,000 to start our operations. This will enable us to finalize our business plan, buy seed, trays, additional lights, soil, minerals and packaging materials for sprouts, jars & labels.

The end result:

• Healthy families first and foremost!

• Documentation of our process will be recorded by group members in the form of a workbook or online tutorial to establish a template to be duplicated by moms in other communities.

• Video demos featuring the Growing Green (Sprout & Stuff) Co-op will be highlighted on Imani’s website www.mamalution.com (the revolution of moms taking back the planet).

• A children’s book on growing sprouts will be created by one of our Mampreneurs – volunteer member Summer Sage.

• The upcoming release of Mamalicious: Recipes for a High Vibration Lifestyle by Imani & Eden Love will include a section dedicated to the project.

Check out the High Vibration Lifestyle Blogs on our website at www.mamalution.com

Other relevant links:

Awakening the Dreamer http://awakeningthedreamer.org/

Transition Town Initiative http://transitionnetwork.org/

Weston Price Foundation http://www.westonaprice.org/

Hippocrates Institute http://www.hippocratesinst.org/

Important to Note!
 If donors like you collectively pledge at least $5,000, the Alchemy Café will transform itself to Sprout Central in the new year! Families will be eating greens in the middle of winter! If we don’t meet our goal, then the project gets nothing. What a great gift to give this holiday season! Please consider giving whatever you can afford. Your credit card won't be charged for the amount you pledge unless we get the entire $5,000, or more, in funding by the end of this campaign.

Also, please help us SPREAD THE WORD through all of your social networking venues! If you know anyone else who is passionate about food freedom, access to real food, women owned businesses, women’s empowerment, preserving farmland, children, education……forward this link to them! We are much more powerful together than any one of us alone! This is the issue of our times…help us get off to a head start!

If you are truly passionate about preserving farmland, have funds to support an incredible opportunity and want more details about our dream farm project, please contact me personally at Imani@thegreenvibration.com

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