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East WillyB is revolutionizing social television by creating a new American Latino sitcom, built and distributed via social media! Read more

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This project was successfully funded on June 1, 2012.

East WillyB is revolutionizing social television by creating a new American Latino sitcom, built and distributed via social media!

About this project

The Inspiration behind East WillyB:

Lets be straight. Today’s television landscape is increasingly flat when it comes to representations of Latinos. While the 2010 census revealed that with over 50 million Latinos in the United States, 1 out of every 6 people are of Hispanic or Latino origin, that same year, the National Latino Media Council (NLMC) cited a decline in Latino diversity at every major network. Yet these same networks feel entitled to capture our attention for 4-6 hours a day, oversaturating our viewing experience with Latino drug dealers, gardeners, maids, prostitutes, and gang members, as if those were the only jobs we were capable of handling.

East WillyB was created to provide an alternative to the limited representations of Latinos in the mainstream media.

La inspiración detrás East WillyB:

Vamos a hablar claro. El panorama en la televisión de hoy en día es cada vez más monótono cuando se trata de la representación de los latinos. Mientras en el 2010 el censo reveló que con más de 50 millones de latinos en los Estados Unidos; 1 de cada 6 personas son de origen hispano o latino, el mismo año el National Latino Media Council (NLMC) denunció un decaimiento de diversidad latinoamericana en las mayores cadenas de televisión. Aún así, estas mismas cadenas se sienten en la posición de capturar nuestra atención durante 4 a 6 horas diarias, sobresaturando nuestra experiencia como audiencia con imagines de traficantes de droga, jardineros, sirvientas, prostitutas, gangueros, como si estos fueran los únicos trabajos que somos capaces de hacer.

East WillyB se creó para proveer una alternativa a esta representación limitada de los latinos en los medios de comunicación masivos dominantes (mainstream media).

En East WillyB nosotros entendemos la importancia de capturar la experiencia latina multifacética en los Estados Unidos, porque la hemos vivido y experimentado. Nosotros somos la nueva generación de latinos, algunos nacidos en los Estados Unidos y otros nacidos en Latinoamérica. Hablamos spanglish y ni de aquí ni de allá. Concebida en una cafetería en Brooklyn, esta serie se creó luego de que nuestros escritores, actores y productores crecieran cansados de ver los mismos estereotipos de latinos en los medios de comunicación masivos. Así que tomamos cartas en el asunto, creando y distribuyendo esta serie a través de la web y directamente a nuestra comunidad… Tu.

Hollywood Latinos support East WillyB!

We at East WillyB understand the importance of capturing the multi-faceted Latino experience in the United States because we have lived it and experienced it. We are the new generation Latino, some American born, some born in America Latina, Spanglish speaking, ni de alli, ni de alla. Conceived in a coffee shop in Brooklyn, the series was created after our writers, actors, and producers grew tired seeing the same limited portrayals of Latinos featured in mainstream media. So instead, we took matters into our own hands, creating and distributing the series directly through the web to our community…you.

We premiered our pilot season in April 2011 to give the world a taste of our vision and were overwhelmed with the enthusiastic response. From fans to bloggers to major new stations, the answer was clear, East WillyB’s time was now. We received over 40,000 views within just 4 weeks of lauching and were covered by TV, print and online media ranging from CNN Español, Daily News, Fox News Latino, MTV, and more.

We’ve spent the last year learning from both the industry and our fans. We continued developing the show, traveling the country and sharing it with new audiences, Latinos and non-Latinos a like, and the one universal response has been: we want to see more episodes and please make them longer! We’ve created a model for the series that allows for multiple distribution platforms including TV, online streaming, and VOD.That’s where kickstarter comes in.

Why We Need Kickstarter: 

We’ve developed the series into a dream vision: 12 episode season, with episodes running 7-9 minutes in length. That is a 91 minute season equal to the length of a feature film! That’s a hell of a lot of East WillyB for ya and this season is chock full of comedy and drama. It will leave you wanting even more! 

But we need your help to make it a reality. The success of East WillyB has been due to the dedication of the creative team. Our creators, producers, production crew, social media maven, and talented cast have donated their time because they believe in the mission and vision of the series. But we cannot continue to expand on free labor alone.

In order to take the series to the next level and continue to provide the high quality programming that our fans demand of us, we need your financial support.

Below is a list of items that we are raising funds to cover:

  • Crew
  • Cast
  • Camera Equipment
  • Lighting Equipment
  • Sound Equipment
  • Music
  • Craft Services
  • Wardrobe
  • Production Design
  • Locations
  • Post-Production
  • Publicity/Marketing Costs

Thank you for checking out our Kickstarter page.  No contribution is too small. Any donation would help our project tremendously. Please share with your familia and friends. Let’s show the world they’ve been waiting for East WillyB.

On behalf of the East WillyB cast and crew, we would like to thank you all for your continued support! We hope to keep making you laugh as we bring you the bigger, badder, better Season 1 of East WillyB!


Do you have to reach your goal? Yes. We need to reach or exceed our goal in order to keep any of the pledges for the film. If we don’t reach our goal, no one will be charged for their pledge and it will be as if the whole thing never happened. It’s all or nothing!

What happens if you exceed the goal amount? The more the merrier. Seriously, making a 91 minute series is no small tasks, and even at $50,000 we will be pulling a lot of favors to make this happen. If we exceed our goal, it will help make the shooting process smoother and allow for better locations, costuming, music, you name it. Plus, it will help us market the series after its done.

What’s the release date? TBD. We’d like to release the first episode September 2012, but that all depends on what happens next. We could get a TV deal, right?

Can I give my reward as a gift? Yes, you can purchase a pledge and gift it to someone else. They will be notified about the gift and who it was from. We can even ship them their reward if you leave us a note.

To view the pilot season of East WillyB visit


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    GRACIAS!! Every little bit helps our journey. You will receive:

    • an honorary shout-out on our Facebook and Twitter page. Plus, if we ever cross paths in person you can bet you'll be getting the biggest and sincerest GRACIAS for believing in EWB, thank you!

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    You are amazing! For your generous contribution you will receive:

    • An honorary shout-out on our Facebook and Twitter page

    • Your name on our personal "Thank You" section on our website.

    • A Digital Media Kit with downloads that include EWB Wallpaper and Social Media Icons/Avatars.

    • PLUS a personal post card from the Cast & Crew! We will send it with all of our love and gratitude for your contribution to EWB!

    • And our Digital Media Kit with downloads that include EWB Wallpaper & Social Media Icons/Avatars

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    Wow! We know times are tough, and your contribution means a great deal to us! You will receive ALL OF THE ABOVE:

    • PLUS an exclusive package that includes an MP3 track from EWB from the highly talented and vocal genius Flaco Navaja + online access to Bloopers of each episode!

    • PLUS EWB Fan Pack including our exclusive Tote Bag, stickers & more!!

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    Now it’s getting really good! You will receive ALL OF THE ABOVE:

    • EWB Fan Pack including our exclusive Tote Bag, stickers & more!

    • PLUS our exclusive EWB Poster Autographed for you + a Digital Download of our full season at the conclusion of our online run.

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    Pledge $150 or more

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    You're incredible! On top of all the goodies from above, you also receive a walk on role on East WillyB! There are only 20 spots available! Congratulations on the beginning of your acting career!

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    Can it possibly get any better! Yes it can! You will receive ALL OF THE ABOVE:

    • PLUS our exclusive East WillyB T-SHIRT and limited edition Bushwick Photography prints!

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    These perks are ridiculous! You will receive ALL OF THE ABOVE:

    • PLUS the chance to be an extra on the EWB Set, a personal invitation to our wrap party (Transportation not included) AND a signed script from our producers! WEPA!

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    WHAT!?! There’s more? Claro que si! For your generous contribution you will receive ALL of the above PLUS:

    • A personal phone call from creators and an invitation for you and a friend to the season premiere! You will get the chance to walk the red carpet with the cast and crew (transportation not included)! Hang out with the us, take pictures, chill and have fun!

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    Dios mio! It keeps getting better! We love our fans and your contribution means so much to our success! For your lovely pledge you will receive ALL OF THE ABOVE:

    • PLUS an Associate Producer credit on the website, episodes AND a personal dinner with a cast member and a creator! Delicious! We’ll take you to our favorite eateries in Brooklyn and show you the real Bushwick, Brooklyn!

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    You are an amazing person and your love and contributions are about to make this happen! You will receive ALL OF THE ABOVE:

    • PLUS Co-Producer credit on the show!!

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    You are an angel and an amazing investor and believer in our vision! For your brilliant and extremely generous contribution you will receive ALL OF THE ABOVE:

    PLUS Producer Credit PLUS our show Creators will come to your hometown and do a private screening for you and your guests in your home or wherever you chose! Your support has been instrumental and it’s the very least we can do!

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