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$1,474 pledged of $35,500 goal
$1,474 pledged of $35,500 goal

Sub-Gate System: A less expensive way to manufacture Bummpies?

Connecting four (4) Bummpies with a sub-gate and sprue may allow us to reduce the cost of Bummpies!!

Three Potential Risks:

  • The secondary operation of separating the Bummpies form the sub-gate may be cost prohibitive.
  •  The polymer may not flow through the sub-gate properly.
  • The sub-gate may leave an unacceptable cosmetic blemish.
  • Image 190933 original
  • Image 190934 original

CAD Design changes

iPhone 5 Bummpies:  larger radius and Now with no under-cuts

We increased the external radius on the top and bottom edges...it just feels better and is very similar to the iPhone 4(s) Bummpie radius (Image 1).

The PSA relief on the inside of the Bummpie had a angle that was perpendicular to the curve, but this caused an undercut and is not suitable for injection molding.  Simple modification to the CAD file solved the problem (thanks Protomold for verifying the design)! (Image 2)

  • Image 190929 original
  • Image 190930 original

Not Your Average Adhesive!

3M VHB Adhesive is amazing!

Tough, resilient, viscoelastic adhesive, last long under extreme conditions, helps absorb vibrations and impacts. Resistant to shear forces...keeps Bummpies on your phone!

  • Image 190544 original

Early Adopters and Beta Testers...FREE production Bummpies Included!

For those willing to be an Early Adopter or Beta Tester you will receive a free production Bummpies kit (March 2013)!  Thank you for your support.

Early Adopter Limited Edition Colors?!

Backers will help choose the limited edition colors...

  • Image 189612 original