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A surreal, silent short-film about human desire, told by the mind of X, our universal character who gives everything for one desire.

A surreal, silent short-film about human desire, told by the mind of X, our universal character who gives everything for one desire. Read More
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Jué Karollys
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Jué Karollys

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The desire itself is empty... A fear, with many masks, comes to us to either dominate or to be dominated... which is your side?


A Magenta Desire is a silent short-film about the most intimate part of our minds: the place where we desire. A complex and colorful adventure, telling the story of X, a normal person, in the normal world, that lives every second for his next desire, and the next one and the next one; sound familiar? 

The story is told by our character's subconscious. It's a time lapse into the very same second that a desire comes to flourish, realized through the medium of a surrealistic silent short-film; a colorful mind-travel toward just a single vision: a magenta paper plane.

With a compelling artistic design, the film travels through color and space, reflecting the interior of our character's psyche, and exploring the circumstances of the modern mind.

A Magenta Desire was filmed in Buenos Aires by an independent group of artists from all around Latin America, most of whom come from different artistic disciplines, from painting to music, photography to theater. As a creative collective, we have spent the past few months pooling all of our energies to create this film, depicting the universal struggles and experiences associated with our paths to realize our most intimate desires. Immeasurable collaborative and personal artistic growth has been the result of this process, and we sincerely hope to be able to share the final creation with you.

The impressive Argentine band Acullico from the northern province of Salta, has composed an originial soundtrack for the film which you can check out here:


The final essential phase of any audiovisual project: post-production.

All Kickstarter funds will go to:

  • Final Cut treatment
  • After FX treatment. (As a silent film, all other elements of the film will be even more essential!)
  • Sound Effects (again, ambient noise becomes our dialogue with no script, so this is a very important element)
  • The Original Soundtrack: Band + Studio Recording (a full music studio for recording the original soundtrack, for which the director must travel from Buenos Aires to Salta for the recording) 
  • Publicity
  • Entrance fees to local film festivals


We are a Latin American independent film collective and have been working together for two and a half years in Buenos Aires, though hailing from the diverse backgrounds of Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Uruguay and Ecuador. This film is in the process of finally capturing our desired collective esthetic as a creative group, and it has been a pleasure for all of us to be involved in this cultural and artistic exchange of visions.

Magenta was born 4 years ago, and has since had a time to mature and develop, as did we. We've reworked our vision again and again to capture the sought-after esthetic, complemented by a strong story, lighting, acting, symbolism, and editing techniques to create the film we're so close to making a reality. It's been a wonderful adventure discovering our personal and collective style through months of experimenting and tweaking all of these elements to achieve our desired result. 

About 30 young creatives have worked on this project so far, and almost all of them for free. Detailed lighting, patient and thorough art-direction, and a dedicated team are a promising combination for a successful production. We're currently working with a young film company, PSYNERGIA, that would strengthen our existing team and fulfill our vision to bring A Magenta Desire to completion. 

In the name of all the team, I want to thank Kickstarter for being such a supportive and creative platform, and thank you for supporting this project in any way possible, as you're really providing us a dream come true!

Jue Karrolys. director


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