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Update #3

3 days to go!!!


Well everyone, it's been a ride! 3 days down and we're still largely shy of the 8K goal. If you know of anyone who might be willing to make a pledge this week, please help spread the word. And remember: $1000 gets your face in food -- your own unique character bento, as well as every other reward option on the list. 

Thanks to everyone who pledged. Of course, Kickstarter will not charge you anything for trying to make this pledge drive a success. If it doesn't happen then, well, better luck next time... and see you all in Japan!!!

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Update #2

<3 Japan Society


Japan Society has tweeted our project, which you can see here:!/japansociety/status/89366904577339392

Last summer I had the pleasure of choosing the winner of the Virtual Bento Battle! during their j-CATION festivities. The big winner was "Woman in a Hilltop Teahouse" by NYC's own Megan Canter. Amazing, right?

Most importantly, as of June 19th, Japan Society has raised a whopping 9 million dollars toward the Japan Earthquake Relief Fund. Amazing! 

You can find more information on how you can help here.

Update #1

Week One – 8%


It's been about a week and we're at 8%. Thanks to all who've joined in!

Some of you may be asking: why $8,000? Because it's expensive to put a book together, especially one whose content is on the other side of the planet. 

Here's the production schedule:
–September/October/November: all new photos taken, text edited, and layout designed
–January: printing
–April: release party here in NYC (you will all be invited)

I'm not looking to make some large profit off of this Kickstarter project. It's more of a break-even scenario, with most of it going back into artworks, gifts for the Japanese mothers making the bentos, and travel/equipment expenses. It'll be a book worth your pledge, and at the $65 level not only do you get a copy of the book (both ePub and physical editions), you also get the first two books, Face Food and Face Food Recipes, personally signed. 

The word is slowly getting out. This whole thing is one big experiment, so the worst case would be another paperback book with a little more push behind it. But I think we can make some awesome art with this – inspired by the Japanese mothers I'm going to visit – and further spread the love with an iPad edition of the book. The world needs to have more fun with its food, and keep it healthy!

So please forward this Kickstarter to your friends and fam, and help spread the word of The Face Food Bento Book Project!


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  • Pledge $25 or more
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    ePub and PDF (viewable on Mac/PC or color e-readers that support the format) of the Kickstarter-exclusive photo book, Monsters in Tokyo, with your name in it as a pledge supporter, and one copy of the original hardcover book, Face Food Recipes.

  • Pledge $65 or more
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    PDF, ePUB (iPad only), and paperback edition of the new book plus copies of both hardcover books, Face Food and Face Food Recipes, each personally signed by the author.

  • Pledge $100 or more
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    All of the above plus a selection of cute and rare bento box items bought by the author in Tokyo (selection will vary, but each set will include at least one bento box and some cute character bento-making accessories).

  • Pledge $250 or more
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    2 backers

    All of the above plus your name in the new book as a patron and a set of 6 original travel photo prints (each set is different) from the author taken during his time in Japan, and each FRAMED in a unique, one-of-a-kind frame. Instant wall art! (Please specify if you want all of your photographs to be of character bentos. Some have used these prints as kitchen decorations.)

  • Pledge $800 or more
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    All of the above plus a limited-edition, hand-bound hardcover edition of the new book, signed by the author. This includes one-of-a-kind pieces of artwork - drawn, painted, and photographed by the author.

  • Pledge $1,000 or more
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    All of the above plus a special character bento made of you (or a subject of your choice) by the author which will be photographed and included in the book. See the description to the left for a sample image. This is your chance to see your face as food!

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