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A man uses a mysterious device to explore a dying leader's memories. Sci-fi live action film.

A man uses a mysterious device to explore a dying leader's memories. Sci-fi live action film. Read More
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About this project

The video above is a pre-visualization of what we want Mnemosyne to achieve. What gets us excited to see a film? A trailer! But since we haven't shot the movie yet, we decided to craft that trailer using art, music, and voiceover that would capture the intent and mood of the film we want to make.

What if you could explore a great man's memories, what would you learn?

Mnemosyne is the story of an unremarkable man suddenly thrown into a remarkable position. When he finds out that he must replace a mysterious leader and become one of the most important men in the world, he uses a device called the Mnemosyne to explore that dying leader's memories, trying to unlock the answers of who this leader was, and why he was chosen to replace him. 

It's an internal journey, both into the mind of Nathan Isidore, this great leader, and into the mind of our hero, Adam Joyce. It's also an external journey for us, the filmmakers, and for the audience, into this science fiction future.

This is a movie about memory, creativity, and greatness. What makes a great man great? Mnemosyne allows us to journey into the mind of such a man, and try to find the answers.

The bold, yet tangible science fiction design of MNEMOSYNE.

We knew that an imaginative and believable futuristic design was needed to bring the world of Mnemosyne to life. That is why we worked closely with students and recent graduates from Art Center College of Design to craft the intricate details of Mnemosyne's sci-fi universe. 

Art Center has an incredibly rich history in science fiction film design. Ralph McQuarrie was an Art Center graduate, and was largely responsible for the look and design of Star Wars. Syd Mead - who designed the future world of Blade Runner - was also a graduate.

We wanted to tap into that fantastic tradition and use the talent of Art Center's illustrators and entertainment designers to power our unique vision of the future.

Director Malcolm Klock (right) on the set of his film Alleys (2010) with star Tyler Stahl.  

Mnemosyne is the brainchild of writer/director Malcolm Klock. Malcolm made his first major short film at the age of 18, and in the past three years has directed many short films and music videos. He's also done a lot of work in commercial and web video for 1st Point Media in Los Angeles. 

"Mnemosyne is the fulfillment of a life long dream for me. As a kid watching Star Wars, I remember it being the first time I was aware of the filmmaker. I remember seeing "Directed by George Lucas" and being amazed by the idea that this incredible experience I'd just had came from one man's imagination. In that moment I knew I wanted to be a director. 

Mnemosyne will encapsulate the sum total of everything I've learned about the craft of filmmaking, and everything I've always loved in films. I have a passion for films that craft dynamic and original worlds, worlds that are at once fantastical and familiar. These films star characters that - though they may be in the future, or some galaxy far far away - essentially face the same issues we do. Science fiction allows us to approach the most basic themes in a very complex way, which is something I love.

When you look at the films of Ridley Scott Alien and Blade Runner - when you look at Firefly, or Minority Report, or 2001, all the best sci-fi exists at that synthesis of great storytelling and great ideas. That's what I want to do with Mnemosyne.

As a director I think of myself as a world builder, crafting an aesthetic and emotional experience for the audience. Mnemosyne is a world that has been in my head for many years, an obsession, and one I've always dreamed of bringing to the screen."

-Malcolm Klock

Producer Allina Nunley (left) and Cinematographer Mike Reyes (right).

Allina Nunley and Mike Reyes will both be key creative voices in bringing Mnemosyne to the screen.

Allina Nunley knew she wanted to bring Mnemosyne to the screen when she found herself moved almost to tears as she read the script for the first time. Allina has dedicated her life to filmmaking since she went to Interlochen Arts Academy at the age of 17 to study filmmaking. Since then she has also studied film production at UNLV and Art Center, and will bring all her talents as a filmic storyteller to Mnemosyne.

Mike Reyes studied cinematography under Affonso Beato ASC (The Queen), Allen Daviau ASC (E.T. and Empire of the Sun), and Earl Rath ASC (Raid on Rommel). A director of photography on many productions, Mike has a great command of both the artistic and technical aspects of cinematography. He is excited to bring the world of Mnemosyne to life using the ARRI ALEXA camera system.

So why do we need $30,000 to make this film?

There are some productions you can bootstrap, you can run and gun. All of us on the crew have made those films, and we can say with certainty, Mnemosyne is not such a film.

It requires...

  • Complex Visual Effects 
  • Detailed Sets and Production Design
  • ARRI ALEXA Camera Rental and High Quality Lenses
  • Props and Costumes That Don't Exist in Our World
  • High Quality Sound Mix
  • A Great Cast

Mnemosyne is an ambitious film on every level, from concept to execution. Every dollar we raise will help bring it to vivid life on screen. This film would be a dream come true for us, and since it's an exploration of the mind's dreamscapes, that seems fitting.

WHAT IS MNEMOSYNE? Let's find out together.


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