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Help the McLovins venture down south to Florida for the 2013 Aura Music Festival.

Last month, AURA Music and Arts Festival held a contest called “Vote To Aura” in which they asked their Facebook fans to go online and vote to choose a band to fill the opening spot on the bill for this year’s festival. After a few weeks of voting, a clear winner emerged; “The McLovins” were chosen as the fan’s entry for the 2013 musical line-up. This will be the perfect kick off to the 2013 Festival Season and a great place to start introducing our new songs. As part of this musical journey, The McLovins are now asking the fans to support their touring efforts by participating in “The McLovins Road to AURA” on Kickstarter. We plan on driving down with our manager, for our set and driving back. We may have time for a stop in NC on Friday for another gig. But we need help to get there. This is a great opportunity to play with some of our favorite musicians in a part of the country we have never played before, opening up a new audience to the band.  

The McLovins embrace simultaneous and intricate improvisation with a more versatile front line in which all members are singing in four-part harmony, writing lyrics & music, as well as expounding on one another's musical ideas. The band currently includes Jason Ott, Jake Huffman, Justin Berger and Atticus Kelly. 

We invite you to click around and discover our music, if you are not familiar with it, or listen to some of our new stuff if you are. If you like what you hear, please give what you can so we can bring music to our McLovers all over the country.

We are in the process of making lots of little changes that you will start to notice and hopefully really enjoy, but without you it will take so much longer, and realistically, we know, the only way we can get to where we need to be, to be, where we love to be as fans, is through our phamily of fans. Please give what you can & if you can't give, please share our campaign and spread the word. Thank you everyone, WE really appreciate you taking the time to read this, and for your support.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Being in a band is risky in general. Every time we do anything we are taking a risk, so we embrace this challenge and see it as an opportunity to bring our music to new people we have not been able to share it with, previously. For this particular show, we are planning to drive, in order to save money, and driving to any gig, is risky. For this show, we will be driving 1,140 mi. Google maps says it will take us 17 hours, straight down route I-95. Some of us have college classes Thursday and Monday that can not be missed.
So, although it will be cheaper, it is not the most efficient for our current situation. However, this is an opportunity we can not pass up. So, we will leave Thursday night, to play Saturday at the festival, and leave Sunday morning to make it back to class Monday, in Connecticut.
To insure that this happens, we will bring our manager with us. She will keep us on schedule, hydrated and well fed. Between the 5 of us and a rental van, 2500 miles, (and her AAA card), can't stop us.


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