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€33.00 pledged of €6,000 goal
By Carlos Pinto
€33.00 pledged of €6,000 goal

Thanks so much for your support!

There are still 6 hours to go until this campaign endes. I want to take the opportunity to thank those few of you who wanted to support this project.

For me it is important to inform you that this does not mean, that chapter II will not go online - it will only take some time! I have my ordinary design and programming jobs to do and whenever i find the time, i will work on the second chapter of Nathan Hunt.

If you want to be kept updated about the process of the game or when the second chapter will be available, simply follow the facebook fanpage at:

Once again, thank you so much for your support and keep on reading other text adventures and play interactive fictions while Nathan Hunt - chapter II is in the progress.

Big greetings from this corner of the planet!



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