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€33.00 pledged of €6,000 goal
By Carlos Pinto
€33.00 pledged of €6,000 goal

The first players finishing the first chapter!

Soon i will post in here an image of the first chapters' game map, so that you can see how deep that chapter dives into the Google Streetview images of Rio de Janeiro in Brasil. While producing that chapter, i often reached certain situation where i realized that i got stuck with the possibility offerd by Streetview and lost not the story itself but the trap and hint positions i had inserted into the game.

In short: the whole gamestory became so detailed that my biggest fear was to miss a hint or a trap without offering an exit or an end, meaning letting the player die.

So i am happy that already two persons have informed me that they have been playing the game and finished it.
As i said: tomorrow or the day after tomorrow i will publish a map of the first chapter in here and the facebook fanpage of the game.

One scene of the first chapter of "355 for ships to Marseille"
One scene of the first chapter of "355 for ships to Marseille"


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