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€33.00 pledged of €6,000 goal
By Carlos Pinto
€33.00 pledged of €6,000 goal

Three days left - still adding new stuff to the main storyline

First of all, i am honored that i received the information that someone at likes this project so much, that he or she fought for it to become listed as "staff pick". Thanks for that mates - at least i will have one person trying the first chapter out next weekend!

And then i want to inform you about the latest updates on the first chapter of "355 for ships to Marseille"! The whole story for chapter one is finished but for the last days i have been adding some traps and places where you have to take decisions that will make the game more interesting but harder to solve. 

And i also implemented some kind of "interactive fiction orientation game" within the game. It's incredible how many more details i could add to the game, but i will have to stop this or this first chapter will take you hours if not days to solve thus making it maybe boring.

The way from your hotel to the hospital
The way from your hotel to the hospital

 For me all of this is a new experience as i loved to play adventure games and never had a problem with playing them for hours, days, weeks. But i need to keep this first chapter a bit minimal so that interactive fiction and adventure game newbies will understand and like if not love this game genre and its story.


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