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After 24 years of moving youth for peace through dance, theater and martial arts, at last, we'll have a beautiful space for all! Read more

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This project was successfully funded on February 10, 2013.

After 24 years of moving youth for peace through dance, theater and martial arts, at last, we'll have a beautiful space for all!

About this project

Destiny Arts Center provides innovative after-school and weekend violence prevention programs that integrate performing and martial arts with awareness and conflict resolution skills. Destiny youth are ambassadors for peace, furthering our mission is to end isolation, prejudice and violence in the lives of young people.

THIS IS IT! For years, we've been seeking the right space for our permanent home, where young people learn to move for peace in a beautifully refurbished commercial space in the heart of Oakland. We're buying that space!

We're renovating an abandoned warehouse to become home for our vibrant arts center with programs for children and their families. This 7,800 square foot dance and martial arts facility will be ideal for our movement arts programs as well as for art installations, gallery showings, community gatherings, social events and performance rehearsals. We'll only be limited by our imaginations (oh, and maybe our occupancy permit). 

Why Now?

In June, 2013 Destiny will relocate. So we need those studios so we can offer our community high quality dance and martial arts classes. Simple!

The Project

The total project cost is 1.3 million dollars, but the impact for our North Oakland community is priceless. So why is our Kickstarter goal only $25,000 you ask? Well, we really need $100,000 from individual donors to build out 3 performance studios as part of a $500,000 renovation budget. This Kickstarter campaign gives everyone a chance to participate actively in building Destiny's permanent home. Here's our challenge to our online community and social media networks to help us create amazing community, event and program space! 

All funds raised through Kickstarter will go towards the construction of new studios: installing dance floors, mirrors, and adequate mechanical systems.

Our new home will double our capacity for dance and martial arts classes, summer camps and family events. We'll have space to run programs all day long, 7 days a week if we want.

Risks and challenges

We know there's a lot involved in making renovations of this magnitude. But our staff, board of directors, volunteers and friends have all been a part (and will continue to be a part) of the development.

Our first step is to secure the facility, once we complete the purchase, the construction begins and we'll have several rounds of permits, inspections and the final project. All Kickstarter funds will go towards building our rehearsal studios where we hold classes five days a week (and more if we want).

While our architect and the contractors will do most of the building, we will have work parties to paint, lay down floors and furnish the space. There are ample opportunities to stay involved in building the dream for Destiny and we hope you'll join us in making it a reality! In the slight chance that we don't raise all of the money we need to raise, we'll be relying on donated materials, volunteer labor and possibly phasing in the build-out over time, ultimately making the project more expensive. We're confident that with your support we'll get it done in time for us to move in by June of 2013!

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  • Great question! We'll be offering our normal dance and martial arts classes for youth ages 3 to 18. However since we'll have the space during the day, we have a chance to serve the broader community and offer bootcamp, yoga, tai chi, TRX, meditation and other classes for youth and adults! We have a talented pool of instructors that teach throughout the East Bay including salsa, capoeira, theater, and more! Have a request? Let us know what you'd like to see in the new studios! Are you in search of classes that benefit you and your community? Let us know and we'll do our best to offer a variety of classes and programs for all!

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    Thanks for having our back. We’ll send you a shout out on our Facebook page!

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    Show us your moves! You’ll get a ticket to our pre-demolition Hard Hat Dance Party (hard hat not included) at the new building next spring in addition to our Facebook love.

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    Get a chance to attend classes in the newly renovated space. You get a month's worth of classes for adults or youth.

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    Show off your love with a Destiny t-shirt (just make sure you wash it in between the Hard Hat Dance Party and the Inaugural Event!)

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    Get up close to where the action is with 2 VIP seats at our annual sold-out teen and youth performance company show in April.

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    Tell us how you move for peace. Design a custom message for our artist designed donor wall in our new facility. Fill in the blank with one word or (very) short phrase! Or choose from our warrior's code, or whatever word speaks to your heart (ex. The Limón family moves for JUSTICE).

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    We are really feeling the love! As a community partner your pledge entitles you to 4 tickets to our grand opening gala celebration next fall plus all of the events and benefits above.

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    Seriously, thank you. As a community builder, your pledge entitles you to all of the benefits above plus a table at our grand opening gala that seats up to 10 guests. Celebrate 25 years with us of moving over 20,000 youth for peace.

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