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A loving homage to classic JRPGs. Tactical battles mixed with rich story, social links, pleasant visuals and a fantastic soundtrack.
A loving homage to classic JRPGs. Tactical battles mixed with rich story, social links, pleasant visuals and a fantastic soundtrack.
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Console releases! New content!

Posted by Pixelated Milk (Creator)

Hello backers!

After a brief period of radio silence, we're back with the much-anticipated details about the missing content, console releases, and more. As Mark Twain would say, "the reports of our death have been greatly exaggerated". We're still alive and still working on Regalia. We have tons of new information for you today, mostly good news, but admittedly also some disappointing stuff. Read on!

Console releases!

With great pleasure, we can finally announce that, after months of hard work (and negotiations!), together with our partners at Klabater and Crunching Koalas, Regalia will be coming to consoles! Here's a brand new and shiny trailer for this release:

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Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs - Royal Edition will launch early 2018 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch (!). Woo! We will be mailing the keys for the console versions next year, before the release. Stay tuned, we're almost there.

What about Vita?

Unfortunately, this is where we have to give you the bad news. We've been investigating the Vita port for months now, both making attempts on our own and approaching possible porting partners. The technical issues with making it a reality have turned out to be much, much greater than we had initially anticipated. The disappointing result is that the Vita port will not happen at the same time as other consoles. While we will continue looking for a solution to bring the port to fruition, we cannot in good conscience promise when or whether it will eventually happen.

So what now? Obviously, this matter simply cannot be left unaddressed. Therefore, we would like to offer two default options for handling this issue to our Vita backers:

  • Swap the Vita reward key with a different console key. You can choose between PS4, XONE, and Switch.

  • Refund the cost of the console upgrade - 10 USD.

Vita backers, please make your decision and let us know via the Kickstarter Private Message (we've had issues with e-mails in the past) by January 31st, 2018.

If you feel that neither of the two options satisfies you and you would like to personally discuss the issue of your pledge further, please contact us via Kickstarter PM anyway - we'll take it from there.

I know that these are some very sad and disappointing news and many of you will be upset with us. Broken promises on Kickstarter suck big time. The responsibility for this lies with us, and we are very sorry for such a turn of events. However, this is the best solution we can come up with at this point that is both fair and transparent to you.

It is my hope that through the two compensation options, the releases on consoles, the addition of Switch and, more importantly, the announcement of the addition of the missing content, we'll be able to regain some of that lost trust.

New Content - DLC1 and DLC2

Okay, now for some better news. The missing content from the original pitch is finally coming to Regalia! We have split it into two DLC packs. Before I go into details, I would like to announce that both of the DLC packs are going to be FREE for ALL of our backers. We anticipate both packs to be available simultaneously EARLY 2018.

Phew, now, let's get down to business and discuss the details of what exactly you can expect from these packs. Read on!

DLC1 - The Unending Grimoire


  • New villager to recruit - Bassanius the Mystic

  • New building to construct - Mystic's Tower

  • New Personal Bond to pursue (with Bassanius)

  • New activity - the Grimoire

  • New feature - Visual Customization for Characters

  • 39 character skins to unlock (including the exclusive skins chosen by backers in the Kickstarter survey!)

  • New battlegrounds for the Grimoire battles

  • New cutscenes with additional voiceover

DLC2 - Paragons and Pajamas


  • New party member to recruit - Quinn the Protector

  • New party member(s) to recruit - Yusuf & Berius, the Disjointed Duo

  • Two new personal bonds to pursue (Quinn and Yusuf & Berius)

  • Two new diplomacy factions - The Duchy of Armelisse and the Merchant Princedoms of Minwe

  • New diplomatic missives

  • New items and rewards to find

  • New cutscenes with additional voiceover

The Grimoire revealed

The major addition of the first DLC is the Grimoire. It is a mysterious book that's connected to the new arrival in Ascalia - Bassanius. The Grimoire is meant to serve as an endgame activity that allows players to challenge themselves in randomly generated battles in return for additional visual customization options for the party members.


The Grimoire is divided into chapters, each chapter corresponding to increasingly higher difficulty and larger rewards. Within the Grimoire, the kid gloves are off - all sorts of unexpected combinations can happen here that cannot be experienced during regular gameplay. For example: what would happen if you were to fight the Dwarven Ashigaru and the Visage of Anguish at the same time? What if the Fomorian Ancient allied itself with the Mau? These battles will thoroughly test your skills - and sanity.

Fighting within the Grimoire takes no in-game time (they do not advance the calendar) and can be played anytime you want, right from the point when you build the Mystic's Tower for Bassanius.


Clearing Grimoire battles awards stacks of Iridescent Ink. This is basically a separate resource that can be used to unlock new character skins for your party members. There are no microtransactions here, or lootboxes, or random chance, or what have you. You simply gain some Ink and then buy stuff with it.


Deepening the Personal Bond with Bassanius will grant increased Ink rewards for each battle won.

That's it, folks.

So that's it for this month. We're going back to trenches to finish the DLC and the console releases, and we will update you back when we have more information to share. Bye!


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    1. Brian Pittman LoGiudice

      i also have sent several replies with no response. Any word?

    2. Pixelated Milk Creator on


      Sorry about the delay, lots of messages coming. We'll get to you shortly.

    3. Missing avatar

      Simon Plumbe on

      Any update on this? Not had a reply to my message regarding the cancelled Vita version or my reply here.

    4. Missing avatar

      Simon Plumbe on

      Sad to hear that it's not coming to the Vita - would have been perfect to play this on the go. Sent you a message about my pledge now as this is going to have an impact on me unfortunately :(

    5. Nobunaga on

      @Pixelated Milk
      Awesome! I'm one of those weirdos who has fun collecting them, so that helps me make a decision between PS4 and Switch.

      Thank you! Looking forward to it.

    6. Stabbey on

      Awesome news. Looking forward to the new stuff!

    7. Pixelated Milk Creator on


      Yeap. Trophies are in and so is Platinium.

    8. VeryFanciful on

      Quinn, you say? Finally, the game is playable ; )

    9. Nobunaga on

      I had been looking forward to playing this game on Vita, but with how well you guys have communicated with us, I just can't be mad. :')

      Quick question: if you know the answer, will the PS4 version of Regalia have trophies?

      Best of luck working on that wonderful-looking DLC!

    10. Klais on

      What you cant romance them D: you just killed my christmas mood (ノTдT)ノ

    11. smudboy on

      Well glad to hear we're getting some DLC! And that Alan Moore lookalike and Shield Maiden are coming in!

      (Don't tell anyone you can't romance them though, they'll get pissed!)

    12. Chris on

      Sad to hear about the problems with the Vita-version but honestly I'm not that surprised. Seems to be a common problem by now that it's tougher for smaller devs to get their games ported properly, even if it's a game that doesn't seem to be that resource-intensive at first.
      Won't blame you, though.
      Will gladly choose the Switch-version as I don't feel like playing TRPGs on a big screen, even if don't have a Switch yet. ^^

    13. Missing avatar

      Leafblowerman on

      I’m actually super sad at this. I must have completely missed the part where this could be backed for consoles. I backed for pc and haven’t had a chance to play because I’m consistently away from my pc. Any info on pricing? I’m kinda hesitant on buying it again though