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The ONLY winder designed to organize your phone and camera chargers, USBs, gaming cables, headphones and other cords.
The ONLY winder designed to organize your phone and camera chargers, USBs, gaming cables, headphones and other cords.
2,915 backers pledged $141,465 to help bring this project to life.

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By Popular Demand...Black Winders Are Here!


Our #1 request from Kickstarter Backers was for Black Winders.... And we listened! Starting today, Black Winders are available at

For now they are only available in the Small size, and we only have 1,988 of them, so step right up and get yours quick! They are definitely going to sell out quickly.

We will be getting the Medium and Large sizes in Black in September, so I will keep you all informed when that happens.



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Shipping Update


By now almost all of you have received your shipments, and the response has been terrific. 

I am aware that there are several people still waiting for theirs to arrive, so for those people here is the most recent information. From the beginning of this project, I have been keeping everyone informed about the process we have been going through, and the process of shipping has been a lot like every other part of launching a new project, learning as we go.

In order to make shipping as inexpensive as possible for backers, we decided to use the US Postal Service for our deliveries. It made shipping about 50% less than other shipping carriers, which is good.... but it has turned out to be painfully slow to some countries, which is bad. It turns out that we are only able to track packages as far as the US border, so while we know when packages leave the country, we don't get any information after that. 

I am getting reports every day that packages are arriving, so we know things are still working their way across the planet. The US Postal Service says it could take up to a month for packages to arrive. So for those still waiting, please continue to be patient, YOUR WINDERS ARE COMING!!!

For the future, we will learn from this experience and use a shipping carrier that tracks products all the way to Backer's door. We are not sure yet whether this is going to be DHL, Fedex or someone else, but it won't be the US postal service.

That is also my way of hinting that there is soon to be another Recoil Project on Kickstarter! You know that big cord mess behind your desk at home or at work? The cords that fall down behind your computer that is a big mess on the floor by your feet? Enjoy that mess for now because we are about to clean it up for you. More details to come, but I think you are going to love this one! Stay tuned!

Thanks, and keep me informed as you winders finally arrive in your Post Box.


P.S.- don't forget that Recoil Winders are available for purchase at

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Shipping is Complete!

First, I want to wish our American Backers a happy Memorial Day, and personally thank all of our backers who are serving in the Armed Forces for their service to our country.

Now, I want to let everyone know that after a week of packing orders, shipping is complete. The last 500 orders packed will go into tomorrows Post. 

While I can't give anyone an exact delivery date, you should see your package in the next week or so. 

Once you receive your winders, I would suggest that you go to and watch the User Tips Video which will help you learn how to use your winders. That is also the place to order more winders, so please spread the word to your friends and family who might have tangled cords cluttering their lives. Recoil winders make great gifts, so please think of us when you need a unique and useful gift for birthdays or holidays. All orders placed online will ship within two days of being ordered.

Thanks for the support, and enjoy your Recoil Winders!


Shipping is Underway!


The first 500 pieces hit the post office yesterday, and I expect to drop about 500 more each day, so you all should have your winders soon. A few notes about shipping:

- We aren't shipping in any particular order, though we did start with the easy ones to get warmed-up.

-All packages are shipping via United States Postal Service, so I won't be able to send tracking numbers.

-Once you receive your Winders, go to and watch the User Tips Video. That will show you exactly how to use your winder.

Thanks everyone, we are almost to the finish line!!!


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