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The ONLY winder designed to organize your phone and camera chargers, USBs, gaming cables, headphones and other cords.
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(2nd Attempt) The Product Comes To Life!

Posted by David Alden (Creator)

Note: On my first attempt at this update some people could not view the pics, if this continues with Attempt #2, please view this Update on our Kickstarter Home Page

In this age of instant communication and  global media, the world starts to feel like a very small place. That all changes when you get on a 14.5 hour flight from San Francisco to Hong Kong, that is a very long flight.  Gladly the long flight passed quickly knowing that I would soon be seeing the product that I have been working on for so long finally being manufactured.

Upon arrival at the factory, we started with a quick tour. The process all starts in the mold shop, which is where blocks of steel are transformed into the molds that plastic is injected into.

Here is a picture of one of our molds that has been opened to show one half of the cavity, the round green areas are four separate parts and are the areas where the plastic inject into.

Here is a picture of the entire mold put together, this is what is inserted into the injection machine in order to create plastic parts. 

Plastic in its raw form comes as clear pellets,

in order to create color, colorant powder is added to the pellets just prior to melting. Here is a picture of the colorant being measured out to create the gold for our Medium Winder.

Once the colorant is mixed with the pellets, the mixture is melted in the injection machine, and then injected into the mold. This is when the anticipation rises, knowing I am about to see the winders actually in production.

Here you can see the shells for the Medium Winder coming out of the mold in sets of 4, every 7.5 seconds, the door slides open and another set of four roll out.

Of course nothing is exactly right the first time, so it took some adjustments to the color to zero in on the gold that we are looking for. Here we make adjustments to the colorant to get it just right.

Once the parts were injected,  we spent some time assembling the several pieces and assessing the fit and function of the first shots. Here I work with the Production Engineers to figure out how things fit.

As expected, some changes are necessary, so we make small adjustments to the parts.

The next step is bonding the assembly together, here is the sonic welding machine that is used to permanently weld everything together.

The first handful of production Recoil Winders!

The next step was to look at the first draft of the packaging,

So, all-in-all it was a very successful trip. All three sizes looking and working pretty well. But a natural part of the process is that there are several changes that need to be made to the molds before everything fits and functions just as it should, so now I return to the states and wait a few weeks for the changes to be made. At that point I will be traveling back to the factory to approve the final changes and to help the Assembly Engineers work out the assembly and packaging procedures. China is a fascinating place, with surprises around every corner. The funny part is having no idea what most of it actually is. Here was one of the surprises as I headed out to dinner last night…..



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    1. Chris Carver on

      Live in Finland here, hello

    2. Paul McCulloch on

      Me neither kickstarter is international

    3. Dwayne Miller on

      Not a US citizen.

    4. Guan junjie on

      @Christian Bitch please, Millions of Apple products sold and they outsourced to china.

    5. Christian Zagarskas on

      So this is really great, and I was happy to donate $ to the effort... but I have to admit I find myself both saddened and disappointed that you outsourced this to Hong Kong considering everything in your photos can be done in the USA. I know all the "business reasons" for doing that, and as a business owner I also understand outsourcing and why. All I ask is that you take a moment to remember this fact: 2,915 US citizens gave you 140,000 $ and you sent the job to Hong Kong...

    6. Gabe Nisker on

      So excited! You showed the medium winders, but are they all in full-blown production?

    7. Missing avatar

      Scott Crouse on


    8. Alan Lawrence on

      Love the project, and I know it's impractical, but just wish one of these projects would utilize US startup molding & manufacturing.....I know China is the fastest way to get to market, but my experiences there say that if you're a hit (and we hope you are!), you'll have counterfeit knockoffs in the market within a month or two....Got my order in anyway, and really hope this launches a great company for you!

    9. Missing avatar

      Jack koster on

      Thanks for the update.
      This is what i like about kickstarter ,to be at the sart of something new.
      Good luck

    10. Missing avatar

      Sonia Koval

      Pictures showing up right away now -- guess it was a server load issue.

    11. Teresa Barbagallo on

      Yay for pictures! Thanks!

    12. Brian M on

      Server load issues aside, great update! Best Kickstarter project I've backed so far!

    13. Tk Tan on

      nice work...

    14. Missing avatar

      Martin Legris on

      awesome update! very nice to see your process. Very informative. Thank you!!

    15. Cape Sandlin on

      Even if it doesn't work, it's still very cool to see what we can see.

    16. Missing avatar

      Sonia Koval

      I got the pictures just fine in the email but the website isn't showing all of them unless I clck to show picture & then it shows immediately -- maybe there's a setting on your browser??

    17. Eric Handler (@reldnahcire)

      David, it looks like the pictures are hosted on and that maybe the host for that site can't keep up with the traffic?

    18. Missing avatar

      EIGBOK on

      No pictures. Anywhere.