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A fast fun Napoleonic tabletop skirmish game where players command several individual characters to complete scenarios and play games.
A fast fun Napoleonic tabletop skirmish game where players command several individual characters to complete scenarios and play games.
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    1. John H
      7 days ago

      The display at Robin showed 6 Spanish figures in addition to the one that arrived in Wave 1. I had thought that the stretch goals added 5 figures to the Spanish Command to give a total of 6. Has that changed?

    2. Missing avatar

      Adrian McWalter Collaborator on January 21

      Hi we have a forum if you search Stand to Games forum it should come up. Your question is a very good one a blunders and Shotgun should be on a six and a volley gun one use only

    3. John Paul Messerly
      on January 21

      What’s the best place to ask rules questions? Is there an official forum somewhere?

      Question: What score is required to reload a blunderbus, shotgun, or volley Gun... or are they too complicated be reloaded during a game?

    4. Steve Parksmith
      on January 16

      Thanks - received today. Looking forward to getting the cards

    5. Missing avatar

      Raymond Hutchison on January 16

      Rules arrived today in New Zealand . Can’t wait to get stuck into them.

    6. Missing avatar

      Adrian McWalter Collaborator on January 11

      Entry made awaiting mods

    7. Neil Siddons-Smith
      on January 10

      Will you put up a boardgamegeek entry? Cheers

    8. Claus Paludan
      on January 9

      Rules arrived in Denmark today!! Spiffy!!!

    9. Michael Ovsenik on January 8

      Got mine today in Michigan, USA!

    10. Claus Paludan
      on January 8

      Still waiting here in Denmark. Hope it arrives shortly!

    11. John Paul Messerly
      on January 7

      The rulebook is clear and easy to read but the only demo game example I’ve found online has really bad sound quality. Any chance we might get a better learn to play video soon?

    12. Missing avatar

      David Musser on January 7

      Mine arrived today, in the Midwest USA. I got the rules and both British and French miniatures. Everything is very well done! The rule book is designed so that everything is written in short segments and lots of blank space helps keep sections apart, which makes for an easy read and makes it easier to find particular sections. The miniatures are nicely sculpted and are solid an clean. None hand any bent weaponry etc. and there was very little mold line or flash to clean up. Bravo!

    13. Missing avatar

      Raymond Hutchison on January 6

      Still waiting for my rule set in New Zealand. Anyone else here received there’s yet?

    14. Missing avatar

      Bradley Dunlap on January 5

      Just received my French and British commands and the rule book today! Cant wait to get the Portuguese and the other stuff. Very nice book and miniatures. I am well pleased with this kickstarter!

    15. Missing avatar

      George L. Perez on January 5

      Recieved the package today in IL U.S.A. Today. Looks good looking forward to painting the miniatures. Should have the time since freezing here. The rule book is very nice being spiral bound is a big plus. No need to go to kinko's to get it done. Glad the book has colored pictures can use them a a color guide not to familiar with the proper napoleonic uniform colors.

    16. Claus Paludan
      on January 4

      Still haven't recieved the package, but the danish mail is abysmal anyways so it may arrive in a few days :)

    17. Stand to Games 2-time creator on January 3

      Please see KS update 23 about the cards, they will be shipped with the Stretch goals in the next month or so.

    18. Missing avatar

      Michael E. Kelly
      on January 3

      I also thought we were supposed to get character cards.

    19. Adán Tejada on January 2

      Got my book in California today! Happy New Year!!!

    20. Missing avatar

      Bradley Dunlap on January 1

      I live in Indiana and am waiting patiently. I enjoyed the kickstarter and look forward to seeing the models. I loved the patches on the pants and the character of each. I havent read the rules yet but will enjoy painting and playimg with my firends.

    21. Stand to Games 2-time creator on December 30

      Guys all the overseas pledges got shipped 20th Dec taking into account the Christmas and New Year delays I would not get concerned until next week at least. Please would you post here if you are outside the UK and you have received your pledge so others can see that your country is being delivered to. Cheers Quinton

    22. Missing avatar

      Todd Lupica on December 29

      Still waiting for the parcel to arrive in Australia?! Do you send us tracking numbers?

    23. Missing avatar

      Bradley Dunlap on December 28

      I think they said some would ship with wave 2. Yeah I am excited I do hope I didnt screw up my survey and they know how much I pledged so that I get the extras I paid for lol

    24. Missing avatar

      Vincent Rospond on December 28

      Were we supposed to get character cards?

    25. Missing avatar

      Vincent Rospond on December 27

      Mine arrived today. Looks great. Looking forward to playing

    26. Missing avatar

      Bradley Dunlap on December 27

      I am still waiting for mine. Excited tonget it though. Thimgs from Europe take timw to get to Indiana but I am excited!

    27. Missing avatar

      Nigel Heather on December 23

      Minor points and too late now

      I think there is too much space between the two lines of the weapon description (where applicable). For example too much vertical space between 'Smoothbore musket' and 'and Bayonet'

      Also capitalisation is a bit duff on the British cards - why isn't 'musket' capitalised?

    28. Michael Auty on December 19

      I’d rather pay a little extra for postage to keep the next books use this paper. So much better and I love the wire bound book. Again I’d love you to keep this idea too. So much easier to use on the table top.

    29. Missing avatar

      Alastair Jack on December 19

      Arrived yesterday (Surrey)...isn't the book lovely!!! Love the quality of yhe paper. Saving it for some holiday reading while I'm visiting family over xmas.

    30. Missing avatar

      Nigel Heather on December 18

      @Stand to Games
      As for shipping being twice what you expected. I was charged £5.00, the Royal Mail frank on the envelope is £2.90. There are other costs but I think what I paid more than covered the costs that my package incurred.

      Can’t imagine how you ever thought shipping would be £1.45?

    31. Missing avatar

      Nigel Heather on December 18

      @Stand to Games

      When you ask about sticking to this weight of paper going forward, do you mean for Forager or for other rulebooks/kickstarters you might do.

      Personally I like the thickness of paper but I think it works well because it is a short set of rules. Were to use it on more hefty rulesets then the book may become too big.

      But had you used thin paper on Forager it would have looked a bit skinny and may have prompted responses of ‘is that it?”

      So I think it was the right choice for Forager.

    32. Stand to Games 2-time creator on December 18

      Hi Steve Large

      Yes Butchers Bill Markers are available retail, I just added them to the facebook page simply email if you want some and we will sort through paypal.

      Thanks all for the kind words.

      We do like the paper used, its 250 gsm, the cover is 300 gsm card so yes the internal pages are almost card stock for robustness. The downside though was the shipping it was double what we expected however we took that hit. This does lead to a question.............

      Should we stick with this weight of rulebook going forward and have the increased shipping costs or reduce it to make shipping cheaper for all ?


    33. John H
      on December 18

      Arrived today in good condition. I'm very intrigued with the backer list, my name appears twice; or there's another me out there.

    34. Michael Auty on December 18

      Thanks boys, packaged arrived safe and well in god own county. Now just got to get to grips with painting them up. Looking forward to reading the rule book

    35. Missing avatar

      Nigel Heather on December 18

      What size bases are you going to use. 25mm (1 inch) round look best to me. Could use 2p coins - metal and cheaper than MDF!

    36. Missing avatar

      Nigel Heather on December 18

      Arrived today - was a little concerned when I saw that the packaging was just a jiffy bag and the figures just packed together in a plastic bag. Expecting the corners of the rulebook to be bashed but all was good. Also the figures don't seem to suffered any damage from being packed together.

      Impressed with the quality of the book - like that it is ring bound so stays flat open and that the pages are so thick they are practically card stock. The figures all look good but will know for sure when I hit them with some primer. But looking very promising so far.

    37. Missing avatar

      Steve Large on December 18

      Arrived today. Very nice figures. Already based and under coated! Wish I had added the markers to my pledge. Will they be available retail?

    38. Paul Edwards on December 18

      Got it. Very happy with the quality. Mrs doesn't know that there is anything to grab and wrap!

    39. Missing avatar

      Simon Carter on December 16

      Arrived today. Very nice rule book.
      Great idea the ring binding.

      Alas Mrs grabbed it and wrapped it.

    40. Missing avatar

      karl purkiss on December 16

      Arrived today. Top work guys. Glad I backed the project. Looking forward to playing a few games in the new year

    41. Missing avatar

      David Weston
      on December 16

      Arrived this morning - figures nicely cast with lovely detail and the rule book looks very well presented and jolly sturdy! Looking forward to getting these beauties painted up and out on the table. Though probably a new year job to be honest!

      Great job guys - already looking forward to phase 2 and future projects.



    42. Missing avatar

      Simon Staines on December 16

      It's arrived! And the option to hide for myself under the tree is resolved - I "accidentally" opened it and flicked through the book ;-)That's my weekend reading sorted, then.

    43. James L
      on December 16

      Got the rulebook and minis in the post today. The rulebook is a hefty beast printed on the thickest paper i've ever seen (is it actually thin cardstock?!) I saw a grumble on a previous post about the minis but I LOVE them - they're brilliant and have even more charm up close and personal. The details are lovely and crisp and big respect to the sculptor for getting so much character and movement in them! Great job Stand To Games :)

    44. Hudson Adams on December 15

      Hi guys - I had sent you a message about deferring shipping - but not sure if you saw it.

    45. Stand to Games 2-time creator on December 15

      Open it Simon,

      David I am far from silent, I hope

    46. Missing avatar

      Simon Staines on December 12

      Great to hear that the game is (nearly) on the way. The timing was always ambitious, so I'm impressed it's coming so close to target.

      Now the real question - should I open on arrival or hide under the tree as a gift to myself... Tricky one!

    47. Missing avatar

      David Weston
      on December 12

      9mths... that’s nothing! I have one which is 19mths over and won’t be delivered until ‘2nd quarter of 2018’, and another which is now over a year late (and the creator has gone into absolute silence)

    48. Stand to Games 2-time creator on December 12

      Stephen thanks for your words and you are correct the details are all in the rule book as the update states and the game is completely playable without the cards.

      We will ship before Christmas is what we have said all along and the first UK batch will ship Wednesday 13th December

      Having had to wait myself for anywhere up to 9 months for some Kickstarters I have backed I suspect I am as unlucky as you Nigel (though I have always recieved everything ) but please carry on with the constructive comments its all good feedback and will have no impact on the delivery schedules.

      The cards issue is with bleed areas and centralising the information on the card, it seems the printers just cannot get it how we want it so quality control is working. The issue is resolved though, we are just removing the patterned map edge from the cards, its a shame really as the patterned map edge looks very nice in the rule book and matching cards would have been nice to have.

    49. Stephen Foulk on December 12

      Disappointing news about the cards for sure (especially as this was in part a Christmas gift for someone) but I guess that’s the risk we take with crowd funding. Putting it into perspective, the rules and figures will be delivered for Christmas and the information found on the cards is in the rules so really no need for anyone to get really bent out of shape IMHO, if anyone is really upset then Kickstarters in general probably aren’t for them. More Important things to be concerned out.

    50. Missing avatar

      Nigel Heather on December 12

      News about the cards is pretty rubbish. I'm either really unlucky with my choice of Kickstarters or they are all rather hap-hazard.

      So what does it mean to be missing the cards - Do you need them - does this mean that you are shipping something that is unusable.

      To be honest I would rather you wait and ship it altogether

      And delaying the cards until some undefined time in Q1 is pretty rubbish - so we could be waiting over 3 months for them.

      How come this has only come to light just as you are about to ship - is there no quality control - or is it that you have known for a while but we're scared to say anything - seems to be a running theme with the Kickstarters I back.

      Shipping next week - you have said that you are using Royal Mail - well they will struggle to turn up before Christmas.

      Why not delay the whole thing and send it all out complete.

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