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Have you ever wanted to be the pilot and the commander? A space combat simulator and real time strategy hybrid.
Have you ever wanted to be the pilot and the commander? A space combat simulator and real time strategy hybrid.
Have you ever wanted to be the pilot and the commander? A space combat simulator and real time strategy hybrid.
1,735 backers pledged $35,606 to help bring this project to life.

Mega Update Part 2: Kickstarter Recap

For part 2 of the "mega update" I have compiled a "relatively" quick summary of the events during the Kickstarter campaign. I hope that this brings the recent backers up to speed and to give the potential backers the extra push needed to support the project. 

Notable updates:

Latest Trailer:

History of the project:

As part of the Kickstarter campaign updates I posted a summarized history of the project. The updates include old screen shots and videos, you can see the project evolve in terms of code and visuals. If you are interested in how the indie game development process goes, how you might get started yourself, or in a history of the project check them out. Here's a link to the first part which is also the first Kickstarter update. One of the backers compiled them to a more readable state here. I plan on doing something similar on the project's blog sometime post release, as well as finish up the series.

The art style:

The update talking about the art style in detail is here.

Space Game Junkie Pod cast:

Some prefer a more auditory experience rather than reading the many walls of text I've put up. Check it out here. I talk about the game's history, development as well as thoughts on indie life and challenges.

Updated Baker Perk:

This idea originated from the the backer comments section, backers over $5 get their name added to a list from which (non-unique) pilot/captain names are chosen to appear in game. Check out the update here, there is a bit more detail in comments. 

Stretch Goal Announcement:

Here is the official announcement. As a reminder, backers to the project will receive any future paid updates/dlcs for free as a thank you and future proofing. As for stretch goals not met at the end of the Kickstarter campaign - no worries I'll continue working on the project to get these and more into the game. 

Development during Kickstarter:

Bug fixes:

A Kickstarter campaign is a very busy time, but I continued developing the game and most of all eliminating crash bugs when they appeared. Having many new players has greatly benefited the project in terms of stability. Having many Beta backers will make the commercial release a much smoother and polished experience. You can see the development log here.

New Features:

The above log also shows new features and changes. Most of them were as a result of backer suggestions/feedback.

Here's a quick run down:

  • Camera system improvements (still a WIP, but much less jerky)
  • Joystick axis mapping
  • Flight mechanics - gradual loss of engine efficiency to prevent physics glitches as well as a nicer flight system.
  • Arena mode added - quick add on to battle editor - update here
  • Asteroid/debris field sliders - check out the update and vid here.
  • Mines added - update here - it features a development video, where I talk over adding mines as a feature. Its been compared to "game dev 101" though in this context it would start towards the middle/end of the class. There are proximity mines, swarm mines, and missile mines. Below is a video of swarm mines.
  • More videos showing mines: swarm mines - missile mines.
  • An area of effect missile added - update here - the update features a video that has game development commentary. This video more heavily focuses on coding aspects. I've embedded it below.

I hope that the above information encourages those of you wanting to make suggestions, the best place is on the main forums because it is an easy way for me to refer back to them. As gamers we have a lot of ideas on how to improve games, indie projects are labors of love, so if I think an idea is cool, in demand and feasible I'll add it, though the timeline may vary based on priorities.

Backing this project means that these ideas can go from a possibility to a awesome feature in game. For example we have mines, but not a mine laying ship. Via Kickstarter funds we will have a mine laying ship. I often say that art is a limiting factor, and this is very true, I love coding, but my art skills aren't enough to make game ready features that require art. Art assets must be purchased from properly compensated artists.

Thank you for your support and thanks for reading this far!



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    1. Corey on July 1, 2013

      Are you planning on adding ship to ship communication chatter like BSG or Volition's FreeSpace? That small element always helped with the immersion. I look forward to this!

    2. Malcolm J Harnden on June 30, 2013

      This looks so good now, I cannot wait for the finished game.

    3. Missing avatar

      Godewijn on June 30, 2013

      Thanks and enjoy a well-earned rest after some 36 more hours!

    4. Missing avatar

      Victor Tombs on June 29, 2013

      Thank you for the well run KS Paul. Very pleased to see you have well exceeded your target. I hope you get that famous KS spike that your project so richly deserves. :)